Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Project Machine

” Sequential Circuits Prophet P2002 256Mb 1987

c/w original manual

This sturdy outboard to a Prophet 2000 can be driven from any external midi keyboard or DAW.

When working the sound quality is excellent even bearing in mind it is a 34 year old machine.


1. Hard drive error iF

2. No output

The floppy drive only developed the invalid format issue a few days ago. The discs still load fine on another Sequential machine. Possibly floppy drive simply needs an internal dust.

The P2002 was working fine until just recently when there was no longer audio output. It was reading the discs. The keyboard was triggering the samples and the arpeggiator was working, but silence. I’ve not the expertise to trace the fault but there is no obvious failure visible on the circuit boards. Hence spares and repair.”

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 and Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Plus

“This listing is for a Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Plus and a standard version Prophet 2002. The Prophet 2002 Plus is working and has the rare 1 meg expansion kit installed. 1 meg might not seem like a lot but it makes a big diffence from the standard version. The standard Prophet in the listing is not working, it turns on but does not have a disc drive. It is being sold as is, for parts. I took pictures of both with the top open to show the condition of the components. You will receive both Prophets, original Sequential 2002 manual and 2 Sequential pedals.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 sampler with analog filters, good shape, has assorted wear and scratches (see pics), but operates fine. Has had the floppy drive replaced with a gotek usb drive floppy drive emulator, and includes a usb stick loaded with samples. Has 4.3b os, 246k memory, originally was 128k but I added an expansion board. Comes with an original copy of the manual that includes two sample floppies. Also included is a selection of replacement chips: one cem3379 vcf/vca, one I-624 custom voice ic, and one 256 ram chip. Two of the original knobs have been replaced with P600 style knobs, as I could never locate any of the correct ones, and the rack ears have the edges broken off, but still work fine.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002

“Zum Verkauf steht ein Sequential Circuits SCI Prophet 2002 Racksampler.

Der Sampler funktioniert zu 100% bis auf den rückseitigen MIDI OUT/THRU Umschalter für die dritte MIDI Buchse. Dieser Schalter ist bei dem Prophet 2000/2002 bekannt für einen Defekt. Wer die Umschaltung braucht kann ihn einfach tauschen.
In dem Sampler wurde mal vor Rund 5 Jahren ein Schaltnetzteil eingebaut (der Originaltrafo ist weithin im Gerät). Dies sorgt für deutlich kühleres Klima im Gerät, und erhöht somit die Lebensdauer. Zudem verbrennt man sich an der Rückseite nicht mehr die Finger am Gehäuse.
Das letzte ROM 4.3b ist verbaut – somit kann wunderbar auch mein Editor mit diesem Prophet eingesetzt werden ( ). Das Diskettenlaufwerk wurde mal von meinem Vorbesitzer getauscht – auch dieses funktioniert zuverlässig.
Die Anleitung ist leider abhanden gekommen, aber im Internet findet sich diese als PDF. Kann ich auch gerne auf CD beilegen.
Der Zustand ist recht gut – es gibt ein paar kleinere Schrammen. Eine ‘größere’ ist auf der Beschriftung des Bedienpannels beim Parameter ‘Sound Number’. Für die Funktion allerdings irrelevant.
Der Sound von dem Gerät ist – wie soll ich sagen – dank der analogen Curtis Filter sehr schön. Es geht von Sanft bis Brachial. Als Speicher sind 512kWord verbaut (also mit einer Erweiterung).” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002

“I turned it on and ran through some of the switches, buttons and knobs and everything responded affirmatively. You can see in the pictures that different lights are lit/ Plus it goes to 11. The floppy drive seems to work but I have no way of testing it. THere is also a disk that has some files, but as I gave away my MacPlus sometime last millennium, I have no way to see what else is on it. But as far as I can tell, this unit is very clean and is in Mountain View, CA just 10 miles from where the Sequential Circuits products were manufactured. ”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Plus

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Plus Digital Sampler Synthesizer Rackmount version of Prophet 2000. Has analog filters. 12 bit resolution in an age of 8 bit, this thing was Ace in it’s day and still a strong tool for sound design.
Sequential Prophet 2002 Plus is with the upgraded memory and individual voice outputs. Including a printed and bound manual, IEC power cord. No wall wart or bulky brick!

Used condition is:
Minor scratches and rash and slight bit of paint splatter on one side, also missing one knob on the balance control but all of this was purchased this way. All functions work with only one particular quirk: the switch on the back that provides midi thru/out select wore down and broke off but has been adapted with jumpers accessible by opening the unit. Disk drive is great and have successfully formatted disks to ensure all is working well.”
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Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002

“Good shape, everything works, some physical wear is evident. There is some rust around the holes for the rack screws and a few minor scrapes in the finish. There is also some residue on the bottom, where there may have been rubber feet? The pictures give a good indication.

I just today tested loading and playing sounds, as well as all the buttons and knobs. All controls and lights are functional. The disk drive has been replaced years ago, and it does work. The new drive is smaller than the original, so there is a gap between the drive and the control surface of the sampler. This is shown in the pictures. ”
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