Yamaha CS15D

” Very Rare Yamaha CS15-D 2 channel Analog Synthesizer in Fantastic condition for the age, All working great, all origonal parts. Comes with a Binded printed PDF User Manual. Collection North London N5. Cash on collection Prefered.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS-15D

“Great machine and was my backup. No longer needed as I’m not working as much now. The synth has been serviced and PSU was re-capped and some cleaning was done by the tech. The power LED on the top right has stopped working and I was told just to leave it be. The other modulation lamp is working fine and pulsing as it should. Both the preset and manual sections are in good order. No scratchy pots and keys are clean. The CS15D really has a character that you wont find on any other synth outside the CS series. Even my CS40 doesn’t have the same tone of this one, I believe them all to be unique. It’s been said to sound like a Moog modular, I kid you not. A few Youtube videos really help to show you what this beast is capable of! I got that Blade Runner string sound out of it too.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS15D

“I am selling this as just “NEEDS SERVICING”. That is the description under which you are buying this. Please read all details before bidding, thankyou. . .

I am listing the details of the test I did today as a GUIDE to its operational condition, as a big part of it’s condition right now is due to Pots and Sliders and Swiches that need cleaning to make consistent contact, SO you may well find slightly different and changing states of play in all the various Rotary and Slider controlls and Switches, etc. and therefore the faults it displays as a result. .

.. hence I am selling this as just “NEEDS SERVICING”, and nothing more specific as to its state of functioning.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS15D

“Yamaha CS15d Vintage Analogue Monophonic Synthesizer Synth. Hi there up for grabs is this rather nice example of a vintage Yamaha Cs15d one of many analogue synths that Yamaha built with the CS prefix. I believe it’s from the late 70’s and unlike it’s black name sake is partly preset, with the addition of a dedicated single oscillator synth with filter and two ADSR’s.

It is a lovely looking synth and very undetected. I was playing around on it this evening and I became reluctant to let it go it made some great sounds. The condition is great, definitely not perfect but I was always happy to have it in my studio with a few scuffs to the end cheeks but over all clean. I did notice a few pots and slides 2 or 3 were a bit scratchy but everything worked as it should. It was built to last. You well to to come snd collect it but I’ll also post it as well. Also selling a CS10.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha CS15D

“Yamaha CS15D Vintage Dual channel synthesizer.

This is a nice example of a classic vintage synth. Don’t be fooled by the preset nature of this synth. There are infinite combinations of sounds.

There are a couple of issues;

1. There is a slider cap missing on the VCA release time

2. There is an audible click on the resonance knob( about 10.00 o clock position )but only audible when knob is turned.

Therefore, I would suggest a service, if you are the winning bidder.

The synth has been fitted with a plug for a power conditioner. But I will supply a kettle lead to fit UK power.

For its age. This synth is in excellent condition.”
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Yamaha CS-15D

” Rare & near mint quality Yamaha CS-15D. Cleaned & calibrated with no scratchy volume knobs or sliders. The wood is perfect, not a ding at all. Comes with the original Yamaha flight case. With some reverb this synth sounds amazing. (Sequencer shown in some of the photos is NOT included). ” Click here to search for synths on eBay