Korg Maxi-Korg

” This is a used unit.

This unit is in great condition for its age inside and out.

This unit has a small amount of wear and tear, for a synth from 1975 it is in very nice condition for its age.
All except one switch has its brightly coloured sticker and all text is bright and clear. Please see photos for more details.

This MaxiKorg 800DV has been serviced.
This included:
Deep clean throughout
Key contacts have been cleaned and enhanced
The power supply has been refurbished.
The switches and sliders have been cleaned, deoxidised and lubricated where necessary.
Tuned and calibrated to factory specifications.

This unit will ship with its original hard case which is in good condition for its age. It has a little wear which is to be expected. All hinges and latches function properly and are in tact. The latches have no keys.

This unit is 100V, please ensure you have the correct step-down transformer before powering on the synthesiser. If you are unsure about this or have any questions please feel free to send us a message. ”
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Korg Maxi-Korg

“This is a unique vintage Korg Maxi-Korg synthesizer. This synth is also known as the Korg 800DV. This Univox K3 was sold in the US under the name Maxi-Korg K3. The power of the Maxi-Korg lay in the way it could create and play sounds. In essence, it was two Korg 700S synths in a single box, so you could treat it as two distinct synths, creating two different sounds, and then playing them independently. Some other mid-’70s synths allowed you to play two notes, but these used the same patch parameters for both. Only the Maxi-Korg could produce two sounds that you could play as a composite, or as two independent synths. Yet this was only half the story, because the 800DV allowed you to allocate the voices in a huge variety of ways. This made it possible to program more realistic, more expressive, or more off-the-wall sounds than was possible on other monosynths. The Maxi-Korg was, and remains, one of the most impressive, flexible and articulate synths ever built.

As the original owner, I know this Korg synthesizer to be in excellent condition with no known problems.”
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