Condor RSM @ 21 February 2012, Comments Off on Condor RSM

“Condition: Over all excellent cosmetic condition with slight pitting on the aluminum faceplate. Unit is in working order. The auction includes the unit and case. Saxophone pickup is not included. The input is 1/8″, so you could theoretically experiment with any instrument through it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Condor RSM @ 01 February 2011, Comments Off on Condor RSM

“Vintage Condor RSM by Innovex, which was a division of the Hammond Organ Company.Here’s a product description courtesy of MATRIXSYNTH :CONDOR RSM BY INNOVEX, A HAMMOND COMPANY. A MULTIVIDER, this unit was designed to produce harmonics at the touch of a button. IT WAS USED By running the pickup from A tenor saxophone into it. Imagine taking a real low note from a Tenor sax, then add a sub harmonic or two. Or, take a note and go up a couple of octaves. It has presets for Repeat, Attack, Vibrato/Tremolo, Sub Octave, Dynamute, Fuzz, Bass Sax, Tuba, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, English horn, Cello, Natural Amplified, Horn, Oboe, and Soprano Sax. The slide Pots on the top are for; Intensity for Vibrato and Tremolo, Rate for Vibrato/Tremolo Repeat and Dynamute, Tone (Bass or Treble), and Volume for the associated Presets. Hammond is the Company that made the best Electronic Organs on the market. This unit gives you the ability to use the controls that you would find on a Hammond Organ for your pickup or microphone.” The auction includes the unit, original instruction manual and case” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.