Publison @ 14 December 2010, Comments Off on Publison KB 2000

“If you are looking at this, chances are you already know what it is. This is the keyboard controller for the Publison DHM 89. Both the KB 2000 and DHM 89 are incredibly rare. This unit itself is not self-powered and requires the DHM 89 to function. It is in very good condition, however there are a few scratches on the bottom, and the wooden siding is somewhat faded due to age. There is a small mark on one of the keys of the first octave. The knobs/pots are all very clean with no resistance or scratchiness. All switches work and are clean. None of the keys stick at all. Overall it is in beautiful condition for such a rare/old piece of equipment.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.