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eml200 “This is a very rare and cool semi-modular synth from Electrocomp (EML). Usually they’re silver but this one is blue! A few minor cosmetic chips on the paint but overall it looks great (see picture) and sounds fantastic! Really fat analog synth. Note that EML’s voltage isn’t the standard 1volt per octave so it’s probably more useful for special effects than as an “in tune” instrument but you can use it for anything. Also note that no keyboard is included. It is just the synth in its original cabinet.” Link

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eml200 ” Verkaufe eine EML 200 = Electrocomp 200 modular synthesizer aus der USA.
Sehr seltener modular synthesizer mit: 1x Master VCO(LFO aber geht in audio frequenz),2x VCO,Reverb,High und Low Pass Filter,S&H,2 Ringmodulators,Mic Amp,Switch,2 Mixers(jede 3 inputs,und 1 output),Envelope.
Funktioniert einwandfrei und sieht sehr gut aus.Netzteil ist 110V,aber Gratis ein Konverter nach 230V dabei.
Diese ist eine seltener Version daher es keine deckel und Griff hat,also ein echtes studio Modell,und keine Tour Model.” Link

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eml200 ” Here is a very rare vintage analog modular synth from EML called the EML 200 Modular System. From the makers of the Electrocomp comes a more flexible unique sounding synth! The condition is very good with some minor chips in the paint that are barely noticeable from a distance. It’s a beautiful blue synth! Very few were made and even fewer were blue (most were silver/plain). Note this is not 1/volt per octave but EML’s own scaling and it does not include a keyboard so it’s more for processing and special effects (unless you can find an EML keyboard or some other trick with a CV to midi converter and scaling). Please only purchase if you know what it is and you really want one as it is sold with no returns as is. It is guaranteed to be functional. ” Link

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eml-200“For your consideration is the EML-200 modular, analog synthesizer module.
The unit has been used in my smoke free studio, and shows very minor cosmetic wear(see pics).
The EML-200 has been serviced within the past month, and is completely functional.
The synth is in amazing condition inside and out considering that it is over 40 years old!
Included in the listing is the EML-200 as pictured.” Link

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eml200“*Very* rare EML 200 module. Fully refurbished by Jeff Blenkinsopp at ‘The Analog Lab’ in NYC . Front case lid included.

Sounds superb.” Link

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eml 200“This synth is in great condition. I just tested it and every section works, however the Reverb Mix, Filters, and Mixer section pots are dirty/scratchy due to it not being used for a while. Cosmetically it’s in good condition, but it does have some scuffs/scratches, a broken rubber foot, and two corners on the wooden case are damaged. ” Link

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“RARE Vintage Electronic Music Labs EML Electrocomp 200 Modular Analog Synthesizer

It wasn’t used this for a while so I just had it checked and serviced, some old capacitors were replaced so she’s had a checkup and sounds great . I’ve also checked it to the best of my abilitys and all the knobs alter the sound, with maybe 2 that have just a little scratchieness that got better with use.

It was made in Vernon CT in the 70’s for the public school market and has school name etched on one side. Condition is very good, has some scratches and small chips on the corners, nothing major, face graphics look very good. Awsome weird sound machine, if your looking im sure you know. ” Link

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” EML200 electrocomp collector’s condition analogue synth

Looks new even though over 30 years old!

Super rate!

115v but will include transformer.

Also comes with patch leads” Link

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“Electro Comp Model EML-200 Synthesizer from Connecticut based Electronic Music Laboratories (EML) was most known for producing synthesizers along the same lines of Moog and ARP. The ElectroComp 200 was one of EML’s first synthesizers, introduced in 1969. It’s old school but has very sophisticated features for the time (such as a Wave Shaper and stereo sound). It is monophonic and includes two oscillators, independent high- and low-pass filters, two ring modulators, an LFO with sample-and-hold, stereo panning, and built-in spring reverb. The front panel of the 200 is nicely designed and laid out (they can be found in either silver or blue, as seen here). There are 31 mad-scientist-looking knobs and over 60 patch points! With a little patching, even people new to analog synths will be able to start getting sounds out of the 200” Link

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“This is the ELECTROCOMP EML-200 SYNTHESIZER. The synthesizer is in very good cosmetic condition, aside from some minor scratches. It came from a Local University Music Department auction & was recently removed from service in full working condition. It powered up just fine.

The auction includes the synthesizer & the old printed schematic (showing some knobs preset markings).” Link

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“Electrocomp EML 101 synthesizer with 400-401 expander module also electrocomp synthesizer 200-300. in great original condition with all patch cords. cases are in great shape with original latches and handles. Very rare complete set bought new in the 70’s and have only been used in a studio since then I am original owner. ” Link

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“For sale is a vintage EML 200 analog synthesizer. Very rare and this one is in MINT condition, looks fantastic and is working great. A cool 1/4″ patchable synth with its own unique sound, similar to an Arp2600. Perfect companion for an EML 100 or 101. These don’t show for sale more than once every couple years, and you’ll never find another one in this nice condition!” Link

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“EML ElectroComp Model 200. This is an incredible machine. The ElectroComp series is some of the best if not the best sounding analog synths out there. Only a couple of VERY light and extremely minor flaws to the back of the wood cabinet as seen in close up pics. A few very faint scuffs to the face. Not many. VERY MINOR! Seriously!! It is in great vintage condition! ALL ORIGINAL WITH ALL ORIGINAL KNOBS! THIS WAS NEVER ABUSED AND NEVER GIGGED! So many options with this synth. Endless capabilities. The built in spring reverb sounds like nothing I have ever heard. Simply amazing! I have not used it regularly in a while. It has been sitting safely in my studio wrapped in bubble. Very safe! Although this was serviced in the last 5 years, it has not been serviced recently. I just made a few patches without any problems. Also ran a string synth through the filters without any issues at all. Seems to be fully working but I am selling this unit AS IS. Please bid accordingly. I may be able to upload some youtube clips later tonight. This is not my only modular. I am not selling this for a friend. This is mine and I DO NOT want to sell it. It is very important for me to be as accurate and thorough as humanly possible. If I missed anything or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I never thought this day would come but I need the money and space. It is a very sad day in my life. They did not make many of these. Only a few hundred exist if that. ” Link

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Selling off my EML 200 along with a few other of my vintage synthesizer items This thing is super rare and equally amazing sounding! From VSE – “It is monophonic and includes two oscillators, independent high- and low-pass filters, two ring modulators, an LFO with sample-and-hold, stereo panning, and built-in spring reverb.” Not to mention the 6 input stereo mixer and several other goodies! Everything on this synth is completely unique to other manufacturers – it definitely has its own sonic character just as moog, arp, and SCI have theirs. Every single function works on this synth and all patch points work perfectly – the only problem is that some of the knobs are a little scratchy – an easy self fix for anyone. This is a great opportunity as these rarely come up for sale, especially in this great condition! The auction is as is since it is a vintage synth and there will be no returns, but it will be sent off exactly as described and depicted guarenteed. The synth has many functions, it can be used as a standalone synth, an awesome noise maker, or a processor for guitars, keyboards, and any instrument. I use it on practically every recording if not for its own sound, as a processor for my guitar or my other synths – the ring modulators, switch, and reverb are amazing! There are some really completely unique sounds that you can get out of this! The other day I had my guitar going into this and split it up into several different signals sending it out through the stereo mixer to amps around the room and it literally was the best sounding tone I’ve ever had out of my guitar!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a Rare Vintage ElectroComp Analog Model EML-200 Modular Synthesizer.

We took this unit on trade from a school that bought it brand new. The instructor said that to his knowledge it has been used very little and has been in storage for at least 20 years. There is some light wear on the outside of the cabinet but the inside is very clean. The previous owner has etched some letters on the back by the power cord.

We plugged it in and the power light comes on but we did not have the cables or an instrument to fully test it. The unit weighs about 29 pounds and the cabinet measures 25″ wide, 16″ tall and 11″ deep. It has a hinged door on front and two latches that hold it closed.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for a vintage analog ElectroComp MODEL EML-200 modular synthesizer.


Everything works and is in fully functioning order! FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA.

This is a very rare and unusual modular sound synthesizer. Only about a few hundred of the EML-200’s were made, and this one has the sought after blue face. The EML-200 modular synthesizer is a vintage synth fanatics dream come true. Its capable of sounding like nothing else you have ever heard. It’s a cross between a musical patchable synth like a Moog or ARP 2600 and RAW test equipment – great for someone who needs really science fiction sound effects, drones or crazy tones – oscillator sweeps, pings, bleeps, huge reverberating swells, clangy metallic sounds, fat drum sounds, percussion, harsh noises, you name it! The tone of the EML-200 is very different from that of any other manufacturer. It can be raw, nasty and harsh but also pure, floaty and lush. Nothing sounds spacier than this things spring reverb! Great for the experimental musician or sound designer / noisician. It’s a great stand alone unit but also makes a terrific companion to the EML-101, EML-300 sequencer, and other ElectroComp products, or cross patch it with your other analog gear for variety! You can also control the EML-200 with a variety other external analog sequencers. I believe you can also have an experienced technician install a midi to cv converter so you can hook up an external midi type keyboards and sequencers if you like. It’s also a really unique processing tool for other sound sources such as a microphones, guitars, keyboards, etc. There’s a mic preamp so you can patch external sounds through the electro comp’s high pass and low pass filters, TWO ring modulators, 3 oscillators, etc to create all kinds of stereo effects, vocoder or whatever else you can dream up.
This is as classic analog as you can get. It is very lush sounding and otherworldly. Very unique and rare piece.

This unit is in very nice condition for a used item of its type and age. It works great and sounds great! There are a fair number of typical small scratches and age spots on the front panel and outside case from use, but nothing major. There are a few sticker labels: ‘fast’ (as seen in the photos) that were added prior to my owning the unit that I never bothered removing.

I’m including the 1/4″ patch cables seen in the photos and some literature I’ve gathered over the years that shows some sample patches to get you started. Includes removable front cover for traveling and gigging.

Originally designed to be used an educational tool in schools for the beginning electronic composer. They wanted a synthesizer that could stand up to young exploring hands and 10 hours a day use, so needless to say it’s very durable and sturdy. You can’t make a wrong patch, anything is possible! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This EML 101 is being sold with it’s side kick . . . the 200.

Both are in great condition; even cosmetically they look great. They turn on when plugged in but I don’t have to operating knowledge to know how well they work–would be sold ‘as is.'” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an EML Electrocomp 200 vintage synthesizer. The synth is 100% functional and in very nice cosmetic shape. There are a couple of minor blemishes on the outside wood case (check pics) but the face of the unit is excellent.. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.