SWTPC @ 18 July 2017, Comments Off on SWTPc Psych-Tone

“SWTPc Psych-Tone from 1971

Own a piece of Music & Electronic History.

This device was available only as a mailorder kit and less than 100 were sold.

This is a working unit and is able to self compose, store and playback your creations as well.

There is one voice selecter switch (either clipped or sinewave) that does not function.

Considering its age this Psych-Tone is in very very good physcial condition.

It has a built in single transistor monitor amplifier and therefore plays at low volume.

I am supplying a new 3 1/2″ speaker that you can install.

The RCA jack allows hooking up to your stereo, tape reorder, or digital workstation.

It also has a front panel RCA line out jack that allows you to connect to your amplifier.

I will supply all of the docs on CD that I have to the winning bidder.” Link

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SWTPC “could not get it to turn on” Purchased at an estate sale

For parts or repair” Link

SWTPC @ 24 November 2015, Comments Off on SWTPC Psych-Tone Composer Synthesizer

SWTPC Psych-Tone Composer Synthesizer “As far as its condition, it produces sounds, but there is a grounding hum, and the output is pretty quiet. You really have to crank up a pre-amp to hear it. But if you want this this, you probably can figure out how to fix it. It’s got this ghastly blue rubbery vinyl covering. It has all knobs and buttons. Some minor blemishes on the front panel.” Link

SWTPC @ 28 October 2014, Comments Off on SWTPC Psych-Tone Composer Synthesizer

psychtone “This synthesizer is unusual and really cool. It was a kit that was assembled and put in a hand-made, hand-painted box. The paint-job is not perfect – there are flaws. The face is free of major damage – some small scuffs and wear in the printing, all buttons and knobs are attached and work as they should. Sounds cool, works. See photos.

WORKING CONDITION:Works 100% perfectly guaranteed.” Link

SWTPC @ 11 March 2014, Comments Off on SWTPC Psych-Tone Composer Synthesizer Project Machine

” I found this cleaning out a house. I know it is missing several knobs and the power plug. I am selling as is. I do not know if is complete or if its functional.” Link