Starr Labs @ 13 July 2010, Comments Off on Starr Labs zTar Z7S Midi Guitar Controler

“Factory condition Starr Labs zTar Z7S midi guitar controller (Just as well as new).

Less than 10 hours of playing time on this ZTar. I was so impressed with this instrument I immediately upgraded to the Z6-S and had not touched this one since. It’s been in its case and its original box since I got the Z6-S in my hands, time to let it go.

Before offering for sale, I sent this instrument to Harvey (Star Labs) to make sure everything is in perfect working condition. Its back, works perfectly. Today this same instrument with the same add-ons, you will pay $2,535.00, you can have this one for $1,500.00. It’s a steal; don’t let this one get away.

This is the world’s class latency free midi guitar. Each fret button is velocity sensitive, so zTar players can become virtuoso tappers as well. Play a chord with your left hand and lead lines with your right or lead/lead or chord/chord. Play any chord by pressing one button. This instrument is amazing.

Comes with the accessory pack, case and all these add-ons:


These are the very latest 2010 version from Starr Labs, far better than the problematic previous string triggers – quantum leap. These are the six right hand string sensors that are used to trigger the fingerboard the same as you’d play a guitar.

TCA-1 TOUCH CAP ASSEMBLY ($375.00 add-on)

Six additional touch pads at your finger tips. Play strings by touching pads, add drums to your Synthesizer and much more.

This is the metallic bar in the tailpiece or plate mounted elsewhere on the instrument that is used to facilitate muting the String Triggers. If your skin is in contact with both the Mute-Bar and a String Trigger the trigger will mute its triggered note(s).

This is a narrow strip mounted to the edge of the fingerboard that can be programmed to send a variety of MIDI messages when pressed with a thumb.

The joystick is used as a performance device by programming MIDI messages to any of its four directions. Also, when programming the menu-system, the joystick is used for data- entry by scrolling values underneath the blinking cursor.

This Z7S has this additional MIDI controller.


SATIN BLACK FINISH” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.