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“Up for bid is the Oberheim DPX-1 Digital Sampler Player. SELLING AS IS FOR PARTS! Top panel screws are out. Few screws are included are in the zip lock bag. Power supply screws are out so it’s loose-last pix.” Link

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casio cz3000 “Zum Verkauf steht ein Oberheim DPX 1 Sample Player.

Das Gerät startet normal, Disketten werden aber nicht richtig eingelesen.

Keine weiteren Tests.

Das Gerät ist komplett und wir als Ersatzteilspender / Defekt verkauft.” Link

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dpx1 “Here’s an oberheim dpx-1 that needs a new power supply.

Everything was working before the power supply went out.

This unit is unique because it has the 8 individual outputs section in the back. ” Link

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Oberheim DPX-1 “You are bidding on a Oberheim DPX-1 Digital Sample Player. The unit is in good physical condition with scuffs and scratches from normal use. I no longer have any discs (5 1/4 or 3 1/2) to retest the unit. When stored years ago the 5 1/4 drive was not working properly. Missing back expansion cover. Selling the Oberheim AS IS for parts or restoration. The pictures are an important part of the description. ” Link

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dpx1 “Oberhiem dpx1 sample player.
Been in the rack for years used it for gigs to save taking emulator 2 out on the road” Link

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“These items have been in my studio environment racked with little use.” Link

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“Oberheim DPX1 Sample Player mit 30 Disketten, überwiegend EMU II Sounds, aber auch Mirage u.s.w..
Liest Ensoniq Mirage, Akai S900, Sequential Prophet2000 und EMU II (5-1/4) Format.

Leider defekt.
Netzteil funktioniert nicht mehr. Wurde bereits entfernt und eine Reparatur war nicht möglich.
Keine weitere Möglichkeit zu testen, ob noch etwas dadurch Schaden genommen hat.
Ohne Strom, kein Test möglich!” Link

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“This is the Oberheim DPX-1 sample replayer. It comes with a power cable and disks for each drive so you can test its full functionality. Some of the disks are not working… but the famous “Marcato Strings” disk (the best disk in my opinion) is working fine. Both disk drives work, as well as everything else on the machine. There are some wear marks on the unit… scratches and rack wear. What you see in the pictures is accurate to what you get. There’s a little bit of sticker residue on the unit as well but you can remove it.

This unit has full compatibility for loading and playing Mirage, Emulator 2, Prophet 2000, and Akai S-900 disks. The filters are the same analog SSM filters featured on the Emulator 2. All loop points, envelopes, lfo, keytracking, and sample loop points are accurate to the original machines.” Link

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“Up for sale is my Oberheim DPX-1

It is running OS2.1 giving this machine the ability to read Akai S900 sample disks. This OS also provides the ability to backup existing disks (although I have never used this feature).

The DPX reads Ensoniq Mirage, Prophet 2000 and probably most important of all Emulator II disks.

Supplied with circa 124 disks (I am not going to list these but suffice to say there are some superb samples from the aforementioned instruments in the library).

I have not used the disks in years. They have been stored boxed in a heated office but given most are 20+ years old i’m not going to guarantee they all work. That said the 10 or so I loaded up this evening were all fine.

The eagle eyed may have already noticed that the 5 1/4 inch drive is missing. This packed up years ago and I no longer have it.

Until recently I have been using this machine with a SD FDD emulator (not included in the sale) which worked superbly hence the discs were not being used. I have re-instated the 3 1/2 inch drive and fitted a mesh blanking plate in the 5 1/4 bay.

One interesting feature is this machine is that it is supplied with the 8 way output / CD ROM Interface. I have no idea if the CD ROM interface works as it’s proprietary.

Included in the sale are:

The DPX-1
3 pieces of documentation; The OS2.1 Engineering Change order, The OS 2.1 Owner’s manual addendum and the Installation instruction for the kit.
124 disk (or there abouts) sample library. As already stated I have tested a few of the disks without experiencing a single failure but cannot guarantee all are working.

There are a few scratches to the top / sides from racking. The DPX looks great when racked up. Additional photos available on request.” Link

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“From an estate, a clean used Oberheim DPX-1 vintage Sampler. Rack mount. Dont know much about these, it powers up OK. Has minor scratches and marks. Includes personal disk. Disk contents not guaranteed.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“In great working condition! Professionally used. Cables not included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.