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EML Electrocomp 400/401

“EML Electrocomp 400/401 Synthesizer Sequencer. Condition is Used. I bought this around 1980. It was first purchased by Cumberland College, now University of the Cumberlands. The music department wanted a synth, and then decided that this is not what they are after. I then purchased it from a local music store that brokered the deal. The number 503 is etched into the back. Not sure if this is the SN since only 300 were reported to be made. It is missing two plastic tabs on the sliders. Was serviced around 15 years ago and then put away. All sliders and switches work. Both oscillators sound but need some adjustment. Osc 1 is louder than osc 2 and is tuned a bit low. Being pure analog a service tech should be able to rectify this. Sold as is. A great piece to restore and flip.

About the unit. 401 refers to the synth section and 400 is the sequencer. It is designed so that multiple 400 units can be chained together. The sequencer has two sections of 16 x 3 sliders that can run in series or parallel. The synth is a basic 2 osc 1 filter unit. Note that EML does not operate on the standard 1 volt per octave ratio used by most modular gear. It is something like 1.2 volts per octave. This can be adjusted through simple CV scaling enabled by various modules, or you can ignore the standard when using it to drive filter and other parameters that are not note specific.”
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