Yamaha RX5

“This is a Yamaha RX-5. Very underrated drum machine of the world!! This makes a perfect 80`s drum machine sounds that you hear from lots of vinyls and CDs. As I move to soft-synth world, this machine has been just goofing out in my studio. So please take it and use it as it`s supposed to be!! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha RX5 Project Machine

“Cartridge doesn’t seem to load- says “not ready”, Tom 2 (5,e,q) is really quiet and so is tambourine, clap, shaker, and cowbell (11,12). Also Pads on 7 are almost silent. Those pads basically don’t work, so I am selling this as is for parts or repair. Other functions do seem to work perfectly. I have tested all the individual outputs and the only ones that don’t work are the 4 silent pads outputs (5,7,11,12). All the other pads work, and the machine itself works, and powers on as seen in picture. All the editing works. It could just need cleaned really good, or a new battery) but either way I’m considering it broken because of the pads that don’t seem to work right, and the rom cartridge pictured doesn’t seem to load. Auction is for drum machine, power supply and cartridge only.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha RX5

“good condition fully functional yamaha rx5 vintage drum machine. very 80s sounding. the power supply in the auction is not original and doesn’t quite fit right so it can sometimes power down if you move it around while in use. its totally fine if you don’t move it a lot or bump the power cord. I’m almost certain this is an issue with the power cord, its never been a big deal for me cause it was just used in the studio.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha RX5

“Up for sale is a Yamaha RX5 digital drum machine. This is the flagship model of Yamaha drum machines and quite possibly one of the best drum machines ever MADE. (Yes, it is that good!) The RX5 is one of the last good deals that electronic music producers can find on eBay since everything else is so jacked up in price. For less than 2 bills you can get a drum machine that blows away newer stuff for the same price. PUNCHY.

The unit is in great condition cosmetically and works just fine aside from two problems that I will try to explain as well as I can:

1. One of the pads isn’t working. All of the others work just fine with no issues at all (no double or intermittent triggering), so it could be something simple to fix. You can always just remap the sound on that pad to something else or just trigger that sound from MIDI.

2. There are 2 cartridge slots on the back of the unit… One for data, and the other is a waveform cartridge slot. AFAIK, this slot is only used for loading extra sounds from carts. However, the carts are super rare and expensive, so I never gave a crap that the waveform cart slot is broken. The contacts are in good shape and nothing is missing but there’s a tiny section that is out of place. I bought it this way from a guy on eBay many months ago. If you are absolutely set on using waveform carts with this machine, that might be a dealbreaker, but if you’re like me, it’s not an issue. The data cart port works absolutely fine.

Basically, the only reason why I am selling this thing is because I have far too much gear and I am condensing it to only what I *need* for live performances. A 12v power supply IS included! ” Click here to visit listing on eBay