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korg-bpx-3 “This is a used Korg BPX-3 Synthesizer/Keyboard Bass Unit in very good shape. Bass unit only, no pedals included” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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bpx3“Up for sale is extremely rare Korg BPX-3 Vintage Analog Bass Synthesizer module with PK-13 Pedal Keyboard.

The unit appears to be working reasonably well, all the keys producing sound through the PK-13 pedals, and all the knobs and buttons seem to be working on the BPX-3. I noticed the very left button on the BPX-3 appears to have bad contacts and does not respond when switched to other programs, however its still playable as its the default program selected when powered on. There is also a bit of scratch noise on the knobs which could do with some servicing/adjustment too. Everything else appears to be working well to the best of my knowledge, but please note that I’m not familiar with these and I may have not tested every function.

Cosmetically, both of the units are obviously not in great shape as you can see. The BPX-3 has fair bit of rust and scratches on the metal casing, and most of the prints are worn out as pictured. The PK-13 also has aging rust and cracks on the body, with the rubbers on the bottom of two of the pedals appear missing. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.

Power Cable and Connection Cable are included.
Sold AS IS.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is the Korg BPX-3 Bass Foot Pedals and Sound Module
Rare Bass Synthesizer. VERY VERY hard to find.
These pedals are super clean and in great condition.
Everything working 100%. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Korg BPX-3 Bass Pedal Synth. Really rare. There isn’t much information on these. I remember reading that Royksopp used one on Melody AM in a magazine years back, but cant find the reference. I know they like rare Korg stuff though, since they appear on the cover of their most recent album with a Korg Synthe-bass.

The presets are much less aggressive than a Moog Taurus, and other pedals that are similar. The sounds are totally fat, smooth, pure analog bass. Very sub-bassy, deep, and full. You can control the tone with the bass and treble eq, as well as attack, sustain, and ‘click’.. which is kind of like a decay setting. The controls arent that drastic, providing basic shaping to fit your bass sound in a mix, but the sounds themselves are totally bread and butter and can be used on anything.

Physically it is in pretty good condition. Some little nicks and scratches on the casing, but its built like a tank anyway. Overall, very nice, with wood paneled sides and some kind of tolex on the pedals. All the functions work perfectly.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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bpx3 “All Pedals work, al pots and buttons function as they should. Cable was recently tweaked and works awesomely. I’m selling the studio and everything that’s in it. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.