Crumar, Multiman @ 22 March 2011, Comments Off on Crumar Multiman

“Condition – All notes work on the Brass, Cello and Violin presets but some notes are not present on the piano (2) and clavichord (3 ) i can’t get the bass to work (it used too (its there but intermittent) ). Cosmetically this one has to be described as beat up it only retains 12 of the original 21 slider caps, the master, string timbre and pitch sliders all work but have snapped of so have to be activated with a sharp item to move them. the cover is ripped.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Crumar, Multiman @ 29 June 2010, Comments Off on Crumar Multiman

“Pretty amazing keyboard here. Very well made and durable. Just so you know Bob Moog had a lot to do with this company. I’m not sure about these models per say but Crumar made some amazing sounding organs and synthesizer at the time and a lot collectors attribute this to Bob Moogs touch. Got to meet him once, nice guy very into his craft! But that’s another story. Anyways, the keyboard is great very unique in that you can split sounds in two section (basically bass and treble clef) You can make it all even if you wish by setting everything thing identical. This would be great for a band with no bass player! Really an amazing sounding keyboard. It’s got really great sounds. Kind of 60s and new wave??!! Dark and rich and the perfect sound for anyone looking to get sounds via Kraftwerk, OMD, Joy division, New Order, this thing is AMAZING! There are 100s of combinations of features here and it would be impossible to sit here and check everything FOR 100% PERFECT FUNCTIONALY. It’s just not possible don’t bid if that is what you are expecting. I would say most (90-95%) is working. The keyboard itself is in great cosmetic shape.

Some of the sliders may need to get cleaned out but otherwise this keyboard is in great shape. I have to put these ridiculously gigantic disclaimers all through my ads now because of the last few keyboards I have sold. People seem to think that these keyboards were made last week at guitar center or something and expect them to work like a brand new reissue moog! bid on them and expect a refund when one little thing isn’t working! Come on people its vintage collectable gear. Problems should be expected.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.