Roland Jupiter 8

“The best Analogue Synth. In great condition.
Very tidy front with some marks on the back as you would expect from a synth this Vintage.
In perfect working order and with MIDI IN OUT retro fit. All oscillators in tune.
International shipping can be arranged!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“One of my Roland Jupiter 8’s for sale. Open to reasonable offers.

This is a 40yr old keyboard so isn’t perfect cosmetically but is of a good standard, it’s lovely. Lots of photos showing all surfaces. Recently fully serviced. Fully Working, no noisy sliders etc. Sounds great. Can be tested before purchase. ”
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Roland Jupiter 8

“I am regrettably selling my whole studio of 80’s analogue drum machines and synthesisers.

First up is my beloved Roland Jupiter 8.

This synthesiser was originally owned as a studio synth by Clark Datchler from the 80’s band,Johny Hates Jazz.I have receipts as I bought it personally from Clark over 10 years ago.

To say that this machine is mint is an under statement,it is like new.You will never find or have the opportunity to buy a Jupiter 8 in this condition again.

The synth has also been serviced by James Walker and meticulously looked after,it has never been out of the studio.

This Jupiter sounds absolutely amazing and everything works as a new machine.

The person who buys this machine would be investing in a rarity as they are never found in as new condition.

Before purchase you can play and test the Jupiter in the studio for as long as you want.

Also comes with manual and new pro flight case.

Also has Kenton midi fitted.

I cannot emphasis enough that this synth is literally like new.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“Perfect for the collector or tech. Powers on, generates tone, needs some inside repair work. Was never dropped, knocked over or spilled on. Must part with due to moving out of the country. Some scratches due to road shows. As is, no returns. Will insure shipping ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“The super amazing Roland Jupiter-8 synthesiser.

Wow – what a machine….this needs no introduction.
An 80’s analogue dream machine…from the classic design look to the well thought through layout to the sounds!!!
8-voice polyphonic beauty.

All working (tested today!).
In very very good condition, just a minor few marks on the metal side cheeks but the rest is rather minty…..
I have some interesting information about the presets on this machine but will message you about these if you’re interested….

Comes with copy manual (not original),no orig box.
This is one of the later versions with DCB.
Oh…also….full flightcase included!!!!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“For sale is a rare Roland JP-8 with MD-8 Midi DCB Interface. This is a later 14-bit model and came from long-time original owner. It was hardly used over the years and kept in very nice condition. It’s in excellent shape with only minor signs of wear. It just got back from our tech with a full extensive servicing (details below). Plays beautifully and sounds incredible. If you have been waiting for just the right Jupiter 8 to come along, this is the one to own. Being in such clean shape it will make for a great investment, as it’s only likely to increase in value, plus considering it’s been serviced it will be in top operational condition on arrival.

Servicing included:
– Full recap
– Rebuilt power supply
– Full internal cleaning
– Cleaned sliders, pots and switches as necessary
– Installed new battery
– Tuned / Calibrated” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“Roland Jupiter 8

Vintage Analog Synthesizer

14 bit version – serial # 192xxx

Super nice shape

You are bidding on the item Pictured.

Having to sell off some of my collection. I have had this for years and has been stored correctly. I really have not used it too much myself. ready to go to a good home. I made a video showing this synth working as it should – not every single function shown in the video but you will get gist of it. my utube name is the same at my ebay name so you should be able to find it.


Excellent vintage shape, Tested and working good. Please note that I have never serviced this unit and it is all original. it was stored before I got it and I have stored it for years so you may need to clean the pots and sliders that may have Dusted up over the years. Please see all pictures for condition. Could be the Gem of your collection. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“There were 9 versions of the Jupiter-8 and this is version 1.

Epic, vintage, legendary.

It’s the 1264th Jupiter 8 ever produced. Around 3000 were produced in total.

Based on the serial number I estimate that it was made around February of ’82, 1 year after they started manufacturing.

It’s one of the earlier 12 bit models, just before they started using a 14 bit D/A converter.

Serial no. 151364

Perhaps Roland’s most classic sought after keyboard.”
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Roland Jupiter 8

“I am the original owner of this Jupiter 8 since I bought it new in 1982. For 4 years, regular road use. Got a few small dents in the top panel by the back. After that, it was only in my studio. In 1994, I added a MIDI retrofit kit, which works great. Eventually, the power switch broke, and I couldn’t find a factory replacement. The Jupiter sat unused for 20 years. Finally, I turned it over to master electronic engineer, synth builder (and actual Rocket Scientist) Dave Hamara, who replaced the power supply and switch with a modern switch with removable cable. He also replaced every single capacitor in the entire unit, replaced the battery, reloaded the factory sounds, and completely calibrated the unit to factory specs. This comes with the MIDI retrofit user guide, and the service manual with calibration specs, as shown.

All synth functions, every knob and button is 100% tested and working perfectly. It breaks my heart to sell this, I’ve had it more than half my life. Please take good care of it, and make cool music. ”
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Roland Jupiter 8




Roland Jupiter 8

“This is a superb and iconic much-loved synthesizer that I’ve had the pleasure of owning since purchase in 1998. Kept in same smoke free studio for 20 years,not moved, perfectly looked after.
Roland JP8 serial number: 191994
Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer with Kenton MIDI fitted in 2002 (withoriginal dated receipt for retrofit). Excellent used condition, fully working.Minimal scratching/ marks given the age that were present when I purchased thesynth; including slight split on modulation wheel which is barely noticeable.All Original 61 keys and pots. Photocopied Manual.
Currently sound patches are original and Harvey Bainbridge patches fromHawkwind (so I was told – the sounds are instantly recognisable solikely, these were updated at last service in 2008)
Collection only. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“This is a Jupiter-8. You know what it is, you know what it sounds like.

I’ve owned this particular JP-8 since the early 90’s. It had been dropped some time in its life prior to me buying it. It is a very early serial number (May 1981, 210th JP-8 ever made). Over the years, I’ve owned 5 or 6 other JP-8s and every time I compared them, I always kept this one. There’s just something special about the way this one sounds.

Over the years, I’ve added the Encore MIDI kit and have recapped the power supply and output board and installed new regulators in the power supply. There have been other minor repairs over time, but nothing especially difficult or comprehensive.

Since this is a vintage synth, I would think any potential owner would like to have a set of hard to find parts, just in case, right? Why spend a lot of money on a vintage synth and then have to spend hundreds of dollars and lots of time tracking down very rare spares? I’ve done the work for you here.

You get the JP-8 plus original owner’s manual, Encore MIDI manual, fold out service manual, and a lot of spares. Among the parts are – replacement sliders, extra knobs and slider caps, extra potentiometers, a couple posistors, some rare metal cans, a dozen BA 662’s, an IR3109 IC, some new black keys, some new white keys (including a high C) and some used white keys, springs, some new tact switches, and some original switch caps from a TR-808. Basically anything your tech would need other than stock IC and resistors/caps.

The JP-8 has been tested and I recently did a quick tune of the oscillators and is 100% working. Shipping it, or any extended car ride will likely get it slightly out of tune/calibration, but getting it back in tune is something that you or a tech could do in less than an hour since the autotune gets it the rest of the way once you’re close.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“Up for sale is a vintage and rare Roland Jupiter 8 polyphonic analog synthesizer with 16 oscillators and 8 voices. This unit is in excellent condition and works perfectly. I encourage, if you are local, that you visit the keyboard face to face so that you may appreciate how well maintained the unit is prior to your purchase. Those who are not within geographical range will not be disappointed… The unit will be shipped fully insured to you packed with the best possible packing job available.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“For sale: Roland Jupiter 8 in excellent condition. Works perfectly. Nothing is touchy or acts oddly. Tested for hours before posting. Very stable. 14 bit DAC vs 12 bit DAC on the earlier, potentially tuning unstable units. This is a DCB bus unit (i suppose, technically, a JP-8 A). It also has basic MIDI.

Sounds amazing and unparalleled. AND it stays in tune after a short warmup. If you are looking at this auction, you know what this is and why it is the classic it is and a must-have for anyone who needs the most classic and sought after of the vintage analog pieces.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Jupiter 8

“Not much to say – pictures say it all. The synth is in near mint condition – it is 9.9/10. Silkscreen graphics are glossy and without blemishes, face is free of scratches or nicks. Minor scuffs on the underside from moving/racking this beast. All sliders and pots are mechanically nice and smooth, few are little scratchy – but it is a 30y+ old synth and as such sold “as is”. It looks as gorgeous and pristine as can be – and you’ll be very happy with its shape and sound. I don’t think you will find one in condition like this one any time soon… or EVER. That is, unless you happen to find a new one in the box.”
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