Roland D-5 Project Machine

“This is a used item been sold for parts. Unit does power up and produces sound, it has 3 keys that stays down and will not come back up, it looks very rough on the 4 edges and missing some of the push in buttons. Generally in rough condition, but produces sound, very good source for parts. Will include the power supply pictured. Not the original power supply, but it does the job.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-5

“Up for sale is a Roland D-5 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer. This comes as shown with some scratches, dings and one of keys is broken and does work when you push down hard on it, internal battery needs to be checked, the sound is somewhat muffled when using the synth sounds but the drums sounds are clear, because of that this will be sold as is no returns,So please make sure you check out all pictures for condition.Not included box,manuals ,sound cards, power supply or anything else.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-5 Project Machine

“This keyboard has issues. Some of the buttons do not work. So, if you wanted to do A/B you can’t. If you want to pull up patch A54 you can’t. You can do it with MIDI using another keyboard. It works well as a tone module. If you know how to pull this apart and use electronic cleaner you may be able to fix it.

All the keys work. The MOD and PITCH BEND work. The VOLUME, MIDI, WRITE, and many other facets work fine.

It sounds great. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D5

“This is a Roland D5 multi timbral linear synthesizer. It is in good working condition.

Several of the patches in performance mode have been overwritten and deleted, but most are there. All patches in multi timbral and manual percussion mode are present and working. For some reason, when selected,

Many of the performance mode patches open with the arpeggiator on, when turned off they work fine.

This keyboard has good Hammond organ type sounds.

Manual available on Roland website, keyboard will ship with s working power supply.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-5

used-roland-d-5 “Up for auction is this Roland D-5 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer Keyboard. This is a used synthesizer that is in nice physical condition.

The unit has been tested and works, but we believe that the synth has been set up with custom sounds. The Roland D-5 does not have a factory reset and we are not sure how to reload the original sounds back on the unit. The only sounds we can get out of the keyboard are Jingle and Fantasy Bells, we are not sure how to get the normal sounds out of it. This synthesizer is being sold AS IS.

The charger included is an aftermarket adapter, it does work just fine but please note that it is not the original.

Lightly Used Not Abused.

Comes from a Smoke Free and Pet Free Home.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-5 Project Machine

d-5 “Roland D-5 Multitimbral digital waveform linear synthesizer.

– Eight of the keys have stopped working. The non-working keys are marked with red tape in the photos. I have heard that this is a common malfunction in these keyboards, and can be repaired. I lack the technical skill to repair it myself.
– The power supply will not be included with this. This auction is for the keyboard only.
– The keyboard and synth work very well and sound great, except for the non-working keys.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D5 Project Machine

d5This auction is for a Roland D-5 Synthesizer from the 80s. It is listed as not working. It turns on and it does play however, it has the following issues:

Missing sliders
Some scuffs and scratches
Some key do not play. This can usually be fixed with a cleaning of the keyboard contact board.
No power supply (any Roland keyboard power supply should work) ” Click here to visit listing on eBay