Shruthi @ 09 October 2012, Comments Off on Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 XT Wasp Programmer

“For sale is my Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 XT Wasp Programmer Synthesizer with OLED display. If you are not familiar with the Shruthi-1 XT Programmer, these units are designed to give you more immediate control over your Shruthi. This XT Wasp Programmer offered in this auction is a very limited rare edition XT Wasp color scheme case with matching knobs and switch caps. This Shruthi-1 XT Wasp Programmer features both SMR-4 MKII and Digital filter boards allowing you to send audio in and out of both filter boards. I spent countless hours building this synth and it is definitely an eye catcher.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Shruthi @ 22 November 2011, Comments Off on Mutable Instruments Shruthi 1

“Here I have an awesome! Mutable Instruments Shruthi 1 Synthesizer. This synthesizer is awesome with tons of crazy specs. If you are looking at this you probably know about it, but if you don’t here is info off the Mutable Instruments website. I professionally built this myself and it has a rare and nice looking black on white backlit display. It does not include a case, but I never used one with it. Has never been gigged, only played a couple times as initial testing. It has the SMR4 filter installed, which sounds a lot like the SSM2044 (korg polysix etc). Real smooth and sweet with a good amount of resonance!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.