Crumar, Toccatta @ 20 April 2010, Comments Off on Crumar Toccata

“Welcome to my auction! Offered for your consideration is a ultra rare 1980 Crumar Toccata portable organ. It has hardly been used at all. I really can’t believe that this organ is in such great condition for being 30 years old. This was put away by the owner of a piano store and was never sold. It then became part of his estate and was handed down in the family. I am more than confident that has hardly ever been used and never gigged with.The electronics work 100%. All the buttons lock in and the LED’s all work. The keys look brand new with the appropriate sheen and I could only find one tiny scratch which I took a close up picture of. You can only see it at a certain angle it is so light.The finish on the real hardwood end caps is perfect with the exception of some light surface scratches on the left side as well as a tiny blemish on the left side corner. The pictures are blown up kinda huge so bear that in mind.There are two tiny scratches on the top which you can see in the pictures. There are a tiny scratch or two on the back plate again minuscule.I tested this out with a keyboard amp with a little re-verb and WOW it sounds absolutely amazing! Just Huge! I could hardly stop playing it. All the keys sound properly and do not need cleaning.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.