Yamaha Tenori On

“Yamaha Tenori-On **Original Packaging, Stand, Travel Case, Receipt**. Condition is Used.

Used for fun playing around at home.

Never used professionally, so very light wear.

Maybe 20 hours total use.

Buttons are crisp and responsive.

I never used batteries, only ever the cord. So battery terminals are clean and not corroded.

I have the receipt from the Yamaha store online from 2010 purchase also.

Located USA.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha Tenori On

“YAMAHA TENORI-ON Sequencer and Synthesizer, original Aluminum version. Fun and playful electronic music instrument. Self contained so great for putting on some headphones and taking a few minutes each day to write a song sketch or two, in a couple months you have tons of great song ideas. I used it that way to write an album. The included sounds evoke a very playful 90’s IDM feel to me: Plaid, Mouse on Mars, Aphex Twin, but maybe that’s just the sounds I gravitated towards. This Tenori-On is in great shape, the aluminum case has some slight cosmetic discolorations at the corners that I tried to show in one of the pictures but it’s hard to take a good picture of the aluminum. The discoloration is slight and just natural change to the metal from aging and handling over time, this unit was never toured or mistreated, it lived in the studio or next to the couch. Also includes original box, power supply, MIDI interface cable, and manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha Tenori On

“Item is in as new condition but has been used a couple of times, hence listing as used. I planned to learn how to get the most from this, but lack of time means I never seem to get the opportunity so I have decided to sell it.

Great piece of kit, which I have tested before placing this listing and all seems in working order.

Comes will everything photographed, midi cable still sealed and charger is included in its original box.

Also included is a printed version of the full Yamaha User Booklet.

Original card outer box has a couple of areas where printing has come off (as photographed), but doesn’t detract from the overall condition of the item.”

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Yamaha Tenori On

“I could copy and paste lots useless info off the internet, but if you are looking at this you probably know all you need to know about the Tenori. What i can tell you is straight out the box gratification, this one is in very good condition, no wear, scratches or dings, all 512 leds work as does the lcd screen. Included is the utility CD, manual, a CD of extra instruments, 2GB SDcard midi cables and power supply, comes in original box. ”
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Yamaha Tenori On

“Electronic musical instrument with a completely new concept. TNR-O (Tenorion orange LED) is, Tenorion series standard model of that can be settled in a single-sided LED that emits orange light enjoy playing indoors. Frame is made of white plastic with a clean feeling in the lightweight.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha Tenori On

“Rare Tenori-On with a sturdy custom case, all in great working condition. Stylish Wesc Headphones, 2GB SD card, power adapter, and original box included. All-in-all, a great and hugely fun bit of kit, great for music producers, DJs, or just lovers of tech!

Very sad to be selling, but I just don’t have the time to use it enough, and I could use the money! :)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha Tenori On

“Yamaha Tenori On ORANGE. The Orange version of this rare synth.

The Orange version does everything that the white one does, but it doesn’t have led’s on the back, just the front.

Many people prefer the orange look and I must say, I think it looks amazing.

It’s in tiptop condition, no real marks of wear and tear and everything works fine. It sounds amazing.

Comes in it’s original box and with midi lead and PSU.

Power Supply Unit is US type (two round pins) so needs a regular converter like you take on holiday with you. You can buy them on eBay for a few quid if you don’t have one already.” Click here to visit listing on eBay