Bubblesound, Modular @ 19 May 2015, Comments Off on Bubblesound SEM20 and Synthrotek Echo

sem,20 “Up for auction are two Eurorack synthesizer modules: a Bubblesound SEM20 VSF filter and a Synthrotek Echo These items are used but are in excellent condition. ” Link

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“BUBBLESOUND VCOb Eurorack Module

Triangle Core VCO, Range: 10 second cycles to 21.4 kHz. PWM, FM lin/exp. Outputs for sine, saw, pulse, triangle. Module in near perfect condition (only a few months old), minor signs of use (bit of rack rash, as seen in the photo). Includes connector cable and screws.” Link

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“You are bidding on a used uLFO. It is in new condition, no rack wear and is fully functional. This is a great module and I hate getting rid of it, also sounds great as an Oscillator!” Link

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“This VCOb is in excellent condition and ships with screws and cable.” Kubj

Bubblesound, Modular, Plan B, The Harvestman, Tiptop @ 16 July 2013, Comments Off on Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

“Regretful sale. This is an amazing and unique sounding analog synth with a small utility module breakout case – total cost of all included modules is close to $3000. This auction includes all the following modules, both cases, power supplies for both cases and an assortment of patch leads including 2 x Tip Top Stack Cables.

Eurorack Modules:
Tip Top Audio Z3000 Oscillator
Plan B Model 15 Oscillator
BubbleSound SEM20 Filter
The Harvestman Double Andore Dual Wavetable VCA/Envelope
Manhattan Analog Mix module
Jones O’Tool Oscilliscope
Manhattan Analog Control Voltage Processor CVP module
Expert Sleepers Silent Way ES-3 ADAT lightpipe -> CV module
Intellijel Buffered Multiple ” Link

Bubblesound, Modular @ 23 April 2013, Comments Off on Bubblesound SeM-20

“Great filter. Put a new design on faceplate. One of the smoother transfers. Cable included. Usa only. Thanks.” Link

Bubblesound, Modular @ 23 April 2013, Comments Off on Bubblesound VCOb

“Bubblesound VCOb module for Eurorack in perfect working condition. Comes with original power ribbon connector and screws, and in the box. Very minimal rack rash. The VCOb is a great and versatile oscillator and will sit happily in your Euro setup, especially next to a Bubblesound LFO. ” Link

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“Used but in great shape. There is some rash from being mounted but it can’t be seen when screwed in. ” Link

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“Hi, I’m selling my Bubblesound sem20 v/s/f module (eurorack). I am the original owner and the unit is in perfect working order. It was used in my smoke-free, air-conditioned studio and is in very good cosmetic condition – there is slight rack rash as seen in close up photo.” Link

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“Bubblesound uLFO for sale. This is one of the best LFO’s available in eurorack format. Not only can it do incredibly long sweeps, but it can also go up to audio range and act as a beautiful oscillator for amazing bass sounds. With a host of input and output options (and also being one of the best VCOs at sync-ing), it does much, much more than a standard LFO.” Link

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“Gently used Bubblesound SEM20 VCF (voltage-controlled filter) for sale (purchased secondhand for $160 from Analogue Haven in 03/2011).

This module is in perfect working order, and only features a little rack-rash. Ships with four eurorack screws, power cable, and a free 6″ patch cable. Item will be shipped in secure ESD-proof padding. ” Link

Bubblesound, Modular @ 27 November 2012, Comments Off on Bubblesound uLFO

“bubblesound ulfo module

excellent working condition, comes with ribbon cable and 4 screws, cosmetically great – only has screw marks for being installed in case” Link

Bubblesound, Modular @ 16 October 2012, Comments Off on Bubblesound VCOb

“great sounding Bubblesound VCOb, triangle core analog Eurorack oscillator w/ fm, sync, pulse width control & independent waveform outputs. ” Link

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“Used Bubblesound cvWS dual waveshaper. Some screw rash but in very good condition otherwise. Strictly used in smoke-free studio. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Bubblesound, Modular @ 21 February 2012, Comments Off on Bubblesound cvWS

“This Bubblesound cvWS was purchased secondhand from Analogue Haven. On the manufacturers website, this module is described as a “dual wave shaper based on 2 of the wave shapers found in the ulfo. The top one is the saw shaper. This takes a square and triangle and turns them into a saw, as long as the square and triangle are in phase. While this can be useful by itself, the real reason we’re releasing this as it’s own module is for the sort of stuff you can get out of it when you start experimenting with different inputs. The results can be unpredictable and unexpected. And once you start fm’ing the 2 inputs all sorts of craziness can break out.”

As shown in the oscilloscope shots provided (a TipTop Z3000 oscillator was used to test the functions; in each case, the original triangle input is shown at the bottom, and the resulting waveshape is shown at the top), it performs waveshaping as described, and the dedicated control voltage inputs with attenuators definitely provide avenues for some interesting ‘west coast’ style harmonic augmentation and are great for making simple lfo modulations more unpredictable. The module is in great cosmetic condition, with hardly any ‘rack rash’, even!

Comes with a pair of two new eurorack screws and the ribbon cable. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.