“OBERHEIM OB-MX Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer – Rare Vintage. This Unit is in Excellent Used Condition. The unit is factory it has 1 card giving 2-note polyphony. Very clean unit. Comes with original manual.”
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” You are bidding on an OBERHEIM OB-Mx 2 VOICE in immaculate condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for auction is an Oberheim OB-Mx Two Voice rack unit. As you can see from the pics, it is in wonderful condition. It has been fully tested. Everything works as it should. No jumpy dails, no sticky buttons, no missing pixels in the screen, etc. It comes with the original manual, box, and packing material. We will ship the unit in the original box, but that will be placed inside a larger box. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For sale is an Oberheim Ob-Mx vintage analog synthesizer. Fully loaded with 12 voices (6 voice cards)! Fully functional, excellent condition, OS 2.0, and comes with original box and manual! A couple of the cards may need calibration, I notice the tuning can get slightly off on a few voices, but adds nice character. This one has some great patches, sounds fantastic, one of my favorites for modulated effects and pads. Don’t miss out!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“HELLO… Up for auction is a rare Oberheim OBMX Analog synth designed by Modular Guru Buchla. This is loaded with Three Voice cards, each card has 2 voices, so it’s 6 voices total… 6 note polyphony. You can also set all voices to unison for a MASSIVE, HUGE, MAMMOTH Monosynth! This OBMX has always sounded every bit as good as my OB OBXA and Xpander, but it can do sooooo much more than the others. It’s jam packed with modulation routings, LFO’s and TWO Filters… a Minimoog style filter ANDan Obie SEM style filter… use them BOTH at the same time. This synth is capable of any bass, lead, pad, odd texture and more. It has been kept in our private studio and never gigged. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Oberheim OB-MX 6 voice (3 – 2 voice cards installed) running v1.01 software, stock patches.
This unit is clean, everything works and is functional. It has been very stable and reliable. No marks or blemishes on the front.
Some tiny minor scratches on the top, otherwise very clean. Always rack mounted in smoke free studio, no
road use. A great opportunity to own a vintage analog synth that has one of the most unique matrix for modulations. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This OB-Mx is in perfect condition both aesthetically and functionally. It has only ever been used in the studio and looks it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Thank you for looking at my listing. This is the Oberheim OB-Mx rack mount expandable “analog” synth that made waves back in 1994. Quick background on the unit history: It was purchased from “The Music Place” in (West) Berlin, NJ back in the late 1990’s. I picked it up for my friend who ran a studio but he quickly decided he liked something I owned more (and was borrowing – I think a Nord Lead) and we more or less swapped. It stayed in his studio for a few years (mid 2000’s) and I picked it up before he moved. He said he never used it in any productions. I bought a few pieces of gear to play with before I ever took lessons and after I lost my job in late 2001 (due to you-know-what) I never had the enthusiasm to continue – sold the few things I owned except this which was in the studio at the time. Now I am finally getting around to selling it.

The unit sounds great and looks well cared for. After all, it has just sat around, powered down, for over a decade. I have the instructions and power cord for it. And I have a midi cable for it as well. I bought that to hook my wife’s Yamaha PSR-xyz up to it to play something – being that this unit doesn’t have its own keyboard. But since we never got around to fully learning to play, I mostly used the “Trigger” key to test this.

Having established that my hands on time with my costly item has been nil over the past decade, I can say that I know that it has filters that can either be Moog-like or Oberheim-like and can take up to 6 voice cards. This has three cards. I fired it up and I see that it has the 2.0 update. See the pictures. I quickly found that the battery had gone and taken the bank of sounds stored in RAM with it. According to the manual these are a copy of the ROM sounds (so nothing lost, I never messed with them years ago). So now they were filled with random data. I am at best qualified to change a battery and that was easy enough as I only had to lift the “7th” card a little to reach the lithium button cell (CR20xx type). This must be the brains of the unit as it has ribbon cables going to the front control panel, but I didn’t need to fuss with those.

Here’s what I’ve done to make sure this unit works: I made my way to the ROM section and played with sound 133 – “Pete’s 2500”. I presume its inspired by Pete Townsend and his ARP 2500. Sounds reminiscent of Baba O’Riley. Nice! But only the “Voice Status” buttons/lights only seemed to indicate two voices. I eventually figured out that you have to configure the unit for the voice cards installed. I played around with the knobs and buttons and now we’re up to four! Not sure what to do about getting the last two. Maybe one card is not seated properly. Thinking back to the battery: when I was peaking inside I saw stickers on the voice cards, presumably from the factory, indicating being tested (maybe from the 2.0 upgrade?) and a date (I forget, think 1994-1995), plus there was a jumper on two of the voice cards. Can’t find anything in the manual explaining this. I suspect that those who are looking for one of these nowadays know a lot more than I do and can make this thing do amazing tricks. So I have left things stay at battery replacement and I think you will know what has to be done. At worse case, this is a 4 voice unit and you have another card that you could have looked at and then presto – a 6 voice unit! So determine the value accordingly.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for an Oberheim OB-Mx OS 2.00(with two voice expansion card).The item is in perfect working order.It is in great condition cosmetically too.With printed manual is included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is software version 1.04 dated around July 1994. This module has 12 individual outputs.

The truth is, this is a monster module and is truly analog with analog parts and voltage control inside it. It was designed in partnership with Oberheim by Don Buchla, a fine man who clearly had a vision for serious synth architecture and this thing has many knobs and buttons on and looks the business.

There are, unusually 2 LFO’s as well as 2 VCO’s, the usual VCA and VCF. The VCF has extra shaping and control features on it and it is believed, though don’t hold us to this, but it is believed that there are two filters, an Oberheim filter and more interestingly a Moog filter as well. It also has a computer controlled digital display which supplies very useful information about patch data and various control settings including stereo pan positions. The module records data digitally so that it is stored digitally but don’t be under any illusions, this is still a real analog module which has the heart of its sound generation produced by voltage controlled parts which makes it a unique and interesting module.

With its beautiful cream front panel, it looks curiously retro and yet still quite modern in a funky kind of way.

Of course it has midi in, out and thru and can run off either 230v or 115v. The lead supplied is suitable for a 230v supply but this can easily be switched. One other point to note is the output phase of the synthesis is very interesting because it includes a kind of idiosyncratic graphic equaliser which has low band pass, mid band pass and high band pass control.

The serial number is MX001409.

Just in case you think you have seen this listed before, you are right, you have. My husband last listed it in May. What happened was very disappointing. A guy from overseas bought it and claimed when he had got it that it had been damaged in shipping. He insisted we gave him his money back and sent it back to us damaged. The shipping insurance covered the repair and restoration. In fact it looks as though he damaged it. What is important to recognise is that we have had a thoroughly professional repair done to the casing so that it is fine and this has been carried out by one of the UK’s top restoration companies. There was never any internal damage caused and the unit has been soak tested over a 7 day period to ensure all functionality is good. It is good. We did list it as mint in May. Because there is a minor dent in the right hand side of the casing which we can’t get rid of, we are now downgrading the description as a matter of honesty to excellent. The dent frankly can’t be seen if this synth module is rack-mounted. Once again to reassure all bidders, no internal damage was sustained and only cosmetic damage was caused. This has been fully repaired now. The unit is in superb working condition as well as being in excellent cosmetic condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Here is a pristine 6 voice Oberheim OB-Mx synthesizer. It is in immaculate condition as shown in the auction photos. It has always been a home studio synthesizer, and has never been gigged or toured even by its previous owner (who happens to be none other than Neal Schon of Journey!).

It comes with the 1) the main unit 2) the AC plug 3) the new faceplate 4) the original user manual.

If you know the OB-Mx, you also know that the 2-voice cards themselves are more valuable than some standalone synths – and MUCH more rare ($600-800 each). This is a 6 voice unit.

BONUS: You also get a NEW FACEPLATE for the unit. I bought this around the time I purchased the OB and never put it on. You can see how vibrant white and perfect the faceplate truly is in the photos.

The O.S. is the newest (2.0) and the internal battery isn’t in need of replacement.

This is a RARE chance to purchase not only a pristine 6 voice unit with some interesting history, but also a chance to own an original uninstalled faceplate as well as the original manual!



6 voice OB-Mx Analog synthesizer!

ORIGINAL User’s Guide!

ORIGINAL (New) Extra Faceplate!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.