Roland S-330

“This is a great sounding Roland S-330 sampler from the 80s. Uses the same sound disks as the S-550 and the S-50 samplers. Comes with the original users manual. Original floppy disk drive is completely functional, which can be seen in the screenshot with a sound disk loaded. Includes the S-330 system disks and the full Roland S-50 sound library.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland S-330

“Rare Roland S-330 Digital Sampler from 1987-1988. The sampler itself is in excellent working condition with no issues. Cosmetically it’s in remarkable condition for its age, just a few small scratches. What’s included is what makes this pretty rare.

Comes with:

-Original manual & guidebook (with inserts)

-A enormous collection of S-50 & and S-550 samples as pictured. Comes with lockable heavy duty case.

-Original Utility & Startup disks

-Brand New Scart Lead TV Video Cable professionally made for vintage Roland Samplers.

-Brand new Scart to HDMI converter box so you can use this with a modern monitor to make editing much easier.

I got this from the original owner who babied it since he bought it in the 90s. The only thing you really need to find is the mouse which isn’t too hard if you get the adaptor (there’s one listed on eBay right now) for a lot cheaper than the original mu-1. My loss is your gain, thanks for your interest. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland S-330

“Roland S-330 Digital Sampling unit from 1987 bundled with a whole load of additional bits and bobs.

– PS/2 Mouse + PS/2 to Roland adaptor

– Step down power converter, allowing for the unit to be powered by 240v UK mains power

– Main OS floppy disk

– Main Utilities floppy disk

As a minor disclaimer, last time I checked – all the above floppies plus a few additional ones are working but due to the volatile nature of these disks there is a small chance that a couple of them may not play ball and respond in the unit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland S-330 with RC-100 Remote Control , MU-1 Mouse

“This package includes the classic Roland S-330 Digital Sampler as well as its accessories, the RARE RC-100 Remote Controller and MU-1 Mouse

All are in fair to good used working condition.

Sampler has a bit of rack rash on the left side but otherwise excellent shape.

RC-100 has a some light and moderate scratching but is still presentable. Works perfectly.

MU-1 has scuffs but looks good and works perfectly.

Package comes with:

Power and connecting cables

S-Video cable for OS display

S-330 Utility Disk

(2) disks with ‘Miami’ sounds (booty bass)

(2) 1/4” TSR to RCA adapters”
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