SY85, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“The only problem with the keyboard is that the floppy drive has come loose and is inside the keyboard. I think it can be easily fixed. The only other thing is that there is a crack on the left hand corner of the casing. The keyboard works OK despite these faults. Comes with 17 floppy disks with sound banks and a 64K ram card or memory card. This item is for collection only from Lincoln area.” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Yamaha dx7 mk1 classic 80s synth well used condition but All works fine except bottom part of display not showing on certain numbers but does not effect way it plays all keys are good .Also 2 voice roms included as seen in pictures. Anyone wants to come and have a play very welcome prior to bidding. Heavy item so pickup only but I could help with local delivery for fuel cost.” Link

SY85, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Classic Yamaha SY85 Music Synthesizer with sample memory expansion installed. There are a few light scuffs here and there and a spot of age-related discolouration on the keys, etc., but the instrument is otherwise in very good condition.

The synthesizer itself works perfectly but the disk drive requires some attention because it is currently not reading floppy disks and displays the “disk not ready” error. The disk drive motor works and I have already replaced the drive belt but that has not solved the problem.

All user reference guides are included, together with ‘Factory Set’, ‘Demonstration’ and ‘House and Techno’ sound data disks. ”

DX100, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale is a wonderful example of the very sought after Yamaha DX100, the unique FM synth used by artists including: Orbital, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Mac Demarco and many more.. also for it’s talkbox effect!

If you’re looking for this synthesizer I won’t go on into too much detail as you’ll probably know what you are looking at, and if not the internet offers a vast amount of information about these beauties.

The unit itself is in great condition for it’s age, no major scuffs, the keys work perfectly and the screen has not lost any clarity. However it is missing a data entry knob which can be easily replaced for around $2 from any online synth parts retailer.

It is sold as seen, with the addition of the correct power supply for it, no original packaging.” Link

CS-20M, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“What’s Included:
Included is the Yamaha CS-20M analog synthesizer shown in photos above, in addition to it’s power cord. No other items are included with purchase.

The item is fully functional with a wide array of classic vintage analog sounds. All knobs, sliders, and switches work fluidly. All 37 keys are aligned perfectly with no depressions. Cosmetically, the synthesizer is in fantastic condition, with minimal wear on the wood panelling. The overall excellent condition is a rarity for this classic vintage synthesizer made in 1979!


DX-7, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Here’s the classic keyboard of the 1980s, the Yamaha DX7. I’ve had this in storage for a few years, it’s in nice shape and is built like a tank (keyboard is very heavy). Keyboard has a few small dings, powers up and I went through a few preset sounds and they sound great. I didn’t test every single thing on the keyboard, but it all appears to be in working condition. Soft case shows wear on a couple corners, but it is still intact and looks great! Includes a couple of midi cables in the case pocket.” Link

TX802, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Yamaha TX 802. 2U rack space, rack mount synthesizer. Nice working condition. A few minor scratches. Velcro on top. The small tabs for the pull-out programming guides are a bit bent, but still there. ” Link

DX-7, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

” This Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer Keyboard is fully functional with working keys, controls (pitch/modulation), inputs/outputs (volume, midi ports, portamento, sustain) that have each been tested electrically and electronically. The keyboard cartridge memory interface works as well.

There are no major scratches or dents present and that can be verified within the pictures shown. Despite being 30+ years its in very superb condition b/c this keyboard was designed to be very robust and its built like a tank.

The keyboard also comes with a very sleek and well made carrying gig bag in black color with Yamaha professional printed on the outside. Don’t miss this opportunity to own one in good working condition without servicing needed.” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“In very nice condition, and works flawlessly! No power supply included, but runs well on batteries. Battery cover is present, it’s an overall clean unit.

Being sold as-is due to the nature of vintage electronics, but has worked perfectly for me!”

SK20, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“I purchased this from the original owner,

He demonstrated it for me and it plays wonderful.

Everything works.

Regular USA 110V

No adapter needed like the ones selling from Japan

New NEEWER NW-JTB005 Sustain Pedal Included (Not Pictured)” Link

CS-01, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Yamaha CS01 II analog synth in very good condition (there are some minor cosmetic scratches — see pictures) with a modification made so that the breath controller VCA knob has been replaced with a pitch bend range potentiometer.

In an unmodified CS01 II, I believe you only get a half or whole step pitch bend range. (It’s been a while since I’ve played an unmodified CS01 II, so I might be incorrect with the original range; suffice to say that it’s fixed and narrow.) With this modification, you get between a half step and an full octave pitch bend range, depending on how far you turn the potentiometer. This modification makes this instrument MUCH more useful.

After adjusting the pitch bend range, you may need to adjust the VCO pitch slider to bring the synth back into concert pitch, as changing the pitch bend range tends to make the overall keyboard pitch slightly different, but that’s a small inconvenience for having a truly useful pitch bend. I do not know if the breath controller will still work with this keyboard since it has been modified to have the pitch bend range potentiometer.

All in all, this little keyboard plays great, sounds great, and is a heck of a lot of fun, especially if you want retro analog synth lead/bass tones or want to make crazy experimental electronic noises.

Also included is a power supply and a photocopied service manual.”

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“A NEW battery has been professionally installed!

100% fully functional!

There are multiple areas that have noticeable cosmetic wear!

Additional pictures available upon request!

What is included:

Yamaha DX7IIFD Synthesizer!

Original DX7ll FD ROM cartridge!” Link

DX100, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“In good working condition. Fully tested and works great. No power supply included. Cosmetic damage to mid D key, see photos. Very light wear to rest of keyboard. Great and durable hard case included. See photos, comes exactly as shown. ” Link

DX-7, DX-7 II, Yamaha @ 24 November 2017, “No Comments”

“**Excellent Condition, Mildly Restored and Cleaned by my Professional Technician who tested and updated the piece. He cleaned all the keys and switches, as well as the Floppy Drive. We replaced the Memory Battery with a Double Capacity Lithium Battery. He reprogrammed from the Rom Cartridge included, and refinished the bottom in which all of the scratches are removed. There are probably some signs of age and wear. The Carry Bag is from Precision Instruments.” Link


“SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS PROPHET VS – Some scratches – Works fine” Link

“Up for sale, a vintage Sequential Circuits Pro-One.

Over all in very good condition, see pictures! The only flaw is a minor crack in one of the modulation wheels, only cosmetic.

110V version but can supply a transformer for 230V countries if you need one.

Recently serviced:

Thoroughly cleaned.
Changed a broken trim pot to a new one.
Changed all old capacitors to new ones.
Replaced the LED.
Changed keyboard.

Comes in original box (a bit worn down) and with manual (also a bit beaten up).

Sold as is, no returns.”



“For your consideration: Sequential Circuits SixTrak.
Get the legendary Sequential sound without breaking the bank!
The SixTrak is one of the earliest synthesizers to boast midi as well as multi-timbrality. More features include an arpeggiator as well as a sequencer. All of this in a great sounding analog synthesizer. All keys, buttons and potentiometers work fine. The only flaw is the power cable which has started to open up at the point of attachment.(See images)” Link

“I’ve owned this synthesizer for 2 years and have had nothing but joy from it. The only reason I’m selling is so I can afford to buy… another synthesizer, of course. Comes with 99 great patches. You can edit those to make most sounds you might want. The sequencer is very simple but intuitive and includes some fun features such as multitimbrality (multiple patches at once) and volume for each voice. It’s also one of the few synths from this period that has full midi functionality, so you can plug it right to the computer or a sequencer. Overall this thing is in great condition. The wood panels are slightly scuffed on the corners but no actual damage. All buttons and keys work. You don’t wanna miss out on this 1984 polysynth! Does NOT include stand. ” Link

ARP, Odyssey @ 22 November 2017, “No Comments”

“The Odyssey is a two-oscillator analog synthesizer, and one of the first with capabilities (the ability to play two notes at the same time). One potential appeal of the Odyssey is the fact that all parameters, including a resonant low-pass filter, a non-resonant high-pass filter, and AR envelopes, a triangle (not sine) and square wave LFO, and a sample-and-hold function are controllable with sliders and switches on the front panel. This is the 1st generation Mk I produced from 1972-75. It’s has a couple modifications, LFO syn, and Mono/Duo. These were professionally done for the studio it came out of. It has been celebrity used on major songs and soundtracks. It’s in great condition. The video attachment is a similar synth, but without the mods on this one. Super clean.” Link

2600, ARP @ 22 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Rare vintage Orange and Black ARP 2600 Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesiser + matching Duophonic 3620 keyboard. Original Manual included. The orange and black version is in my opinion the best of the bunch..I much prefer the sound of the filter and the looks are stunning too!” Link

ARP, Pro Soloist @ 22 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Works well for being 40 years old

Sounds amazing!!! Every note works

Filter sounds good! All sounds work!!

Just Serviced !!!

Some of the effects buttons work it seems for only some of the sounds

Not sure if it’s right. As I’ve never played one before.” Link

ARP, Axxe @ 22 November 2017, “No Comments”

“It was working fine. It went into storage for a few years, and when I hooked up to an amplifier….. nothing.” Link

ARP, Omni, Omni 2 @ 22 November 2017, “No Comments”

“I’m listing this ARP Omni 2. It has been pretty beaten up by degrading of case foam. The functionality is unknown, so it is listed as non working and for parts. All sales will be final.” Link

Casio, CZ-101 @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Selling a CASIO CZ-101 Synthesizer Keyboard. Keyboard has been tested and working. Looks to be in good condition, HOWEVER, this keyboard once belonged to a school and they engraved a few words around the keyboard, SO IT’S VERY IMPORTANT TO LOOK AT ALL IMAGES CAREFULLY TO SELL WHERE THE WORDS ARE. Also the foam for the battery cover is pretty much done and may need to be replaced, covered, or removed. What you see is what you’ll get.”

DX, Oberheim @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Oberheim Electronics – Model DX – Drum Machine – Digital Analog Filters. Condition is Used.” Link

DMX, Oberheim @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

“This legendary Oberheim DMX works great except one sound card is not working. The chip and the channel work great. Has new proper battery installed professionally. This DMX has the memory expansion card 1746A installed. Some scratches and missing one thumb screw on front. None of this affects the DMX performance and are replaceable. Works great! Comes with AC cord.” Link

“The OP-1 works perfectly! In addition to the synthesizer you also get the carrying case, charging cable, and line in/out cables.” Link

Casio, CZ-101 @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

“Casio cz-101 Synthesizer with RA-3 Ram Cartridge” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

” You know what it is. Only selling this for two Wiard Envelators. Willing to trade for Envelators. No box, works perfectly. ” Link

“Does not have powercord for testing. Two keys seem to have missing spring inside and one is cracked underneath. Overall, the surface of synth is in excellent shape, and the inside circuit board free from deterioration.” Link

Baldwin @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

” You are bidding on the rare and vintage Baldwin Syntha Sound analog synth in great working condition. The spring reverb is nice and warm. Free Shipping! Ships FedEx Ground. ” Link

K1, Kawai @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

” Worked fine when I last used it. Has a lot of sounds that are editable or resettable. A few of the keys are softer than others in volume. Can be connected as a sound module via MIDI for those sounds that you can’t get anymore.” Link

Casio, CZ-1 @ 21 November 2017, “No Comments”

“This is a Casio CZ-1 synthesizer which I have tested and it works. Video available here of this exact synth here All features work as far as I can tell. All buttons work how they should and the synth is fully operable. The synth can work with a sustain pedal using the input jack in the back of the synth which has also been tested out and works how it should. Volume and stereo chorus sliders both work. Both pitch bend and modulation wheels work. The screen lights up as you can see on the picture. Can’t think of anything wrong with it other than a few marks and scratches. Good condition. This is my first synthesizer that I have ever owned. It’s been cared for in a smoke free environment for as long as I have owned it.” Link