Moog, Rogue @ 21 May 2018, “No Comments”

“Great original Moog synth in good condition! Unfortunately, have to sell due to unexpected expenses. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“A genuinely fantastic example of a Minimoog Model D, Williamsville.

Cosmetically it’s in excellent condition and technically perfect. The oscillators are incredibly stable for a Model D, and filters as beautiful as you’d expect.

If you know this synth, there’s little more to say, if you don’t, it has been and always will be the greatest synth every created. We are slimming down our setup, and as we have so much Moog gear including other Minimoogs, this is a reluctant sale, and the best of the lot.It’s been serviced in the last month by our synth tech Nick Montoya of Moog Music.

NOTE: it seems that the original plastic protection is still on the panel near the pitch bend wheel. Though it’s slightly bubbling, we’ve left it in place. We thought we’d leave it up to the new owner to remove it or not.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“One of the finest sounding most iconic mini moogs in recording history. This RARE OOAK (one of a kind) Original Vintage Moog is highly collectible.
An original vintage model D, s/n 3xxx owned by The Captain and Tennille. Electronics and action: 10/10. Serviced by Brian Kehew of the Who and the Bob Moog Foundation.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Moog Memorymoog Plus vintage analog synth with factory MIDI. Serviced 2 years ago at great expense by Electronic Innovations in Detroit, MI, the best synth tech in the Midwest (in my opinion). At that time, all buttons and pots were cleaned, all faulty components replaced, power supply caps replaced, etc.

It tunes up 6 voices every time. Very stable unit and sounds amazing. One of the best polysynths ever made, and doubtful a synth of this complexity will be able to be cloned and sound the same.

Includes original manual, power cable. I have a flight case for it but won’t ship in a flight case. If you pick it up in person, you can have the case, otherwise not included in this auction, and the synth will be carefully packed and boxed. It’s a heavy synth, and packing will require great care, hence the shipping cost.

Also includes a brand new updated, uninstalled power supply. This is a special power supply developed in Germany that replaces the stock supply and fan, making the synth much lighter, quieter, and more reliable. I haven’t gotten around to installing it as I’m not a synth tech, but it’s included in the auction. This cost me over $500 alone.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

” I am selling my 1970’s Moog Prodigy. Works and sounds great. A classic synth with that classic vintage Moog vibe. Great for those funky basslines.”
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“Excellent condition. Came from a major label artist’s studio, he had purchased this recently as a refurbished unit. I don’t currently have the refurbishing details but it is fully functional and in excellent shape. Very clean throughout. Class vintage analog Moog!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Good condition. everything works. A little wear on ribbon, but doesn’t affect it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“I’m selling my Roland MC-202. If you’re looking at this you probably already know what it is, but it’s basically a cross between an SH-101 and a TB-303. It sounds basically identical to an SH-101, but in lieu of a proper keyboard has a unique phrase sequencer capable of doing TB-303-esque ties/slides. In other words, it’s a great synth for classic acid sounds.

One annoying thing about the MC-202 is that normally the way it handles external CV/Gate input is that it routes them through it’s internal processor and the end result is not pretty (do some Google/YouTube searches to see what I mean). Luckily, this unit has been modified so CV/Gate behaves the way you’d expect it to. Most other MC-202s you will see on the market will not have this mod and many unknowing buyers are sorely disappointed when they realize they have to pay for Kenton or someone else to do the mod for them.

In addition to the CV/Gate mod, this unit has been fitted with a new output jack.

Some minor issues to report:
– The potentiometer (knob) for tempo control is a little wobbly/bent/sticky compared to the others but works completely fine as long as you’re patient with it.
– The headphone jack was replaced the same time as the output jack, and looks nice and new. However, for some reason unknown to me it only plays out of the left headphone. Probably an easy fix, but I literally never use headphones with it so never bothered to look into it.
– Not necessarily an issue, as this was also the case with my SH-101, but the plastic caps on the sliders tend to come off easily if you turn the unit upside down or transport it. They easily go back on, and all the sliders work fine. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

D-50, Roland @ 20 May 2018, “No Comments”

“Powers on, but gives a ‘check internal battery’ error. I’ve tried replacing the battery several times, but no success. It doesn’t retain any sounds in internal memory. Also, the 4 buttons (Upper/Lower/Value/Local) next to the X/Y joystick don’t work.

It is possible to load and play patches one at a time into RAM via SYSEX or MIDI and the Roland D-50 Librarian software on a PC (see picture 8), so the keyboard does work. All the keys work and respond to velocity, and the rest of the front panel functions, including the bender and after-touch.
It sounds lovely with a low noise floor and all outputs seem to be functioning correctly as well as MIDI in/out/thru. I haven’t tested it with a memory card as I don’t own any to test with.

I tried to fix the problems myself by replacing several capacitors, diodes and chips on the main board, having taken advice from an engineer, but to no avail. My soldering is not neat but the replaced components appear to work correctly.

The exterior of the keyboard has various scratches and scuffs, some of the keys have chips/marks, all consistent with age. (See pictures)

Given the above problems I am selling the keyboard strictly for SPARES OR REPAIR, although I recommend repair to be attempted only by a professional electronic musical equipment repair technician. I will not consider selling individual components separately. This auction is for the whole keyboard. No power cable included, but uses a standard IEC kettle lead. UK Voltage 220V-240V.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“A studio-use only mint condition JP8080.
All knobs, buttons and faders are in perfect working order and tight. LCD is as new.
Includes a number of additional sound-banks from producers such as Manuel Shleis.”
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“You are bidding on a Roland JX3P in good physical and full working condition. It is a 1983 relic, so is NOT mint, but the light surface marks and tiny scratches are superficial. I would say this is in excellent condition though and only upon close inspection can you see it is not mint-perfect. I doubt anyone would be disappointed. All the functions, buttons, memories, lights etc are working as you would expect. Power lead, with UK 3 pin plug, is attached to the synth.

This auction come with the ESSENTIAL PG200 programmer, which is MINT. It comes with its original black plastic case and 2 programmer leads. These look like MIDI leads but are not. They are special leads for this programmer. You have 2 here.

Also included is the original manuals for both the JX and PG, the latter of which is quite rare to find.

Finally it is all housed in the original black Roland branded hard case (I even have the keys so you can lock it!). This is in beautiful condition, as you can see from the photos. Inside the case lid is the JX3P sheet music stand, still wrapped in tape, having never been used.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“One of the most iconic drum machines ever produced, the Roland TR-808. This unit is fully functional with no electronic issues, very good condition. The only defect is the grounding prong missing from the power cord. Overall one of the cleanest TR-808 we have come through our studio. Legendary sounds and really fun to play with!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“this Roland WS-1 Programmer for Roland CR78 Analog drum machine has been in dry storage for over 25 years. good condition but missing the two button top caps. get it before it’s gone, Sold as is, All sales are final.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“vintage ROLAND JUNO 106 keyboard synth

it has vintage 2 prong power connection cable which
is hard to get, but I still managed to check if it works.

It turns on and works, all sliders are original , there is some noise on some sounds.
Some sliders and functions are producing the hiss,some decline to produce any sound.

This beautiful synth should be cleaned properly and it needs some
attentive overhaul and restoration, but is alive.
Some keys sound less loud then others ,

side panels of they keyboard are missing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. Bought brand new, left at parent’s house in the 80’s and forgot about it. It is barely used. It works as it should and sounds like an 80’s analog synth.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“This Keyboard is used, has light scratches on the top and bottom and has a crack on the back right hand side by the power outlet.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Bought back in 2011 for light studio usage, plays and sounds solid. As with most vintage gear there are a few minor blemishes, yet it still stands out clean in any studio setup. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Vintage Roland JUNO 2 Synthesizer. It seems that the “after touch” feature is not working, but otherwise it is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. Includes the cord. It has its original box, and will be shipped inside it. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“One of my all-time favorite synths with a big, fat, unique analog sound that also incorporates some of the percussive attacks of the DX-7 along with it’s analog fatness. It’s in overall good shape with some minor scratches and scuffing.

A Roland MC-16 memory cartridge included, loaded up with some cool JX-8P sounds!

One of the best features of the JX is the expressive aftertouch feature that can be used to boost things such as volume, modulation, brightness, opening of filters, etc. just by pressing down a little harder on the keys you are holding down. Unfortunately, on virtually every JX-8P in the world, the aftertouch no longer works or is very, very faint due to age. I’ve owned almost a dozen JX-8Ps through the years and it was an issue on each and every one of them as well as virtually any you’ll find for sale elsewhere.

It’s a tedious process to restore the aftertouch on one of these, but I’ve gotten very good at it. The synth gets opened up and the keybed removed. All 61 key springs are removed, then all the keys, one by one. While out, I gave the keys a good sudsy bath and removed all the dirty and grime of a 30+ year old synth. The aftertouch assembly which runs the length of the keybed is taken apart and meticulously cleaned to remove the oxidation that causes it to go out. Reassembly is nerve wracking and usually takes two sets of hands to pull off trying to lay a long metal ribbon atop 5 end to end carbon rubberized strips that sit on top of a gold rail and lay a heavy rubber cap onto of the whole assembly without knocking it askew and having to retry.

Anyhow, the aftertouch was fixed this week and now is expressive and strong without being overly touchy. You’ll enjoy it. If tested all key keys and functions and everything is working perfectly as far as I can tell. It got a good cleaning, inside and out while it was opened up to restore the aftertouch.

Included is the synth, memory cartridge and owners manual on disc. The original magnet with the patch listing is included. You can use it or not use it and position it wherever you like. I bought you a brand new power cable so you won’t get a 30 year old worn out one with your purchase.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Overall in good condition. Fully functional keyboard. Various sliders need repair.
There are a few minor scratches, please review photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay


” I am selling my used Roland Alpha Juno-2 synthesizer. Tested for power only.

Tested for power only. No further testing done.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Up for sale, my vintage Jupiter 4. Serviced by Mike Metz of Thesis Audio, it sounds fantastic! There is a little cosmetic wear and tear that can be seen in the photos.”
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“Chance to own the original classic TB 303 bass line. For that amazing acid sound. good condition for a 35 year old machine that has had plenty of use as most have. (see photos for condition). Fully working i have tested today as i havent used it in about 8 years. tested with batteries as i have no AC adapter. It did work with adapter when i had it in my studio years ago and still should. when tested I noticed a cracking sound when turning the volume but this faded to almost nothing after playing with it for half hour so should completely disappear with more use. it didnt do this when i used it regularly. ”
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“KORG MS2000R in pretty good shape. There are some scratches etc on front panel as seen in the photos. Synth works great!
Really cool VA synth just downsizing studio a bit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Nothing comes up on the display
No sound ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Korg @ 19 May 2018, “No Comments”

“This is my used Korg Mono/Poly synth. I’m really sad to let this go, but I just don’t have the studio space for it anymore. This was well cared for in a smoke-free environment, but it did sit in a closet for years until now and it got a little dusty. I just tested it and cleaned the surface, and all oscillators and features seem to be working, but there are a few keys that seem to need a little extra pressure to respond (all of the keys do work), but even after I played it for a few minutes the issue seemed to clear up and those keys got more responsive right away (specifically: the G2 seems to take a little extra pressure. B1,F2,G4,B4 just slightly delayed but quickly improved).. so I suspect that it could just use an internal cleaning, maybe even a blowing out would fix it up? The rest of the knobs and switches are intact and working. The volume knob was scratchy for a moment but that went away after a few rotations.
The physical appearance is fantastic. There are a few small dings on the edges, but it looks really nice. Check the photos.
If you’ve never played a Mono/Poly, this is my favorite vintage synth. The mind-bending rumbling bass and inter-planetary sounds you can make with this device make it super-fun to waste hours on tinkering! After testing it out for a few minutes I almost changed my mind about selling it!!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

707, Korg @ 19 May 2018, “No Comments”

“This 707 is in perfect working condition and in Very Good condition.
come with original case and AC adaptor(100V).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

” This is a vintage analog Korg Synth from the early to mid 80s. I bought it used in the early 90s. Works great and is loaded with the original factory patches. I recently spent about 10 hours of time with this unit transfering old song parts to the computer, consequently I know it’s working just fine. The original AC adapter stopped working and has been replaced with an Archer AC Adapter with the proper voltage and miliiamps. There is a security plate attached to the bottom of the unit that I used to secure the keyboard at a live gig. I’ve also etched out (removed) my name and ID number that I engraved on the bottom of the unit. Happy bidding.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“There is a weird power supply cable wired in not by me though it still works fine” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Serviced one month ago at the excellent keyboard repair department of Main Drag in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this Korg Poly-61 M works perfectly, has cleaned pots and switches, and comes with all the original factory presets on board. Has a few cosmetic dings and nicks on the wooden side panels, but otherwise like new. Condition excellent / very good. RARE. This is the only one I’ve ever seen. Arpeggiator and joystick plus the chord memory feature make this a unique addition to anyone’s analog keyboard collection. Great for the ‘Stranger Things’ vibe too. Gritty 80s basses, weird squiggly strings, fun to play with the joystick to modulate the sounds.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“KORG MS2000R in awesome condition (considering its age). Extremely minimal rack rash around the edges of the mount holes, no damage to silk screening, no dents or warps. Fully functional and of course sounds great.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EX 800, Korg @ 19 May 2018, “No Comments”

“The EX-800 is an awesome 1980’s vintage tabletop synth, engineered for reliability and packing the highest quality sounds of its day. Comes with a new power supply, original data tape with original patches, and manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

EX 800, Korg @ 19 May 2018, “No Comments”

“Korg EX-800 Polyphonic Synthesizer.
Rack mount version of the famous Poly 800 synthesizer. Fully programmable, great old school sounds, in great shape cosmetically. All knobs, buttons and contacts present and working as they should. Worked pefectly when last used but sold ‘as is’ due to age and little use as of the last few years. Comes with power cord and manual print-out.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

DX-9, Yamaha @ 18 May 2018, “No Comments”

” in very good cond works fine couple very small light scratches but looks good” Click here to visit listing on eBay