Sequential Circuits Pro One

” For sale, Sequential Circuits Pro One. Everything works but some knobs could probably use a cleaning. Comes from a good owner with several nice features and improvements:

S/N 100-0028, 1981
Original Manual
Custom Road Case by Emperor Cabinets in Chicago
Dust Cover
MIDI add-on
J-Wire keyboard
Prophet 5 knobs instead of original knobs, quite snazzy
Attached power cable replaced with standard 3-prong “PC” adapter, will include cable

Due to the age it is being sold as-is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

“For sale is a Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer. It has 48 keys and is multitimbral, meaning it is capable of playing more than one sound simultaneously and capable of combining up to six sounds, creating complex sonic textures. The rear panel has a monophonic audio output, control footswitch jack, and midi in & midi out jacks. There are user manuals available online to explain the many functions. I am not exactly sure of the production year of this synth, but I believe it was made in the 80’s. In either case, the serial number is shown on one of the photos, so you can look it up online. The battery in this synth has long died. Therefore, I can verify some of the functions but not all and that is the reason I am selling it as is for parts. That said, I plugged it in and powered it up. There is a default sound, so I can verify that all 48 keys work. No broken keys. All Leds light up. You just cannot select any sounds until a new battery is installed and the original sounds are loaded back to the internal memory. The pitch wheel and modulation wheel work perfectly. The master tune and master volume knobs work perfectly. The audio output jack also works perfectly. There is a missing knob for the track volume. Other than that, the front panel looks clean. The right wood panel has a broken corner. A new battery could have this working like new again.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

ARP Axxe

“ARP Axxe Vintage Synthesizer.

Great physical condition, just some small marks on the wooden ends and in great working order. I’m just not using it as much as I should and need to clear some space

Capable of some really nice sounds and comes with the original manual.

The keyboard was re-bushed by the previous owner. He also changed the IEC socket and switch.

I’ll be sorry to see it go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Crumar DS 2 Project Machine

“Crumar DS 2 analog synth that needs an overhaul. Quite an Italian beast. This unit powers up,however that’s all I can verify. I see the lfo leds blinking, and if I crank the volume all the way up, I can hear a faint bit of sound from the audio output. Pitch bend lever is tight, some knobs are tight, some sliders are tight. Keybed bushings are long worn out, it’s clicky. Top of case has a broken catch that was replaced with a door latch. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Akai VX-600

“AKAI VX-600 6voice programmable polyphonic synthesizer

Looks 9.5 of 10
In very clean condition. Please see pictures.

Works 10 of 10
Everything works as specified, overhauled before shipping to have long life and to keep original sounds.

Work list (Excerpt) :

Change all elec. caps with new ones.
Change all power regulators with new ones.
Brand new memory backup battery and battery socket installed.
Brand new LCD backlight installed.
Keys knobs, sliders, other switches and jacks cleaning.
Adjustment.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

PAiA Phlanger


Vintage 1970’s Paia 1500A Phlanger. Built from a kit.

Please view pictures for more detail. Has scuffs scratches.

Power comes on.. no patch cords so NO other esting Was Done. This Item Is Sold As Is, SOLD as shown as described”
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Mutable Instruments Shruthi

” Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 Synth w SMR-Mk2 Filter.

The very first commercial product from the recently closed Mutable Instruments. This synth is a classic that follows the general hybrid topology of the legendary Ensoniq synths (8-bit digital oscillators and analog filters). However, MI took things to a completely different level by including multiple oscillator algorithms beyond simple wavetable playback, offering alternate filter and FX boards, unusual 8-bit math mixing options, a fully figured mod matrix, LFO’s with funky patterns, and a complex arpeggiator that can also function as a mini 16-step sequencer (complete with MIDI out!).

So much functionality in this little guy, it’s hard to include it all here (for example, the monosynth can be chained with other Shruthi’s to make a polyphonic version!!!, *all* parameters are addressable with MIDI CC’s, and alternate firmwares are available that sport snappier pitch envelopes for drum synthesis, anti-aliased PolyBlep oscillator replacements, graphical sequencing, and a performance UI with assignable knobs!!!).

Comes with the original lowpass filter board, inspired by the warm and squelchy Roland sound. The voices can be silenced and the fully analog VCA/VCF can be used to envelope or filter externally input sounds. Lightly used and built professionally by Laurentide Synthworks, with a classy metal case and wood cheeks, so no worries about dodgy DIY construction.

I could go on about the capabilities of this impressive, feature-packed monosynth (drum sequencer mode, condition-triggerable envelopes, available mods for alternate filter responses/distortion modes and CV input), but if you’re peeping this auction, you already know what you’re dealing with here. Experience the beginnings of the Mutable Instruments legacy!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai K4

“The Kawai K4 is a sample-based digital synth that can make some interesting sounds. You can stack sounds with its multitimbral feature and warm things up with the filter. If you’re looking for industrial or lo-go types of sounds, this is a good synth to explore.

This particular model is in good shape with normal signs of wear (light scratches and scuffs). The display is still bright and legible. The keys, wheels, buttons, and sliders all work as they should. The only thing to note is the internal low-battery warning (pictured), so I’d advise replacing that soon. Please refer to the images for details.

The K4 comes with its original hard case. The case itself is a bit rough. There are scratches, peeling, and adhesive residue (from the previous owner), but no cracks or holes to note of. You can say it’s definitely done its job protecting the cargo.”
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Moog Micromoog

“For your consideration is a Moog Micromoog vintage analog synthesizer in remarkable condition. The instrument was disassembled, cleaned, and verified for complete and correct functionality. All keys, knobs and switch caps were removed, washed and replaced. All potentiometers were sprayed with electronics cleaner and perform smoothly. The action plays extremely well with no glitchiness at all. The key bushings were deemed to not need replacement. The unit has been calibrated to perfection and plays completely in tune.

The sound is proper vintage Moog, fat, round and squishy. Due to a few well conceived features (wide oscillator frequency control, variable and modulatable waveshape, sample and hold LFO waveform, modulation wheel control of the filter frequency) this synth is capable of sounds and effects unattainable by even the venerable Minimoog.

The Moog logo in front is intact. There is a subtle crack in the frame at the end of the top key, shaped in such a way that it is not easily noticed. It was there when I first purchased the instrument. There is an additional 1/4″ hole in the rear panel, probably for an attempted modification by the previous owner that never materialized.”

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Roland Juno 106

“Excellent condition and fully operational Roland Juno-106 w/ original 2-prong power cable.

Gator GTSA-KEY61 TSA approved hardcase included ($300 new).

Original owners manual.

All keys, buttons, sliders, mod wheel 100% working condition.

Original Roland case also available to ship separately” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland SH-101 with Roland MGS-1 Modgrip

“Roland SH-101 Synth

Includes: Synth; mod grip; A/C adapter (not original).

Condition: 100% operational—no loose/sloppy sliders, knobs, pots, etc. Very clean, only a few minor scuffs. The grey has faded to army green. It was serviced ~20 years ago & has since been played sparingly. Tests sounded great.

USA shipping only. Shipping synths isn’t easy. I use UPS’ Pack & Ship Guarantee which is more expensive, but entirely worth the peace of mind for buyer & seller alike. Your item(s) will be insured for the purchase amount.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 60

” For sale is a 1983 Roland Juno-60 synthesizer in very good working condition. Roland changed the game with the Juno when it was first released in 1982 — this model is nearly identical to the early Juno-6 but with the added feature of savable presets which makes it a great live instrument. An extremely versatile range of delightfully lush polyphonic tones can be had from this machine — there’s a reason this instrument has been featured on countless records since its release and continues to be one of the most popular synths of all time to this day. You can’t beat the real thing!

This instrument has been fully serviced by a professional technician and is backed by our CV Keyboards 3-month warranty. It’s in very good condition for its age, with some normal cosmetic signs of use throughout (see photos). Very clean overall and in need of a happy home! Does not include stand or other accessories. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 106

” For sale is a 1984 Roland Juno-106 in very good working condition. This legendary synth is loaded with handy features including MIDI I/O, 128 savable presets, super versatile slider-based controls, two different classic chorus effects, and lots more. This beast serves up a wide range of lush tones and sports classic ’80s steez for days!

This instrument has been fully serviced by a professional technician and is backed by our CV Keyboards 3-month warranty. It’s in very good shape for its age, with some minor scratching in the finish on the left cheek block near the pitch bend/modulation controls and some other normal cosmetic signs of use throughout (see photos). In great shape overall and functioning as it should. Does not include stand or other accessories. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JX-8P

“Custom Roland JX-8P Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer + PG-800 Programmer.

Roland JX-8P Bought from Reverb and barely used since. Here is the original sellers description. It’s Mint with just some light fading on the PG800 after a comprehensive and custom refit.

oCustom Roland JX-8P + Roland PG-800 + Roland M-16C Cartridge

Eprom OS 3.1, 220V AC

This JX-8P was in a sorry state when i got it (see last 4 pics), held together with wood threated screws, big scratches all around and a lot of rust on the frontpanel. Had 6 broken keys and the pitchbender was dangling.

The wood screws destroyed the inner bracket mounting holes which hold the side panels together so i had to drill these out and replaced them with 5mm Allen screws, which looks pretty awesome and the synth has its rigidity back.

Sanded the whole synth down to bare metal/plastic to remove any remaining rust, scratches. On the bender panel i filled in the holes drilled by a previous owner to hold the pitchbender.

Gave it a pro paint job in a contemporary light industrial grey which matches the knobs from the PG-800.

The PG-800 was build by myself using the original firmware/eprom and DAC. Pots are from Alps and the knobs are Sifam.

The graphics i did myself and have been screen printed.
Bought myself a expanded screen printing set so now i can print any design onto any surface. I’m pleased with the result.

All keys have been cleaned and polished and the keybed plays perfectly. Also removed the light scratches on the display with plastic polisher and that looks brandnew now.

All tacticle switches have been replaced with new ones ofcourse 🙂

To bring this JX-8P back to its former glory was a lot of work but i have to say that it looks better then the original imho.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland D-20

“ROLAND D-20 Multitimbral LA synthesizer.

It has had all switches replaced so all buttons work brilliantly.

New drive belt (floppy works fine), good condition.

Slight crack in the plastic around the floppy drive which has been glued.

Original box (tatty)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland JD-800

“here im selling a roland jd-800 in incredible collectors condition

it has almost no marks on it see pics

the synth is in perfect working order with no issues

ideally it can be picked up in south london or brighton but not impossible to post with interparcel ups” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Juno 6

“I am selling this reluctantly… have thought for years that I might get back to music but other interests have taken over my life. I made two techno records with a friend using this and another vintage Roland synth and two Roland drum machines. I still think the music holds up! But I can’t make time to get back to that level and make more.” Click here to visit listing on eBay