FB-01, Yamaha @ 16 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Yamaha FB-01 FM Sound Generator – vintage”
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DX-7, Yamaha @ 16 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Yamaha DX7 synthesizer in great condition, everything works perfectly. It’s just missing one slider knob, but still totally functional. Comes with ROM 3 cartridge.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

DX100, Yamaha @ 16 November 2018, “No Comments”

“This item is,
It is a DX 100’s thing.

Power supply and terminals are confirmed.

Image ② upper left PITCH (pitch vendor) has trouble, because it was holding with tape, there are tape marks.
Image ③ There is also a tape mark on the battery cover.
The appearance, the keyboard, the button, the display, the inside of the battery holder are also beautiful, there is no trace of liquid leak, but there are dirt, scratches etc due to aged deterioration.
Other than that, there are not particularly conspicuous parts, I think that the state is good.

The exhibit is the main body ? AC adapter.”
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“For sale by original owner, purchased 1986, serial #02241. Exterior condition: excellent; never left my studio – but diskette drive needs replaced (“Lh” locked head error msg, will not read disks). (There have been replacement drives on the market – also USB-based floppy emulators from companies like HxC and N-Drive that specifically support the Prophet 2000, but I have no experience with those.)

61-key velocity-sensitive keyboard (no aftertouch)
12-bit sampling at 42K, 32K, or 16K
512K sample memory (two banks of 256K)
8-voice polyphony
Great-sounding analog VCFs (with resonance) and VCAs
Samples can be mapped into 8 layers across keyboard
Loads samples via internal 3.5” diskette drive (or MIDI Sample Dump Standard, SDS, if you can find appropriate software)
Built-in arpeggiator
MIDI In/Out/Thru

Original footpedal & approximately 100 sample diskettes (3.5”) included. (Can’t guarantee that 100% of them will read, given their age and because I can’t load them with its current floppy drive – however, approximately 35 backup copies—smaller boxes in the photo—are also included.)

Spring for pitch-bend was replaced.

No original manual, but PDF copies are easily available online.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“This is for a used Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Vintage Analogue Synthesizer. The body is in decent shape has some nicks and scuffs as shown in picture but nothing major. Keys work perfectly, sounds awesome. The speed knob works fine but i think it has been replaced as it’s a little wonky but still works fine(right knob shown in picture) The 6 key works but sometimes needs to be pressed hard and last-the rubber around the end of the outlet plug is starting to degrade as shown in picture. All that said still works good and sounds amazing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

” You will not be disappointed from the big rich tones that this unassuming synth puts out. One of the original predecessors to the Dave Smith prophet, this synth has 100 presets that give off that quintessential 80’s sound with looks to boot. From funky to spooky this synth will definitely make you think of soundtrack to stranger things. it has a built sequencer that features 6 banks you can store or stack tracks in. I can’t even begin to describe how BIG of a sound it has, it gives my Roland Juno 60 a run for its money. Minor scuffs and scratches that would be common for a synth of its age. (see photos)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

2600, 3620, ARP @ 14 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Recently (about a month ago) refurbished by one of the best techs in SoCal (Montoya). It was also previously professionally maintained when I lived up north, about 4 years ago (Siegenthaler). Many 2600s are electronically flaky, and most of any of the keyboards are internally a wreck — but not this pairing. They are electronically in excellent shape, and also are in fairly good shape cosmetically.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Rheem @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“A super rare piece of vintage gear that sounds absolutely killer.

Looks as great as she sounds, too! Pearloid red and black with gold keys!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“MATRIX 1000:Very Good to Excellent Condition. There is a tad of rack rash on the top of the unit. A few minor dings at the edge of the front panel, but you really have to look hard for those. The display screen is perfect, all buttons are fully intact and clean. Control knob and MIDI are jacks in very good condition. Overall condition is excellent!STEREOPING 1016R:Like New! Flawless Condition.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Casio, VZ-1 @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Casio VZ-1 with original manual

Fully functional, sounds great, LCD backlight has dimmed, but screen is clear.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Simmons @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Excellent condition, work great, original instructions included, original box, seen limited use, made in England, only missing (2) knobs caps (check 2nd picture)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“I’m the original owner of this OP-1 and it was only used in my smoke-free studio. Comes with original packaging + USB cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Make Noise, Modular @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Make Noise Music Rene Cartesian Sequencer Eurorack Modular ExCond . Condition is Used.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Pre Owned Op1 in Mint Condition…

– Includes Original Box, USB cable, plastic overlay and rubber bands.

– Tested, charged and working perfectly. There are Zero issues to mention.

Serial Number: T9YFL49E
**this is the newer generation of serial numbers ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

K1, Kawai @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“For sale is a used Kawai K1R synthesizer with a DC-16 ram card. This is in good condition and works fine. Includes the factory ac adapter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Ensoniq, ESQ1 @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“I’m selling my Ensoniq ESQ-1 synth to make room for new gear in my studio. I’ve had this keyboard synth for about a year and have not had any problems with it. Cosmetically it is a little bit worn, but all the functions seem to still be good and operational. The only issue with the unit currently is that the internal memory battery is low so patches can’t be saved. I bought a replacement battery but never got around to installing it and thought it might be better to let the next owner decide how to handle that.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Kawai, SX-240 @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Rare Kawai SX-240 analog synthesizer up for auction! Released in 1984, this 8-voice polyphonic synth has 2 analog DCOs and one sub-osc. Stackable in poly-8, poly4 or mono mode for a really big sound. Great for leads, bass, brass, drones, pads and strings, plus add on-board ‘ensemble’ (chorus) or ‘brass’ (ring mod) effects.

I’ve owned this unit since the mid-1990s, only smoke-free studio use. It is built like a tank- this one is fully functioning, have had zero issues with it. Keys, buttons, knobs, sliders all in perfect working order, MIDI works. The wood-grain sides are in good shape with only a few minor dings/scratches, and the metal casing has only a few minor scratches on the edges, one dent near the rear power supply. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

K5, Kawai @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Kawai K5 keyboard 100% working, looks very good for its age , no missing parts” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Crumar, Trilogy @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“The synthesizer is in Good working order and The stickers willl be removed upon sale. sometimes when in oscillator sync mode, and on square wave mode, the uppermost E sounds slightly more quiet than the other keys. this is not really noticeable and I never had any problems with it (especially bc I never use sync mode) Also the 2′ organ section does not sound on E or F.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MIDINES @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Original Wayfar Midines, only used in studio, in great working order with clean connectors, etc.

Great midi functionality with 5 channels and a built in 8-bit pattern generator which works really well as a source for live VJing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Alesis @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“For auction – original and only owner – one of the kings of modern analog – the true legend – the Alexis Andromeda A6 61 key analog synth. Includes original (still in the plastic) manual.

Unit is near mint – beautiful and works perfectly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Crumar, Spirit @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Up for auction is the famed Crumar Spirit limited-run, extremely rare Bob Moog designed monosynth – perhaps one of the most sophisticated monosynths ever.

This Spirit is in excellent condition and plays as it should. No returns, but guaranteed not to be DOA. Please contact me with any issues about the synth should they occur. No warranty expressed or implied.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu, SP-12 @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Please note: NY State residents will be charged 8.88% sales tax on checkout.

This E-Mu SP-12 Turbo (5 seconds total sampling time) is in excellent working and physical condition.

This particular unit has 6 switches on the back that can turn the filter on channels 1-6 on or off, for audio coming out of the individual channel outs and the mix out.

I just did the following (I have experience with SP12’s and SP1200’s—I have done the same to several prior to this one.):

-Disassembled and cleaned all button and pad contacts.

-Overhauled (completely disassembled down to individual components, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled) all 8 slide potentiometers

-Installed a new transflective wide viewing angle FSTN LED screen (brighter than the original backlit display, and does not use an inverter for power so there is less potential noise in the audio). The screen is brighter than appears in the pics, I used a flash for the pics and it’s hard to capture the brightness of a backlit screen with a flash.

-Installed a new faceplate overlay and backplate overlay.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

“Oberheim Matrix-1000 synthesizer. Upgraded the power supply as original was getting noisy. Patches 1-99, 200-999, with 100-199 blank. Have used the unit via selecting voice from front panel, playing via midi controller. As you can see in the photo, front panel right side has rack rash. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Cwejman, Modular @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

” Near mint condition. Used only in a smoke-free studio. Always racked with washers.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

OB-8, Oberheim @ 13 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Oberheim OB8 with A8 software revision. Has MIDI modifications. Also have heavy duty road case. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Rogue @ 12 November 2018, “No Comments”

” Vintage Moog Rogue. Serial number 8110. Comes with AC adaptor (original, I think? See attached pic). ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MG-1, Moog @ 12 November 2018, “No Comments”

” Vintage Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Synthesizer by Moog. Licensed to Realistic by Moog Synthesizers, this is an incredible sounding vintage analog monophonic synth. In great condition and works great. Features two oscillators, noise and bell (ring modulator), a great modulation section and the legendary Moog filter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Prodigy @ 12 November 2018, “No Comments”

“If you are like me, when you are buying a high-end instrument on eBay, you want a greater assurance than “It looks great to me, but I’m no expert, and no returns!” That’s why I put nearly $200 into having this Moog Prodigy 336A Synthesizer professionally inspected and serviced before listing on eBay. It is ready to gig! I took it to Music Technolgy in Springfield, Virginia, the premier Washington, DC, experts in vintage music electronics. (Check them out on Yelp, these guys know what they are doing.)

Besides an overall test and cleaning, Music Technology:

Resoldered the fatigued connection points for the keyboard and output
Deoxed all pots and switches
And removed 35 years of debris from the inside” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Moog, Source @ 12 November 2018, “No Comments”

” Features ? Remarks MOOG’s first memory type analog mono, synth manufactured with early 80’s (64 sound sequencer installed)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MG-1, Moog @ 12 November 2018, “No Comments”

” Was told by original owner that it works, but he knows there are 2 dead keys. he attached the output cord on bottom. Selling as is – I do not have equipment to test.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland, SH-5 @ 11 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Roland SH-5 recently refurbished and in excellent condition. All functions, keys and sliders work. Only some minor scratches and marks on the exterior case of the synth. As with all vintage gear, sold as is without warranty of defects.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland, SH-1000 @ 11 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Everything I can think of (as an experienced keyboard guy), I checked.
All the keys work.
The oscillators all work.
All VCF functions work.
Portamento and noise generators all work fine.
The VCF stage has some internal noise, much more than new, obviously, so it functions as a feedback oscillator when the Q is set high- this, to me, isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, and a fun one.

One of the “tablet” style switches was broken off, but still perfectly usable, I kludged up an extension to make it easier to actuate- there are a bunch of old home organ models that use the same type of tablet (not Yamahas, though, which is what’s sitting here at the shop and easy to get to)

Serial #255385, I haven’t been able to pin down DOM from that yet.
Here’s a really good demo of the capacity of this instrument:
TvwFQf8D44U at youtube (in case the url is a problem).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

MC-202, Roland @ 11 November 2018, “No Comments”

“Up for sale Roland MC-202 MICRO COMPOSER Analog Synthesizer Sequencer MC202 in good working condition.

Doesn’t come with power supply.

The item is checked and works properly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

D-50, Roland @ 11 November 2018, “No Comments”

“This is a Roland D50 being sold for parts as is. This unit was working fine then just started emitting noise over the output that was not dependent on the volume control. It is in good physical condition and all features wer working before this happened. Could be fixed or used for parts.” Click here to visit listing on eBay