Frontline @ 28 June 2011, Comments Off on Frontline X2 Dual Drum Synthesiser

“Very rare Frontline X2 Drum Synth

These units are rare and make amazing dub sounds, none other than the legendary Jah Shaka used one of these for those dub siren sound effects.
As well as dub, the X2 can produce a wide range of other sounds, from really tight and snappy 808 snare sounds to 70’s disco toms.

The X2 can be triggered by almost any audio input signal, from the buttons on the front, a snare running from your software sequencer, a piezo trigger or even a microphone!
There are two identical channels containing:

Manual trigger button
Sensitivity control
Oscillate decay1
Oscillator decay 2
Noise decay
Wave form shape
Click on/off control
Noise filter
Osc/noise balance
Master volume
Audio On Off
Pre-set or manual switch

So there is wide scope for sound design and control.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.