Waldorf Microwave II

“Waldorf Micro wave 2 Synthesiser

Serial Number: 740125930

12 volts DC supply included (UK plug)

Taken from a working studio.

This is untested by me as I don’t know how to use it. But it lights up as it should and all buttons work.

This is being sold on behalf of my late work colleague’s parents. Last year I sold several items successfully for them and this is a continuation of the estate disposal. I will have more equipment for sale very soon.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave II

“Waldorf Microwave II in great condition other than a few smudges on the nextel finish and a little rack rash (see photos). All pots and buttons and jacks are great with no noise and good feel. Includes like new AC adapter. This is the later model with the more reliable #3 board. Love it but need to let it go.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave 2

“For sale I have a wonderful Waldorf microwave 2. It’s in great condition: the one scratch on the top is the only cosmetic issue. Sounds great, multiple arpeggiators, 10 voice polyphony. This is a powerful wave table synthesizer!! Rare, and classic! Included is a power supply that works perfectly and the original users manual!!

When you turn the first knob really fast it jumps a little bit, should be a really easy fix, if need” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave Rev 1

” For your consideration is a Waldorf Micro-Wave 1 Rev A wavetable synthesizer. The original Programming Manual, Performance Manual, and soundset ROM are also included.

It is running OS 1.1 (not the latest OS). The latest OS V 2.0 is inexpensive and can be found on eBay.

It is in good condition for its age with some scratches and blemishes. Overall cosmetically I would say it’s probably better than most 28 year old Microwave 1s. I’ve tried to capture its cosmetic condition as best as I could in the photos. The faceplate is in very good condition. The rear panel is in good condition, not as good as the faceplate. The bottom has more scratches than the top as one would expect. To me, the photos exaggerate the cosmetic flaws which is good in order to manage expectations. Functionally it operates properly.”
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Waldorf Microwave

“This synthesiser was owned from new, by Juno Reactor, which the classic album “Beyond The Infinite” was created with it. It has some scratches (as seen in photos) but works perfectly. The software is upgraded to Epon Version 2. Comes with an access midi programmer (RARE).” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave

“Waldorf Microwave 1A digital analog hybrid synthesizer. Sounds amazing, closest thing to PPG made. Wavetable oscillators into real CEM chip analog filters. Nothing sounds like it. This one was recently serviced by the Analog Lab in NYC. They installed an aluminum bracket on the back to keep the power supply more securely attached to the rack than it came from the factory. They also replaced the screen with a new part. Aside from that, it’s all orig and sounds incredible. This is the 1A, the most desirable revision.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave 2

“Up for auction is a Waldorf microwave 2 synthesizer in great condition.This item works absolutely perfect without any kinds of flaws.It is in great condition cosmetically as well.The item is 220V.I will send you a 220V power adapter along with the unit.No manual included.Thank you.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave

“Hi, up for sale my is Waldorf Microwave 1 revA with CEM 3389 VCF filter, VCA and OS V2.00 the most desirable version rarely come up these days extremely versatile and beautiful unique sounding synth if you are look for that PPG wave sound this is the one to go for in a rack and does not cost the kings ransom!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave II with Doepfer Drehbank Controller

mw “Here I have is a Waldorf microwave II Wavetable Rack Synth in excellent working condition. It includes a universal US power supply as well as the original European power supply.

also included is a Doepfer Drehbank Midi Knob Controller. It is programmed to work directly with the microwave II. The device has been labeled to somewhat match the functions of the microwave XT. Other than the labeling the device is in excellent working condition also.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave

microwave “So, I’m finally parting ways with this old guy. I bought this years ago from a friend who collected odds and ends and needed a hand. I told him any time he wanted to buy it back, he could. I’ve waited long enough so his loss is your gain. Sorry for the awkward angles of my photos. I have this thing tucked away and I don’t want to remove it unless I have to. It’s huge.
The front panel of the synth is in decent condition while the sides have scuffs, spots, and rack rash from being installed, removed, reinstalled. I mainly use eurorack these days so I really have no use for a midi device. Don’t get me wrong, it makes wonderful noises but it just takes up so much space and can go to a better home. I’ll make sure to give it a dusting, cleaning, and functional test before it leaves my home.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave

microwave “Vintage Waldorf Micro Wave 1 Synthesizer. The classic PPG sound in a 2 space rack mounted unit.
The Classic PPG analog Filters with Digital oscillators. 8 voice multi Timbral. One of the most unique sounding synths ever made-In excellent shape. This has been on some truly classic recordings of some major artists. many original sounds in it as well as factory sounds-prompt shipping-I have an excellent ebay rating” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf MicroWave

microwave 1 Waldorf Microwave 1 Rev A – I believe OS is 1.10. A good clean example of this desirable synth, modelled on the PPG Wave. Only been used in a professional studio, not pets or smoke. Comes complete with programming and performance manuals. Power lead has been modified to take a standard IEC. In good condition, some minor signs of use, rubbing, rack rash etc – please see photos.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave II

microwave “Up for sale is my beloved Waldorf Microwave. I am the original owner. It has been kept in my private studio and used on occasion. Never abused, just lightly used. It all works great. Has the backlit lcd. Comes with original power supply. I misplaced the original manual but it will come with a color printed manual” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave

” Der hier angebotene Waldorf Microwave stammt aus der Auflösung eines privaten, professionellen Nichtraucherstudios und befindet sich in einem technisch einwandfreien Zustand. Das Gerät weist optisch leichte Gebrauchsspuren vom Rackeinbau auf.

Der Waldorf Microwave ist ein kraftvoll klingender 2 Höheneinheiten Racksynthesizer, basierend auf dem Ansatz des PPG Wave in digital/analog Hybridschaltung. Hierbei gibt es einen Doppelansatz in Bezug auf die Klangsynthese indem digitale Wellenformen durch analoge VCA und VCF Stufen laufen, um letztendlich einen für analoge Synthese warmen und organischen Sound zu erzeugen der aber aufgrund der digitalen VCOs sehr komplex sein kann. Eine Komplexität die mit rein analogen VCOs sehr schwer zu erreichen ist.

Die Basiswellenformen sind die gleichen wie beim PPG Wave 2.3 und die Polyphonie beschränkt sich zwar auf 8 Stimmen; dies wird aber durch die Komplexität der Klangfarben bei weitem wieder ‘ausgeglichen’.

Der Nachfolger des Microwave war der Microwave II der aber auf einer rein digitalen Klangsynthese aufbaute und dementsprechend dem Microwave, wie er in dieser Auktion angeboten wird, nicht das Wasser reichen kann.

An dieser Stelle seien noch kurz die sehr interessanten Wavetables 048-050 zur Karplus-Strong Synthese erwähnt. Kenner wissen diese Wavetables sehr zu schätzen für intensive Klänge zur Erzeugung von resonierenden Klangfarben und angeschlagener Saiten.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Microwave Project Machine

“Waldorf microwave1 wave table synth OSV 1 classic. This was working for many years beautifully with such great sound capabilities . The power transformer quit and the estimates I have received from repair tech is $100-125 to replace it. I have too many projects so my loss is your gain Once restored this is a rare and unique analog synthesizer. It is 120 v US current and has 6 outputs for extreme flexible sound sculpting and programming . You can upgrade the OS and download many patches for this ” Click here to visit listing on eBay