Rob Hordijk Benjolin

“You are bidding on a Rare DIY Benjolin Eurorack Synthesizer Module. Freshly built by experienced DIY’ers the module is in excellent condition both functionally and cosmetically. An unbelievable experimental oscillator for music and sound design. A cross-modulation monster! This version is no longer being made so don’t miss out on this rare find to add to your rack. Includes power cable.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Rob Hordijk Blippoo Box

Rob Hordijk 'Blippoo Box' “Rob Hordijk ‘Blippoo Box’ Purchased by me, direct from Rob back in 2012 – I am the original, and only owner. It’s never been ‘gigged’, and has led a pretty quiet life in a smoke-free home. Includes an extra (brand new) power supply, identical to the one originally supplied by Rob. This is the 1/4” model, as opposed to the ‘hybrid’ that was on offer at one point (mix of 1/4” and banana jacks). Too, this is the newer version with a photoelectric eye (original Blippoos did not have this feature). Anyway, I’d fail miserably trying to explain exactly how this unit functions, though suffice to say, it is unique. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay