PPG Wave 2.3 with Waveterm B

“I current have a PPG 2.2/2.3 V8.3 with Waveterm B in Beautiful Custom Wood Case.

I purchased the PPG waveterm B with this Beautiful Custom wood case by a designer that has worked with Waldorf and the PPG 2.2/2.3 was purchased from Austria and has had very nice upgrades. This PPG 2.2 was upgraded to 2.3 as well when I initially purchased the keyboard and I could switch between both OS to have the best of both worlds.

It has the most current V8.3 software Installation to date which allows the exchanged of valuable program data with a computer over MIDI.

The Capacitor and Battery has been replaced.
NEW KEYBOARD BUSHINGS have been installed on this keyboard and it plays like NEW!!!!!
All 5 computer boards have been thoroughly looked at and are in excellent working condition

A PPG Manual / some German/English Inserts
A nice bundle of ppg sound disks
Operational cabling included as well.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

PPG Waveterm Project Machine

“For your consideration a a very rare PPG Waveterm. This is a Waveterm A that has been modified to Waveterm B. With the right boot disc, you can also get it to load A.
The Boot discs that I currently have seem to be compromised, and won’t load, so it has not been tested further than powering on.
The unit recently had the power supply rebuilt, and the display was serviced, and is steady. Currently running on 120V.
All that is included in the listing is the PPG Waveterm as pictured. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay