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“Actually, I don’t even know if it’s working or not because you need a full system with a PPG Wave 2.2 or 2.3 to use it and I don’t have one so I am selling this more as a collectible vintage museum piece (which is how/why I bought it). Don’t expect it to even work. Just look at it in your studio. It’s amazing.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“PPG Waveterm A

Designed to work with the PPG wave 2.2
Fully refurbished by James Walker of synth repair services, unit is sold as fully working.
Sale includes cable and os disks, this is a PPG waveterm A but it has the 5 1/4″ disks that the waveterm B uses.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Very rare opportunity.

This is a Waveterm A in the Waveterm B enclosure.

This is as per the factory upgrade to the 5 1/4 disc drives.

Serial number WT0200

Waveterm come with Data Cable.

Supplied with small Library from 1984 (the year not the film)

Unit is 110V and 220V selectable.

So far most of the systems are working however there seems to be a problem with the sample play back. We suspect that the operating systems disc may be corrupted.

At present the Waveterm is being tested by one of the top UK Synth techs and I will provide more info as it comes in.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Biete hier an , ein leider defektes Waveterm B mit 8 Zoll Laufwerken ( upgedatetes “A” ) .

Gerät wird mit Original Systemdiskette geliefert , optischer Zustand , siehe Bild .

Gerät ist komplett , es fehlt nichts , ausser der kleinen Seitenwange ,rechts an der Tastatur (aus Alu )

Ich habe nicht viel Zeit im Moment um mich drum zu kümmern ………wenn’s nicht verkauft wird , werde ich es wohl irgendwann mal selbst reparieren

In einer anderen Auktion , biete ich passend dazu auch noch eine Library an

Leider keine Garantie oder Rücknahe , da Privatverkauf als reines Bastlerobjekt oder als Ersatzteilträger !” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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This is a 1980s PPG WAVETERN scope or screen that shows wave patterns of the Wave 2.3 Synthesizer I think. It is straight out of a storage unit and I plugged it in and nothing so its either broken or I dont know what Im doing as I am not a keyboard player or do I know anything about this item. I just find them. Comes with the power cord and the patch cord. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“PPG System: Wave 2.3 mit Waveterm B – legendäres großes Synthesizersystem

Aus Studioauflösung verkaufe ich ein PPG-System. Es ist das klassische System bestehend aus PPG Wave 2.3 Synthesizer (ein aufgerüsteter 2.2, komplett bei PPG upgedated mit MIDI und beleuchtetem Display) und Waveterm B.

Beide Geräte funktionieren sehr gut, der Waveterm besitzt eine fast neue Röhre, leuchtet hell und klar. Die Laufwerke sind in Ordnung.

Die komplette Library und alle Kabel sind natürlich dabei. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage PPG Wavterm B for Sale

This is a project that I have not yet had the opportunity to get around to. My loss could be someone’s great gain as I dont believe it would take much to get the Beast from Germany roaring like a Lion again!!!!!!!!!!

Should be worth $5000 to $6000 US in working condition.

My guess, maybe $200 to $400 to repair


Needs a tube monitor which are available new for about $65 US.

Does it power up? Powered the unit up today and the disk drive light comes on.

What does the display show when it powers up? disk drive light

The front and backpanel is bent, has it the Waveterm been dropped? Not sure as I purchase as a spare some years ago, Im sure the can be straighten out.

The RESTART button is missing, why? Purchased as is, should be able to buy one from a PPG resource or electronics store.

The front panel handles are missing, why is that? I just found them in my storage so the front panel handles are INCLUDED.

Is the flight case included? No, I have shipped a fairlight to Japan this way with no issues

Did you install the fan on the backside and if so, why? That’s how the unit came.

I do believe all the cards are there

The unit did come with communication cable does not come with the unit but I’m sure you can have one made or buy one for little money.

I can make a copy of some boot disks that I have from another waveterm B” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Adding the rackmount Waveterm computer terminal to the PPG system provides even more control and more features, sampling being the main one. The original Waveterm A provided 8-bit sampling, while the ‘improved’ Waveterm B offered the dizzy heights of 12-bit sampling. The maximum sampling time, however, is extremely short — three seconds at a pretty grungy sample rate! But the 24dB filters can treat the samples, so that even though the original samples might be crap, you can do a hell of a lot with them.

Sadly, the Waveterm has no user-friendly WIMP environment. The entire user interface consists of an 80-column text display with two rows of buttons beneath the monitor screen. These act as 10 programmable soft keys, and the display prompts you as to their functions at any particular time. To the right of the case are the two vertically-mounted 5.25-inch floppy disk drives.

Below the disk drives are two knobs: the left one looks after the screen brightness, while the other sets the input level. Audio input is via a 3-pin XLR socket, with a switch to change impedance from mic to line level and a little red LED indicating input overload. A small button marked ‘Restart’ lets you reset the computer whenever it decides to do something on its own — ie. crash!

The rear of the Waveterm features three connectors: the ‘communications buss’ connects the Waveterm to the Wave, while two smaller connectors handle a printer and a QWERTY keyboard.

On power-up, the Waveterm checks its communication buss to see what is connected to the system. The disk drives are of the dedicated variety — the left drive must contain the system disk and the right drive the data disk. If you put the wrong disk in the left drive, pressing the Restart key with the correct disk in the drive is the only way to recover! Once the master disk has booted, you’re presented with the communication management screen, or Page 0, as it is also known.

From Page 0 you can load up the eight voices with samples or wave compound files (wavetables). Unfortunately, this is one of the places where the names have been changed to confuse the innocent. The Waveterm refers to the memory locations where these files are stored as memory banks 0 to 7 (1 to 8 in computer jargon). Just to confuse you, these are completely different from Banks A and B in the Wave!

The rightmost function key is misleadingly labelled ‘Help’. To call up the help files for each function key, you have to press the Help key twice in succession. The first time you press Help you are actually taken to the File menu. From here you can copy; make a new disk; merge samples together; get, store, delete and list files. This is where the Waveterm is really grim. The only way to recall and save files is by entering a combination of highly descriptive digits like ‘T023’, ‘T201’, ‘T803’ etc. Thankfully, the PPG library disks have a whole 80 columns of characters to describe them (OK, 75 if you remove the filename).

Pressing the Page function key followed by a single digit takes you to the selected page (screen), where you can carry out various functions. Waveterm pages are provided for computing waves, creating wavetables, inputting transient sounds (sampling), editing events (sequencing), and so on.

This Unit comes with Boot Disks but I believe require some maintence to get it running. Anyone that has some technical savy should be able to bring this Dream Synth back to life. That being said this unit is being sold as is.” Link

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IMG_6154 “This listing is for a PPG Waveterm A 8 bit programmer/sampler for the the PPG Wave 2.2. The unit is 100% functional and is in nice cosmetic shape as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.