Pollard Syndrum

syndrum “You are bidding on 1 Pollard International Syndrum
Vintage Analog Drum Synthesizer model 178 serial no 1379

This auction is for a pre-owned vintage Syndrum
Analog Drum Synthesizer model 178 (without cords)
as seen pictured. Unfortunately I have no
way of testing this unit and therefore it is being offered
“as-is” with no returns. Look at the photos closely. The
winning bidder will receive exactly what is pictured.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Pollard Syndrum

syndrum “Up for sale, Syndrum Quad by Pollard industries. Everything is kept in a the rolling anvil case with compartments for each accessory.

This Syndrum Quad comes with the original drum pads with blue heads, the Synthesizer board 2 hand drum attachments, original cables and power supply. Also included is the syndrum pedal. There is a stand which hold all 4 pads.

Very Important Details!
The Synthesizer has been tested and when plugged in and connected to an AMP you can hear the acoustic sound as it is warming up but after it warms up it stays silence and no sound comes off when hitting the drums. So you will have to get it checked out by a professional. I assume that it is just a lose cable or connection cord inside the unit because it does work for about 20 seconds but after that it goes silent.

The synthesizer board comes in the original state so all the plugs connections and cables shows rust and aged connections, the board shows some rust on corners and is missing paint on some parts too, some sliders caps are halfway broken but all of them are present, all the switches and knobs are present and good condition, on the back of the board the plug for the pedal connection is broken on the top part but is present inside.

The drums are in one piece all of them and the seems to be in good cosmetic condition showing normal wear and tear, the stand for the drums is chromed but shows heavy rust all over but still in one piece and very strong.

The pedal is black also showing rust and missing paint but in good cosmetic condition, unfortunately since the plug on the board is broken I did not have a chance to test it.

The Anvil rolling case is made out of wood with metal reinforcements on the corners, is blue with the letter 6 and the name David Gates on it from the band Bread the padding inside is missing, due to age it was falling apart. There is residue from the padding that I took out and not wanting to damage the inside I did not scrape it all out so there is a green tint inside the rolling case along with some left over green foam padding.” Click here to visit listing on eBay