Roland Super JX

“Collection only. Roland JX10, in nice condition, fully working, looks and sounds absolutely majestic – makes some of the best pads and strings you will ever coax out of an analogue poly synth.

Cosmetically in nice condition, a couple of the buttons on the front panel need a harder press and a couple of the number buttons double enter when pressing them – some switch cleaner should sort it out, it never bothered me, so I have not tried cleaning the switches.

This JX10 has been updated with the VECOVEN ROM update which adds loads of new features and the ability to control parameters with sysex data/editor (not possible on a standard JX10).

Lovely synth with a big fat Roland Poly synth sound. JX 10 is 2 JX8Ps in one synth and allows you to stack two sounds or split keyboard etc. The last true big hitter analogue poly synth that Roland made.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Super JX with Roland PG-800 Programmer

” Roland Super JX-10 Polyphonic Synthesizer with PG-800 Programmer. This keyboard along with the PG-800 programmer was purchased from a Roland employee and used actively for several years in 1990 . It has sat unused in storage since 1994. In January 2022 I brought it to in Upper Darby PA to be serviced and ensure that it was in excellent working condition (see Bell Tone Synth Works receipt image above). I won’t be making a profit on this after the cost of the service by Bell Tone ($853.30); I am simply hoping it will find a good home. Included in the cost is a Roland foot pedal, original manual, and soft gig bag (see images above). Estimated shipping cost is $120.”
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Roland Super JX

“The 3 keys marked with tape in the pictures do not make any sound – these keys will need to be repaired. All other features work aside from the 3 keys mentioned. This Super JX is previously used and exhibits cosmetic wear such as light scratches and minor fading on the silk screen graphics on the control panel.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Super JX

“Roland Super JX-10 w/Vecoven 3.24 and B&C ROM Chip Upgrade

Vintage Roland JX-10 that has been cleaned & a new Vecoven Flash module installed. It also has new B and C ROM chips purchased from Vecoven.

Everything functions as it should, except aftertouch on keys which usually doesn’t work for boards of this age. Aftertouch can be used by pitchbender. This board is like having two individual JX-8P’s in one 76 keyboard.

A few cosmetic spots present as shown in pictures, but I rate this board as very good-to-excellent for its vintage age. Included is power cord and a CD which has midiox software and 6 extra sysex sound banks that can be loaded, a few manuals, and instructions on how to use the Vecoven flash drive. The big + is the Vecoven which provides internal storage equivalent to “32” M64C cartridges.”
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Roland Super JX

“This particular JX-10 is in excellent condition (for a synth made in 1986), very few scratches at plastic end caps, typical for all JX and Juno models, but nothing is broken, bent or chipped. Every key, panel button and slider are working, display is bright as new! Comes with the original 2-prong power cord. I can include a reprint of the original owner’s manual.

JX-10 are becoming rare, in fact it’s the only complete JX-10 synthesizer on the entire eBay at the moment! A year ago there were several of them.

JX-10 can be converted to European 230V voltage (internal switch). If you are in Europe, I will change line mains voltage to 230V before shipping, no adapters will be needed in your country.”
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Roland Super JX

“Up for grabs is a classic piece of 80s Roland history. The Super JX 10 combined the power of two JX8s into one enormous synth.

This has been refurbished in the key areas of buttons/switches (all replaced and fully working with new neoprene custom foam to bring the damping effect back to as new when switches are pushed). Display is bright and clear. All keys work and have been stripped and cleaned. The rarely found magnetic patch guide is still present. Sounds great!

It has had the Vecoven flash module upgrade which adds lots of stuff such as an arpeggiator, 16 sets of 64 patch storage, improved Midi and many other little bits. Most on sale these days have had this added as it allows use of an iPad with iPG800 to control over Midi.

I have an original, clean and fully working PG800 which is available for an additional £350. Message me if you want a complete package and I can adjust the price.

Here are the things to know which are negatives…..

The aftertouch no longer works. Many of these models have this problem. I believe it can be repaired. Never bothered me personally.

A few of the keys have some deep scratching which can be seen as a darker area on the close up photo ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland Super JX

“Roland SUPER JX JX-10 polyphonic synthesizer working AS IS. Condition is “Used”. This is the roland jx 10 tested and working comes with power cable and rom cart. Reason why it is as is. Is because of the missing keys and condition of the unit it powers on sound comes out of the speakers but the menu diving for peramiters is not for me. So if this is the synth for you enjoy . and happy playing!!!” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Super JX

“Synth is in good working order. Everything works, but clearly some of the buttons could use a cleaning on their contacts as a few of them need a little extra push or wiggle on the button press (doesn’t effect functionality). Key contacts have been cleaned and work flawlessly.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland JX-10

“Good used shape, Powers on and Tested and working for the most part. some keys are not working like the contacts need cleaning. some of the functions buttons on the panel are stuck and will need to be cleaned and serviced. bender working. not fully tested so will have to sell AS-IS, no returns. Please see all pictures for condition. has scratches and wear as seen. display reads well. 2 prong power cable is NOT included. ”
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Roland Super JX Project Machine

“Roland JX-10 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer. Condition is Used. Local pickup only.

Don’t have all the necessary tools and time to fully commit to refurbishing this awesome synth. Was gifted to me but I’m not exactly in the market for these models.

The main issues I’ve encountered are

11 dead keys: either sometimes respond or not responding at all (Marked keys in pictures provided).
Buttons: Heavy force or repetition for some buttons to finally respond or don’t respond at all.
LFO Bender: Does not seem to add effect, pitch bender (left &right) works great.
Aftertouch: Slider for said aftertouch also, does not seem to add effect.
Cosmetics: Paint job is damaged considering its years.

MIDI has not been tested but inputs and outputs seem to work great.

Original power adapter not included, using a makeshift adapter.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Super JX with Roland PG-800


BI-TIMBRAL – 12 VOICES – 24 Analog Oscillators
Famous Roland Analog Pads and Strings
Sync, Cross Mod
Resonant Low Pass Filter + High Pass Filter
VECOVEN 3.21 Firmware update with Internal 32 Banks ROM Chips of 50 sounds and 64 Patches
Sysex Midi Dump Compatible
Full CC Implementation

Original Manual And Patch Sheets
Original CPU and Rom Chips Included
Key Contacts Replacements included as spare parts” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Super JX

“This JX-10 is in good condition for it’s age. The display coil needs to be replaced (available on eBay), and this causes one character to have all segments fully lit and another character to be missing (see pics). The lowest key has apparently been replaced by the previous owner so it is whiter than the others. Other than that, the unit is fully functional and looks pretty good.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Roland Super JX

“Wow! Roland Super JX-10.

Rare and much sought after synth, combining analogue and digital technology to produce truly amazing sounds.

Very good condition, well looked after, recently serviced, and in full working order. One owner since new.

There are 3 or 4 minor marks on the unit, however these are purely cosmetic and very minimal. (No manual). ”
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Roland Super JX

“This is a vintage Roland Super JX or JX-10 Synthesizer! Obviously there are a couple keys with issues, but the last time I played this (a few years ago), It sounded beautiful!!! THIS AUCTION IS SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS!!!!(If you have a better keyboard, you could always MIDI to it). See is an old beauty and with some TLC, you will really enjoy the sounds!”
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Roland JX-10

“Roland Super JX-10 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard w/ custom case & stand MINT AS NEW FLAWLESS SHAPE (ONLY USED A FEW TIMES
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