Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“This keyboard has been modified with both the ‘Moog-Slayer’ and ‘FM’ filter modifications*, providing real time patch performance capability that it previously lacked.

I am the original owner and this synth has not been abused. It is in perfect working condition with all control surfaces functioning normally, and there is no corrosion in the battery compartment. Always kept in a smoke free environment.

Included are all accessories pictured:

Korg Poly-800 synthesizer
Custom fit hard case
Single mono audio cord
MIDI cables
Power supply
Factory sound parameter sheet
Factory programmer cassette”
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Korg Poly 800 Reversed Keys Version with Moog Slayer Mods

“Vintage Korg Poly 800 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer with Sequencer & Chorus

Great Condition considering age – Reverse Keys Edition.
All sliders, buttons functional and LED display bright.
“Moog Slayer” Resonant Filter retrofitted – wouldn’t exactly call it a Moog Slayer compared to my Voyager or Grandmother but it adds character.
Original Carry Case that has seen better days but protects the synth nicely!
Print out of manual and patch sheets as shown.
Comes with aftermarket matched PSU.

I am selling as “for parts or not working” as the headphone out is quiet and the synth did not initially hold patches until I changed the internal battery.

The main Left and Right outputs are fine.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg Poly-800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“Korg Poly800 with mods
-Data entry knob
-battery backup mod keeps patches when no power is present
-Moog Slayer mod (filter control)
-polyfm mod
-custom glow in the dark paint, knobs and (nonglowing) labels
-glow in the dark chicken head knobs

Knob on left is vco2 filter mod (poly fm), middle knob is filter cutoff and right knob is speaker destroying moog slayer filter resonance.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Korg Poly 800 with Moog Slayer Mod

“The Korg Poly 800 for sale here has been completely cleaned and restored to perfect working condition. All keys contact and rubbers have been cleaned and working.
A new battery installed. The C Cell battery compartment has been disabled so no more worries about acid leaks, as the new battery retains all the patches.
Moog Slayer mod gives you Frequency and resonance control that sound GREAT !
CV control input jacks added allows external control over Freq-REZ.
12/24 DB filter selector switch and a FM control. With these mods and the synth restored its now an even greater synth. Korg should have built it this way because with these mods the synth is AWESOME !”
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Korg Poly 800 MKII with Moog Slayer Mod

“Korg Polly mk2 with Moog slayer mod. Comes fully working. Generally the condition is good but, it is old and does have signs of use. There is also a faint postcode that has been written with what looks like a security marker pen, but is hardly noticeable.

It has the Moog slayer mod fitted. Filter and resonance pots. This thing is a beast and it is advised that you used a limiter as you could damage your speaker (or your hearing) if it’s played really loud. But you have the ability to dial it back so it’s not so crazy.

It’s got character this synth as is great for bass and ravey stabs and has a chord memory function. It’s a reluctant sale but I need to mix things up in the studio and I’ve used on loads of tracks already.” Click here to search for synths on eBay