Marion Systems MSR-2

” Marion Systems MSR-2 16 Voice Analog Synthesizer
This MSR-2 has Two Analog Synth Modules and was customized by Marion Systems

This auction is for one of the most powerful 1 unit
analog synthesizers ever made. 16 true Analog Voices
Two MIDI inputs can route to either or both ASM module and two audio inputs
allow direct mixing with internal mixer. Also, the 25 pin connector on each
module allows you to input 8 mono inputs to the 8 VCF’s of each module.
Full MIDI implementation with velocity and aftertouch

This MSR-2 comes with Original Manual and Original Power Supply
Main unit 1.09 O.S. and 1.13 O.S. for each of the two ASM modules

I have owned this MSR-2 for 25 years and it has never left my
smoke free climate controlled studio.
There is no rust, corrosion, or dirt. see inside pics
A new Energizer battery was installed 3 years ago so should be good
for another 15-20 years, but back up your stuff if you create great sounds.

Customized by Tom Oberheim and Marion Systems
In 1998 I sent the unit back to Marion Systems for an upgrade.
They added a second Analog Synth Module (ASM) and upgraded the O.S.
I was working as a tech at E-mu Systems and Tom Oberheim called me
at work and we talked about my love for all synths Oberheim. He told me
he could disable the EQ in the MSR-2 and get an addition al 3 DB of gain.
I told him that would be great, they removed EQ, and the volume gain is significant.
Tom was really nice and it was an honor, as an EE myself, to talk to him.

So yes this is a customized MSR-2 by Tom Oberheim and his Marion Techs.
The EQ section screen is still there in software, but has no effect since disabled
The result is a louder synthesizer” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Marion Systems MSR-2 Project Machine

“Marion Systems MSR2 Rack Synth.

Has problems saving patches.
In order to get sounds via MIDI, adjust the mix volume by accessing menu and turn it up (its set at 00). Also it has to be AutoTuned to hear the oscillators. Got to AutoTune in the Menu: set to All and press Enter.
Sometimes it freezes while playing MIDI and adjusting parameters and has to be re-started.
I was told it may just need a simple battery replacement but I’m not a tech – I can not give an accurate diagnosis.
Fix and flip or add to your synth collection or spare parts if you already have one. The Marion MSR-2 is a rare synth. These are going for a nice price second hand/ on Ebay.
It has a wavetable, PWM type sound, Great for dub techno and through effects. ”
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Marion Systems MSR-2

“That’s a video of the Marion ProSynth that I found on YouTube. The ProSynth is the non-expandable single voice board version of the MSR-2. It sounds about the same but the MSR-2 has some more options, such as filter inputs.

Comes with a printed manual, but the manual can also be found online.” Click here to search for synths on eBay