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This synth is needed for any Electro-Harmonix collection. A monophonic synth, very similar to the micro synth except with a playable tone generator. It is very good for bass, even with its single oscillator it has that Moog Taurus sound.

This one is beat up because they were fragile units, much like the EDP Wasp. But, it is still fully functional. There are two cracks on the sides of the plastic housing but it feels pretty solid. Some of the sliders are a little crackly (noisy) when moved. There have been various repairs on the unit so it is now in good working shape.

Also, it is missing it’s speaker, so you’ll need to use the audio output.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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mini“Vintage Electro Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer Keyboard model EH 0400 (EH400) Made in New York City, USA. 25 note keyboard. Unique touch pad design keys are painted flat on keyboard.

This is a model guitarist Eddie Van Halen made famous when used on some of his famous early songs. Also used in performance and recording by artists Jean-Michel Jarre, Jimmy Edgar and the Moog Cookbook.
This vintage beauty is circa ~1980 and in good working order. We tested it this morning. Powers right up and ready to play. It is amazingly clean for its age. Only one small spot of wear on the keyboard while most of the paint is surprisingly still intact. The pictures shown are of the actual unit being sold.
Some maintenance could be used on the synth – the internal speaker is loose as it is only held in place by a couple dollops of hot glue. That is a simple and quick fix. Also the keyboard should be unscrewed and the contacts cleaned as there is some noted sizzle when pressing the keys.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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Rare chance to get hold of one of these, in fair condition for age & fully working!
This is a very basic analog synth, designed by David Cockerell who designed all the coolest EH stuff & also worked on the EMS synths. It has a very growly, distinctive filter! Played from the ‘keys’ it’s good-sounding & very straightforward (no envelope!) but spend a bit of time with it, mess around with the sliders while you’re playing & you’ll be surprised at the ‘hidden’ sounds you can get.
All but 3 of the slider caps are original & intact. The other 3 are missing but this is purely cosmetic and can be replaced quite easily! The cardboard back has a little wear around the sockets, & the battery clips show no sign of any leaks or corrosion at all.
There’s a particularly nice PWM bass sound, very reminiscent of the riff of Being Boiled (Human League), which would have been a Korg 700s, I think?
I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with the SENS setting. There is a Piezo mic stuck underneath the touchpad, which I’m guessing might re-trigger the filter if you tap the keys? Looking at Youtube, there are videos that claim to show it working but I’m not convinced. As far as I can tell, the Sens setting seems to have no effect on filter or triggering or anything..
Works from 2x 9v batteries & has an internal speaker. I think this sounds great with batteries and through the speaker. However to do it justice, you need to connect it to your sound system. Add a few external effects and it can sound great in your mix. There is a 1/4″ Output socket & a 1/8″ socket for a PSU. I have never used this with a PSU.
Fair condition for age. Keyboard works as it should and if you look at various Youtube video’s you will notice that you have to adjust your playing style to avoid the crackly, glitchy noises heard on the Youtube clips. Sometimes the keyboard doesn’t trigger the first time you hit it, but it’s just the way they were. It has a character! The Filter is single-triggering, but you can manually play the sliders while holding down a note & playing others one-handed for more versatile effects.
Rare & in fair condition for age. Perfect Christmas present for the synth connoisseur!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Ok this is a near mint condition Electro Harmonix E400 Analog Mini Synthesizer that I purchased in The 47th.St. store in New York along with a Pignose amp which I ran this through. It had minimal usage and I took very good care of it over the years. I long ago lost the power adaptor but I don’t think that should be a problem. There is no rust or other funkiness going on. There are one or two minor scratches on the keys. But everything looks damn close to brand new.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The SUPER Space Drum is an improvement on the simple design of its not-so-super relative; it has modulation, which goes into the audio range can be added or subtracted from the pitch. There are two trigger inputs and a switch to choose two decay settings. This thing is a blast–it clangs, wobbles, and shrieks.

This SSD is in good, fully functional condition. See my other auctions for more vintage EHX pedals.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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used dan echo delay pedal and electro-harminx micro synthesizer. one owner on the micro. i’m not to familiar with danelectro stuff but the delay sounds great and has a really long time. the micro is amazing. i bought it open box new from a sam ash i worked at. two faders were chipped but they are more functional in my opinion. i sent it in to elh for free for a check up after i bought it from sammy. and they said it was perfect. hand made in america,cali i think. i have taken the best care of it since. i used to have my setting taped on to the pedal,so when i pulled it off the paint came off a bit. the unit is 100 percent stock and i’m acually selling a ton of my studio stuff to go volunteer and play in Israel. it’s totaly volunteer work and it’s all from my pocket so i’m raising any penny that does not come from my main amp,cab,guitars. the dan echo is like a freeby and the micro is the real item,please know that you are in good hands and your satisfaction is my main goal:)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Electro Harmonix Rhythm 12









Any 18vdc supply with at least 100mA of current will work. 1/8” plug, positive tip.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Electro Harmonix @ 15 March 2011, Comments Off on Electro Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer

“This is the very rare Electro-Harmonix Mini Synthesizer, the EH-0400. It’s a true vintage analog synth.

The EH-0400 runs on two 9 volt batteries (but has an adaptor jack), has a 25 note membrane keyboard (instead of actual keys), built-in speaker (but also has 1/4″ jack to plug into an amp or mixer – I frequently ran it through some pedals, into an amp, and mic’ed that), one analog VCO with a pulse waveform, octave divider, and LFO for Pulse-Width-Modulation.

The best part of this synth (in my opinion) are the filters and the phaser, the EH-0400 is a tweakers paradise, I could sit for hours playing with the sliders.

This works but is in rough shape physically – there is wear and tear, scratches, the back is beat up (it’s cardboard) and there’s an old sticker, and a previous owner carved a name and some numbers into the face of the synth. Some of the screws that hold the front and back together are also missing.

I bought the synth is this condition as a non-functioning piece in October of 1999 and took it to The EH Man to repair; his card with the repair date is still inside the case. He identified it as being circa 1979.

The Mini-Synth can sometimes be touchy since dust in the touch-sensitive membrane can make it a little glitchy. This one is certainly quirky in a lovely way. I only used this one in the studio – I didn’t take it to gigs because I didn’t want anything to happen to it and I didn’t know if it was reliable enough to use live in the type of band I was in. It could easily work and be great for more improvisational performances or an art rock / avant garde kind of band where its idiosyncrasies could be more of an asset.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Electro Harmonix @ 22 February 2011, Comments Off on Electro Harmonix Sequencer

The Sequencer Drum is one of the rarest Electro Harmonix pedals. Unlike some of the other EH obscurities, this one is actually useful and sounds amazing! Not only is it an 8-step CV/Gate sequencer, but it has a built in synthesizer and a mode that allows you trigger the sequence at a set decay! The leather pad on the front is meant to be tapped to activate the trigger (hence the “drum” in the title). This particular sequencer is the fully patched out version, with an input that allows you to clock the unit externally, and CV and internal Clock outputs for sequencing other synthesizers.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ihr bietet auf ein (kaum) gebrauchten Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer.
Es ist wohl kaum nötig viel Worte über diesen Kult-Effekt zu verlieren (Man schickt was durch und es klingt spacig, fett MOOGartig).
Ich habe ihn ausschließlich zu Hause (Homerecording) genutzt und ist dem entsprchend in einem guten Zustand (technisch und optisch). Er kommt in Originalpackung, Anleitung und Netzteil” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“this is an electro harmonix drm-16 drum machine. seems to be working great. couldn’t really find much online to compare the sounds to….but i’ve had this for some time and its always sounded and worked great. a few scratches on the face…nothing major. may need a little contact cleaner in switches and pots from sitting.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Electro Harmonix @ 24 August 2010, Comments Off on Electro Harmonix DRM15

“This is an Electro Harmonix DRM15 Digital Rhythm Matrix drum machine from the early 1980s. This unit shows minor wear but works like it is supposed to and is all original. Very cool sounding drum machine. There are four different funk beats, four disco beats, four rock beats, and three miscellaneous beats- latin, reggae, and shuffle. You can also switch between standard mode, wood block, long cymbal, and short cymbal. There are three outputs- output 1, clock out, and bass out. And there is a switch to turn the Space Drum on. You can use the clock out to trigger arpeggiators on non-midi synthesizers. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.