Studio Electronics SE-1X Red Eye

`se1x “ABOUT THIS UNIT: Started life as normal SE-1 and went back to Analogia down the street here for a full rebirth as an “X” model. Only thing I didn’t swap out was the backplane – so it stills says SE1 on back. But new internals, audio input, display, new filter, overdrive/fuzz circuit like the CODE, new “RED EYE” faceplate, etc. Less than 50 hours use since its rebirth, so it’s very much “like new” as the X model.

Why Selling?

Spring cleaning stuff I bought over past several years and have not used much. Had influx of income for a few years and bought something like 50 synths and keyboards, and with my lack of time, I end up maybe using five of them. So, am cleaning house.


Minty fresh condition from Analogia; only remnant of the old box is the back case (basically the outer case except front panel is from old synth; everything else new; typical rack scratches and such). Smoke free, pet free home studio; gear never gigged, loaned, rented; never thrown around like a juggler on crack; never ever left out in the rain as part of a cake, etc.


Studio Electronics SE-1X “RED EYE”

Original box; factory manual.

Power cord.

(NOTE: will ship in larger box; won’t ship in the manufacturer box like Analogia did when shipping back to me; so double boxed!)” Click here to visit listing on eBay