3604, ARP @ 29 November 2017, Comments Off on ARP 3604-P Keyboard for ARP 2600

“This listing is for an ARP 3604-P keyboard that can be used to control an ARP 2600 synthesizer. This is only the keyboard! It is in very good cosmetic condition but I don’t have the equipment to test it’s functionality. Serial number is 361115. It was sold by a local university in a surplus sale recently. ” Link

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“Console 32″ x 18″ x 9″
Keyboard 35″ x 10″ x 6″ 3604-p
WEIGHT: 58 Ibs

Restored by the Arp loving expert Discrete Synths in Georgia.
The 2600 console is sounding and looking very nice. The keyboard electronics are now fully operational and calibrated.
On 3604 keyboard the rubber bushings are vulcanized leaving the keyboard mechanically noisy but plays OK now and you can replace the rubber yourself.
Some people decide not to bother with this, and get a MIDI converter to control the 2600 console instead .

The serial number had been removed from the inside of this unit sometime in the 70’s.
The cabinet has been recovered nicely years ago with a non factory tolex but looks very good. You couldn’t tell unless you were an expert into these kinds of details. Still looks cool.
Original owner was in Long Island in the 70’s and a friend but he’s not on this planet to ask these details anymore.
Ian Underwood told me a 2600 was the first synthesizer he owned.”

2600, 3604, ARP @ 14 June 2017, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with ARP 3604 Keyboard

“Console 32″ x 18″ x 9″
Keyboard 35″ x 10″ x 6″ 3604-p
WEIGHT: 58 Ibs

Restored by Discrete Synths
The 2600 console is sounding and looking very nice. The keyboard electronics are now fully operational and calibrated.
On 3604 keyboard the rubber bushings are vulcanized leaving the keyboard mechanically noisy but plays OK now and you can replace rubber yourself.
Some people decide not to bother with this, and get a MIDI converter to control the 2600 console instead .
The serial number has been removed from the inside of this unit in the 70’s and the cabinet has been recovered with a non standard type of tolex but looks very good. Original owner was in Long Island in the 70’s.
The electronics inside look fine.
Full operation as from the ARP factory, no audio upgrades.
New slider caps are included and there’s nothing to hide on this restored Arp 2600.” Link

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“Restored by Discrete Synths
The 2600 console is sounding and looking very nice. The keyboard electronics are now fully operational and calibrated.
On 3604 keyboard the rubber bushings are vulcanized leaving the keyboard mechanically noisy but plays OK now and you can replace rubber yourself.
Some people decide not to bother with this, and get a MIDI converter to control the 2600 console instead .
The serial numbers have been removed from the inside of this unit and the cabinet has been recovered with a non standard type of tolex. Original owner was in Long Island in the 70’s.
The electronics inside look fine.
Full operation as from the ARP factory, no audio upgrades.
New slider caps are included and there’s nothing to hide on this restored Arp 2600.” Link

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“Prized ARP 2600, fully functional with original user manual and patch cords. This unit has been completely overhauled, every slider pots has been disassembled, cleaned and re-lubed by myself 2 years ago. This is an early 2600 circa 1973 that has the patent infringed Moog filter 4012. The tolex is in pretty good condition given it is 44 years old. The face panel is in impeccable condition, no scratches or wear. The cable between the unit and keyboard has been replaced with a DIN type connector for a more reliable connection. Don’t really want to sell it but I need to downsize my studio, check out my other items. ” Link

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26003604 “FOR AUCTION: an original 1971 Tonus logo ARP 2600 semi modular analog synthesizer (model 2600P V1.0 according to discretesynthesizers.com, this is a pre-26xxx serial), complete with its original model 3604-P keyboard. I’ve owned and maintained this synthesizer for about 7 years, purchased locally from its original owner who had it in the back of his closet for years.

Condition: physically and electronically, this is among the nicest ARP synthesizers you’ll find from this era- even the Tolex on the synthesizer is in great shape (only the removable lids have notable peeling and I probably wouldn’t want to rely on them for heavy transport). Electronically, I initially had it restored by Greg Montalbano in Oakland (analogsynthservice.com) who, in addition to general restorative cleaning, also recapped the power supply, replaced the epoxy’d filter with the lower noise CMS 4012 and replaced the internal speakers with new ones purchased from the late Kevin Lightner. It has subsequently been maintained by Chris Hewitt / thisoldsynth.com who I had replace the epoxy’d VCO 2 submodule with a new CMS 4017; you can see his blog for the repair here: http://thisoldsynth.com/blog/2012/03/05/arp-2600-with-bad-vco/ . Both of the original ARP submodules that I’ve replaced will be included.

What’s included: Arp 2600 with keyboard and lids, original power cord, and cable that connects the keyboard to the synthesizer. Two Switchcraft Tiniplugs for shorting internal connections and a few gray patch cables to get you started patching the synthesizer.

What to expect: the synthesizer is in great condition but ultimately behaves like any synthesizer from the 1971– this is not a 2017 Moog Voyager, this will need time to warm up for the oscillators’ frequency to stabilize and the signal path is a little dirtier. The cable that connects the keyboard to the synthesizer is a little sensitive– it could be cleaned or replaced although you’re not going to notice this other than when you plug the two together. You will overdrive/distort the signal mixer if you run multiple VCOs/sound sources into it at too high of a collective volume– this is normal and I believe the CMS 4017 oscillator (VCO 2) outputs a hotter signal in general; you can back down the VCO levels to keep your tone clean or you can overdrive it by choice as with any mixer. The spring reverb is not isolated from the cabinet well at all– it is *very* sensitive to movement; both techs I’ve had work on the ARP have offered to isolate it but I absolutely love it the way it is, it is a gorgeous, messy reverb. I think the 2600 makes a great general spring unit, you can run a guitar or other signal right into the preamp. Ultimately, it’s in great shape but make sure you have a tech who can work on it should anything ever go wrong. It’s a heavy synthesizer and shipping will always be a real expense if you don’t have a local tech. Also– you can ignore the “Arpeggiator / Sequencer” part of eBay’s pre-populated product description, that’s inaccurate.”

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2600 “The synth has remained in my private studio since returning from Phil and has had minimal use over the years.
This Arp 2600 is in full working condition with minor cosmetic blemishes.
The 3604 Keyboard is in great shape – bushings / keys play very well.
NOTE: there is one broken potentiometer cap on the Sample & Hold “rate” (see photo). This is due to a little-lite falling from a shelf.
NOTE: ebay lists “Arpeggiator” and “Sequencer” under the items features, obviously this is not the case.”

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arp_23600 “you are bidding on a fully restored ARP 2600 ‘Tonus’ model and 3604 music keyboard

all sub – modules are original,

VCO’s are based on the 4027-1 sub modules

filter section is based on the 4012 ‘Moog’ sub module

service report included

come complete with both case and cabinet lids

metal hardware clips on cases have signs of rust and some tolex shows signs of age” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 30 November 2016, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with ARP 3604 Keyboard

26003604 ” For auction is an ARP 2600 v3 analog synthesizer with case cover and the coveted copper-cased 4012 Moog-ladder-filter-type filter as well as an original 3604 keyboard with case cover, featuring tuning, scaling, and portamento controls. The auction includes the connector cable that connects the synthesizer to the keyboard, the original power cable, seven 1/8th inch patch cables, and a plug for the filter section to defeat keyboard scaling of the filter cutoff, if desired.

This synthesizer is fully-functional. It was just serviced and cleaned by a very competent tech, and the keyboard was re-bushed.

The jacks have seen a lot of use, and are, in high-traffic patch areas, somewhat loose. Repositioning the cable (of the type included) is often required when patching in the CV region of the filter. The cable that connects the synth to the keyboard is fully functional, but is loose enough in general that you might not want to do an Edgar Winters (although there are guitar strap pegs on the edges of the keyboard!). These issues are very minor, but I wanted to be clear about them.

The tolex on the synth, the keyboard, and their case covers is original, and has wear, some slight tears, and one big tear on the bottom (see pictures). All of the fasteners are functional, but they and the other metal outer aspects on the case are worn with some spotting. One of the feet is loose, but simply requires tightening from inside the case. The faces of the synthesizer and of the keyboard are in good condition, and feature original caps and knobs.

This sale is undoubtedly one I will live to regret. I bought this synthesizer in 2006, and it has been one of the best synthesizers I have ever owned. I have used it in countless recordings, and it has served me well. It has lived in my cool, dry, smoke-free studio, and has been treated with care and respect. I am only selling it because I need funding for a business venture.” Link

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26003604 “ACCESSORIES – This item includes all the original accessories:power cord, keyboard cable, patch cables (listed above), manual, and 13 “Front Panel Facsimile” settings recall sheets. Otherwise it comes only as seen in photos, does not include any other accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION – Excellent. Both synthesizer and keyboard have a few very light scratches. The metal hardware & corner pieces are slightly oxidized. All parts are original. This is close to museum condition as you will find!

WORKING CONDITION – Excellent: The synth was just serviced to bring up to optimal working condition. The power supply caps were replaced and a number of age related issues were corrected” Link

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3604p “Up for Auction is a ARP 3604P Keyboard that combines with the ARP Synth 2600 (not included). I have not tested the keyboard but it appears to be in very nice shape. Sold As Is.” Link

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arp 2600 “Up for auction is an ARP 2600 synthesizer that has been in storage for over 30 years. Included are the lids or covers for both the main unit and the keyboard, a few patch cords as seen in the photo, and a quick start manual (original) and an owners manual (original). Please ask all questions before you bid. Item is being sold AS-IS please if your in the area come and inspect.” Link

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26003604 “I bought this as a collectors grade piece, but I just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it. It’s barely be used & sounds better then anything you’ve ever heard. There is 1 tiny flaw in the case, where it was bumped by another synth. The restoration work alone cost $4272.70USD. I’m including the power switcher from UK to USA voltage & the manuals.

Remarks: Although these are not rare by some vintage synth standards, finding an Arp 2600 in anything approaching even good condition is a real challenge in 2014. This is why we invest such a lot of time, resources and money into getting them restored to the highest possible level that can be achieved – a FULL cosmetic and operational project restoration!

This Arp 2600 comes with a 3604P keyboard controller, original Arp power cable, keyboard-to-synth cable, and runs EU 220V. The actual version is a 2600P V3.0, manufactured between 1972 to 1974.

Original Arp Filter for this model (un-encapsulated) 4072

VCOs are original (encapsulated) Arp 4027-1

VCA is (encapsulated) 4019

The restoration work we invest into the Arp 2600 is extensive (what we term Total Restoration). The work includes re-Tolexing the cabinets & lids, stripping the panels to bare metal and having them professionally repainted and screen-printed. We have all the sliders and sockets deep cleaned and the whole synth is electronically restored including the a PSU rebuild/re-cap etc. In addition, we have fitted a brand new 17 inch Acutronics Reverb Tank, and a full set of brand new slider caps.

This RL Music prepared Arp 2600 is over 40 years old, and is in ‘as-new’ condition. On average we spend around £2800 GBP just in restoration costs for these models (synth & keys), so there is no equivalent in terms of quality offered by any person, or business, in the world. If you have been looking to own the ‘perfect’ Arp 2600 then look no further. These highly pro-restored examples are all sold with a full 6 months warranty.” Link

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260 “Here is a serviced Arp 2600 keyboard. Looks and works good.” Link

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2600 “ARP 2600P Synthesizer with 3604P Keyboard
Comes with keyboard connection cable (original) and power cable (not original)

Up for auction is the incredible ARP 2600P Synthesizer with 3604P Keyboard. This is a functioning unit (with the exception of the issues listed below) and is cosmetically in great shape for being over 40 years old!

With minimal restoration this classic analog synthesizer could be restored to is original glory.

Serial Numbers: 26958 (synth) 36958 (keyboard)

Known Issues: Reverb unit is not functioning, Sine Wave normal on VCO-1 not functioning, Internal speakers not functioning, Cable between keyboard and synth unit works but has intermittent connection, crackling sound on sliders (will go away after being exercised)” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 16 December 2015, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604 Keyboard

260036004 “This ARP 2600 and 3604 have been extensively restored cosmetically and electronically. This 2600 look and sounds like new. Extensive work was put in to this restoration and the labor costs alone would exceed $5000 at our shop. Ebay only lets us post 12 photos. For a lot more photos, check out the New England Analog Facebook page. There are some before and after pics, and a lot of photos of the restoration process. Here is a list of the work that was done on this synthesizer:

ARP 3604 Keyboard:
All old rubber Pratt-Read key bushings were replaced with new bushings
Sample and hold capacitors replaced with WIMA capacitors
CV memory opamp replaced
Aftertouch sensor added to keyboard
Keyboard Bus bars (3 total) replaced with new ones
Keyboard leveled, lubed, calibrated
New tolex and hardware
Cinch Jones connector replaced with 8-Pin DIN

ARP 2600
Case stripped, repaired, re-tolexed
All case hardware, latches, handles, rubber feet, screws, corners, finish washers replaced
Recessed 8-Pin DIN jack added
Aftertouch circuit (0-10V, 10V=Maximum aftertouch pressure) added
Old power supply removed and replaced with a Power One linear supply (Much nicer than original)
All tantalum capacitors replaced with new tantalum capacitors
All polarized capacitors replaced
Opamps in audio signal path upgraded
Reverb driver circuit completely rebuilt down to the resistors (Now it is dead quiet even when driving the reverb tank at 100%)
Reverb tank replaced with 17″ Accutronics reverb tank.
Original 4019 VCA module replaced with modern clone (NEA4019) which uses very high quality matched SSM2220 and SSM2212 transistors as well as a Burr-Brown output opamp.
Power indicator lamp replaced
Unit fully calibrated

Currently, the aftertouch voltage output (0-10V) is connected to the bottom jack on the multiples. We can put a separate aftertouch jack(s) wherever the buyer would like it. The ideal spot would be to place the new Aftertouch Out right above the multiple jacks. This can be discussed with us privately.

All various electronic problems with unit have been addressed and solved. ” Link

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2600 “This ARP 2600 is in fair cosmetic condition. Board 4 has a short on +15. Once the power connector is removed +and – supplies come up. No other testing has been done. Sold as is for restoration.” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 16 September 2015, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604 Keyboard

2600“Vintage ARP 2600 synthesizer with ARP keyboard model 3604-P

Serial number as seen in photo

One knob missing (left speaker) all others present

patch cords included

Several slight scratches on Cases

No lids/covers

Has been in house for 30 years never used

I know very little about this equipment.

Nice condition” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 16 September 2015, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604 Keyboard

26003604“This auction is for an ARP 2600 Synthesizer and keyboard in good working condition with original patch cables (3 used remaining still wire tied), power cable and cable to connect the synthesizer to the keyboard. Original Owners manual and patch book are included as well. The outer box has some slight wear from storage. It appears to be in good working order, powers on and makes various sounds when adjusting the knobs. All knobs are original.” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 03 June 2015, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604P Keyboard

userd arp2600“Arp 2600, Model 3604-p keyboard. Manuals and Patchbook for the 2600, new patch cables, power cord, and keyboard to synth connector plus keyboard extension cable. Pictures are of the actual unit for sale.

The synth is fully functioning and sounds amazing. It could however probably use a service at an appropriate point. A few of the sliders are a little noisy and will need cleaning or replacing.

The unit has been tinkered with in it’s past to add in some additional pots and switches. They actually add some really useful functionality. Each oscillator has an extra pot which provides extra fine tune which is really useful when dialling in any syncing between the oscillators. Each oscillator also has a 3 position switch that switches the oscillator octave. Very useful for building stacked oscillators quickly rather than using the frequency slider. On the ADSR you can see a switch over the attack and release sliders. The attack switch doubles the attack range and the release switch half the release range.

Overall the condition on the tolex would be best described as ‘well used’. Understandable for its age. I would suggest this is not an example for the purest synth collector but rather a great example of a 2600 to be played and used. The modifications greatly help the playability of the synth. I have found them really useful over the 5 years I have owned this wonderful synth. I will be very sorry to see her go.

The synth has spent the last 5 years in my home studio. ” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 13 May 2015, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604 Keyboard

2600 “Selling a beautiful Synth monster. You won’t believe how inspiring the 2600 is to play. The built in reverb is incredible. Just had serviced and tuned for the sale at Audio Rehab in Burbank, CA. I hate to see it go, but it’s time to move on.

The tolex has some usual wear. Check out the photos and see how really clean the panel is. This model has the Tonus Arp logo.
Includes binder with 100 patches and a few patch cables to get you started.” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 13 May 2015, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604-P Keyboard

26003604“Serial on Synthesizer: 26685
Serial on Keyboard: 36692

Some etching below each serial number plate on each unit (can be seen in photos).

New power cable and 6 Pin Cinch Jones Keyboard Connecting cable recently purchased and included.
Jones cable is 10 ft. long.

Synth. and Keyboard were purchased new from an educational facility here in Wisconsin back in the ’70’s. Was used for educational purposes/educational performances/etc.

Unit recently brought to a technician who has worked with ARP’s and similar for the past two decades. I had him thoroughly test the unit – testing each aspect to see its current performance. Tech played the unit for about an hour in my presence the entire time.




Both the synth and keyboard have the storage covers that stay connected with the metal latches. There is one metal latch on the synth that is broken, however the others hold the cover on nicely and both can be transferred by the carrying handle.

One slider cap missing on one slider in the bottom middle of the synth board.” Link

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” This arp 2600 has been in a smoke free studio for ten years. Comes with original keyboard and cables. Arp powers up and makes sound.” Link

3604, ARP @ 24 December 2014, Comments Off on ARP 3604P

360-4p“For sale is this vintage mid-1970s ARP 3604P keyboard controller for an ARP 2600. This particular example, serial number 361297, is in nice all original condition. It works perfectly and is a must have for any 2600 without the matching gray panel controller. This is a very rare opportunity to properly pair your valuable vintage synth with an original controller. It will undoubtedly enhance the value of your piece, and make it exponentially easier to use. I offer Free Worldwide Shipping, so don’t miss out!” Link

3604, ARP @ 26 November 2014, Comments Off on ARP 3604P

arp 3604p“Up for Bid is a Vintage ARP KeyBoard Model# 3604-P Serial# 1688 For your ARP 2600 Synthesizer

it is Untested but in Good Used Condition with minor cosmetic Wear. Buying As Is.” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 12 November 2014, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604-P Keyboard

used arp 2600“I am not a synthesiser expert though my friend is a musician and music producer, so he will be able to help with some questions, although you’ll have to bear with us on the more technical aspects of synthesiser programming.

The brain and keyboard have just been returned from a full service by Andy Jury at Synth Prof and so are operating perfectly and are covered by their three month warranty dated 01/10/14. 

As you can see it packs down into two protective cases and comes with the original 2600 manual, recet repair receipts, service history dating back to 2011, mains cable, interface cable (keyboard to brain) and a large collection of patch cables.

It is in fantastic condition for it’s age and though it is not perfect cosmetically (various nicks in the tolex, a modification to the side of the case where the mains socket has been replaced/updated and two small melt marks on two keys of the 3604-P) none of these hamper its performance in any way and are very minor when taking into account the vintage nature of this instrument.

The serial number is 2601-0*5*.” Link

3604, ARP @ 05 November 2014, Comments Off on ARP 3604P Project Machine

arp 3604p” FOR SALE: ARP 3604-P Keyboard controller for use with ARP 2600. Serial #361-297
A must if your ARP 2600 is missing one.
Physical condition is very good with light scuffs and normal oxidation.
Has not been fully tested. The CV op amp is bad and needs replacing ($50 part and easy labor)” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 24 September 2014, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604 Keyboard

“ARP 2600 Synthesizer complete
This is a classic and highly collectible vintage instrument from the late 1970’s.

It is complete and in good working condition with it’s original case lid (all catches work)
Comes with original 360 remote keyboard & cables.
All functioning apart from the low D key on the keyboard which I guess could easily be fixed.
both internal speakers work fine too.

It also comes with all the original manuals and paperwork including the large foldout as pictured above.
This sale also includes the following patch cables also as pictured

1 x spare keyboard umbilical cable 176 cms
11 x mini jack patch cables 90 cms
8 x mini jack patch cables 180 cms
1 x spare 110v mains lead 24 cms

It is an original American instrument and requires a 110v mains transformer when powered in Europe.” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 30 July 2014, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604P Keyboard

Arp 2600 model 2600P with 3604P keyboard and original manual.

This 2600 has the famous Arp 4012 “Moog copy” filter inside.

Classic and highly desirable music instrument. Has become exceedingly rare, people buy them and keep them!

Manual is in good condition, some scribblings inside but perfectly usable.

Overall this instrument is in very good condition but shows some sings of use/age.

The front panel and the keyboard look smooth, key action is good.

Both the original cover for the keyboard and the instrument are included with the sale.

Tolex shows sings of use and has some minor damages but nothing extraordinary.

Its a old synth!! Has seen some life i guess, please accept that it is from early 1970’ies.” Link

2500, 3604, ARP @ 23 July 2014, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with ARP 3604P

” Ugh. It’s killing me to have to have to sell her. But recent events have deemed it necessary. You’re bidding on an ARP 2600 (2600p V 3.0 if you’re super geeky) with keyboard. Only had 2 owners. Unfortunately it’s spent many years in basement studios. So the case has some wear but the condition of the board is FANTASTIC! Both speakers work. The great Arp reverb is working as well. Some of the sliders have some slight static but overall sound is great. The biggest issue and one I’ve had for over 20 years, is the keyboard doesn’t seem to work. Not sure if it’s the connectors or the wire but I’ve never gotten it to fully work. I usually patched in my Odyssey II to have use of a keyboard. But mostly I would just play it with out a keyboard using the sliders. Or plugging in a guitar to it. It definitely will require work to get her in “brand new” condition. But as it stands this synth is in GREAT shape! I’m also including a binder full of patches! I’m selling her as is, buyer to pay s/h to be determined based on weight etc. (I won’t rip you off. See my feedback. I’m a good seller!)” Link

3604, ARP @ 23 April 2014, Comments Off on ARP 3604-P

“Up for sale is one ARP 3604P keyboard in 100% working condition and great cosmetic condition. All keys are even; it was recently calibrated, so all 4 octaves are bang on 1v/oct exactly. This unit was VERY well kept, and bought from the original owner; the bushings are in fine shape, and the manual does not play “clanky” like some pratt read manuals get when the bushings dry out. I had a custom packaging job done to ensure it will not be damaged in shipping. ” Link

2500, 3604, ARP @ 12 February 2014, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604P Keyboard

“ARP 2600P and 3604P Keyboard.

2600 serial # 26761
3604 serial # 36720

This is a great opportunity to obtain a classic synth that needs minor repairs at a very reasonable price.

I’m selling my ARP 2600 to fuel my 5U modular addiction. I’ve owned this ARP for 10 years. I’m an amateur musician and this instrument was used in my smoke-free home studio.

It has seen little use in the past five years. The tolex is not in great condition as can be seen from the photographs. There is no damage to the underlying wood case. When I plugged everything in to test it, I found the ENVELOPE SECTION IS NOT WORKING. EVERYTHING ELSE FUNCTIONS AS IT SHOULD. Some of the sliders are scratchy as one would expect with an instrument this age. There are three missing slider caps (left speaker, one inverter and the lag slider in the voltage processor section). Both speakers work. All keys on the keyboard work. The lowest G key is slightly raised but functional.” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 29 January 2014, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604-P Keyboard

“grey arp 2600 V2.0 from 1971
its the way more rare version with the original logo
and the more amazing oscillators. well 2 of them.

ocs 1 & osc 2 are 4027 (very rare)
osc 3 is the 4027-1, which was used later in the g-clef models.
it has the 4013 moog ladder filter, which is completely identical to the 4012
besides some different attachement points of how to implement it in the arp solo of that time.

it sounds truly AMAZING, (imo better then the 72-75 g-clef arp 2600 of a friend i heard a while ago) and works flawlessly.
it has the 3604-p keyboard, which has been bushed and completely restored by its previous american owner a couple of years ago. plays exceptionally well (since its known to be a troublesome keyboard, but mine works great)

its in very good state for its age, but has some wear on the outside tolex and of course some scratches etc here and there. nothing major imo. see pictures.” Link

2600, 3604, ARP @ 28 January 2014, Comments Off on ARP 2600 with 3604P Keyboard

“After much soul searching and watching my baby sit unused for SO long now, it’s time to let someone else put her to good use…Up for sale is my ARP 2600, (ARP 2600P v3.0 to be specific). Circa 1973, it has the larger reverb tank along with the monophonic keyboard. When I picked her up 20 years ago, she had been sitting silent for years after apparently showing her stuff on stage throughout the ’70’s (note the custom 6’+ cable and neck strap buttons on the keyboard – someone wanted to be mobile while performing!). As a result the tolex is worn around the edges (see pics), no major tears just standard wear & tear from a beloved instrument. The cases have tape and stenciled numbers which for me just adds to its bad@ss-ness ’cause you KNOW she’s seen her share of ’70’s fun! All the graphics are good to near perfect, I don’t believe ANYTHING has rubbed off. All the sliders work and I think I’m missing only one or two caps (an easy replacement that I never bothered to get around to!).

NOW FOR THE FUN! She worked great from the get go, but I wanted her to SPARKLE so 10 or so years ago I shipped her off to Phil Cirocco at CMS (If you don’t know about Phil check him out! If he was good enough to repair Alan Pearlman he was good enough for me!) for a FULL audio path upgrade along with a power supply rebuild. In addition he made some repairs to unDO any “creative” repairs made in the past. The result is a smooth as silk, extra headroom sound that is PURE 2600. I will ship the keyboard and console separately, each “wrapped to invisibility” with heavy bubble-wrap before being securely boxed and shipped INSURED ONLY via UPS. Shipping charges are at $200 but it may be more or less depending (I’ll get an exact quote). Bidders outside the US contact me BEFORE bidding (along with 0 history ebayers!). PAYPAL ONLY!” Link

3604, ARP @ 15 January 2014, Comments Off on ARP 3604-P

“Building the TTSH or need a keyboard for your ARP 2600?

For sale is an original “Tonus” 3604-P ARP 2600 Keyboard Controller.

In fairly good condition considering it’s age (rusted corner and handle metalwork) and one key has an unfortunate cigarette burn (see pic)

The keyboard outputs all work fine, but is in need of some TLC – the 3 keyboard busses (CV, Gate and Trigger) need cleaning, and the keyboard springs could also do with realigning and cleaning.

Sadly the cover is missing but a simple plywood cover is supplied (see pic)

An interface cable is also supplied, but is terminated in a 6 pin DIN plug (-15v, +15v, 0v, CV, Gate, Trigger) – Pin out diagram is available.” Link