Sequential Circuits Studio 440

“Sequential Studio 440 in amazing condition with many upgrades

Only 500 made and this is #289. Way more powerful than an SP1200 and not overpriced and played out. Be different and use something hardly anyone else has on your productions! Plus the 440 gets way more dirtier with 3 sample rates unlike one with the SP. Plus you have 8 fully adjustable filters unlinke only 2 on the SP1200 which are non adjustable. This 440 has cutoff and resonance control on each of it’s 8 CEM 3389 low pass filters. Plus this is real 12-bit and not voodoo trickery DSP with machines that have “SP1200” and “12bit” modes. This is the real deal here. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Studio 440

“For sale is a ultra rare, Sequential Studio 440 drum machine/sampler/sequencer. Led screen works! Rare find here. It shows signs of wear, Multiple pictures are there to show unit condition. Data entry fader knob is missing, the data entry fader works, I use a toothpick, a fader knob is .99c on the bay. Also the floppy eject button is missing, also a toothpick works, I’m sure you can be more creative than me. Knobs will be removed for shipping. They slide on and off. Firmware is 2.10 feb 1988. Unit is very clean on the inside as pictured. I will package and ship this unit knowing a rare gem is inside.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Studio 440

“Beautiful and rare Studio 440 available.

Used by Basic Channel/Chain Reaction, Deepchord, Dan the Automator, Three Times Dope, Cevin Key, Aphex Twin, etc. Way more powerful than an SP-12 and SP-1200 with only 2 analog filters instead of only 8 on the Studio 440, and over 30 seconds of sample time with scsi. Only 500 units ever made by Sequential Circuits.

Purchased from a Sequential collector who babied the unit with very minimal usage. Probably the most clean 440 left in existence on earth. Look at the others that are torn up and selling for more. The unit was purchased directly from Dave Smith himself.

Fully working. Comes with new pads, new data slider, and new blue OLED display. Stunning condition and cheaper then the other 2 440’s that are posted on another auction site. Comes with 20 original Sequential library floppies and original Owners manual and Service guide, and with the latest and last OS eproms from PointSource, and power cable. Vintage unit with no returns. But feel confident with my feedback that the transaction will be solid. I hope the unit will be purchased by someone who knows the power of the Studio 440, and can appreciate how cherry, although not new out of the box, but wonderfully well taken care of this unit is in. This is #29 of only 500 ever made. You will never find a cleaner 440. ”
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Sequential Circuits Studio 440

“Excellent Condition Sequential Studio 440 #52!
I am the original owner of this beauty, and I have kept it in excellent working condition. This unit has lived in my recording studios for it’s entire life and has been used on MANY Chicago House, Techno, Hip-Hip, and even Rock records. Among its many years worth of records that were made with this one was SPEED RACER by The Alpha Team – made with this Studio 440.
Everything on this Studio 440 works perfectly. It has a freshly rebuilt POWER SUPPLY, it has a brand new bright blue LED screen, it has a brand new data slider, all brand new drum trigger pads, and a brand new floppy drive.
Additionally, and for free, I am including a second brand new floppy drive and another full set of 8 brand new drum trigger pads, an Iomega Zip Drive for external SCSI storage, and both the original operating manual and the service manual. I will also add in some sample disks from around the studio, several spare replacement buttons, and the original faint green LCD screen that you can put back in if you’re a Studio 440 purist.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Studio 440

440 “Legendärer und sehr seltener Sampler, Sequencer, Synchronizer von Sequential Circuits!

In sehr gutem Zustand. Das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei. Alle Kontakte wurden gereinigt.

Lediglich die 8 Gummipads müssen erneuert werden, da das Gummi sich altersbedingt auflöst. Gumipads kann man bei der Firma Winecountry bestellen oder man steuert die Pads extern via Midi an.

Auf dem Gerät läuft die letzte Softwareversion Studio 440 Plus from Pointsource aus dem Jahr 1987. Das Gerät wurde 1986 beim Synthesizerstudio Bonn erworben. Es stammt aus erster Hand und steht seit 25 Jahren im Tonstudio.

Mit dabei sind sämtliche Bedienungsanleitungen und ca.100 Sounddisketten inclusive der Werkssound Disketten vom Hersteller.

Legendary and very rare Sampler from Sequential Circuits in very good condition. Only the pads have to be replaced. The rubber is too old. With Manuals and about 100 3,5 Floppy Sound Discs.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Studio 440

studio-440 “Here for sale a Studio 440 Plus

Sequential Circuits produced around 550 units so this one is one the last produced regarding its 00554 serial number

Fully refurbished :

– OS 2.30 Pointsource (the 440 works perfectly with Iomega SCSI zip drive and other SCSI devices now)
– 8 x new generation thick black pads
– Data slider
– LED display
– Brand new Floppy Drive

The Studio 440 is perfect working and in good condition , see pictures” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Studio 440

STUDIO 440 “Powers up and appears to work however I am unable to thoroughly test.

This unit runs on 110V but I won’t be throwing in a step-down converter (I need the one I have). They can be converted internally to 240v without needing a tech. I had a squiz inside and there is definitely the option for 240v (it says so in print on the power supply cover). But I wasn’t 100% certain I had identified the correct jumper so I left it where it was and closed the lid. That’s about as techy as I get.

Here’s what I know:

The (known) good news:

Powers up and display responds to almost all button presses.

All buttons appear to work, though I could not check the ‘auto repeat’ button, the ‘tap’ or the transport controls because nothing is loaded.

The (known) bad news:

Needs a new data slider and the pads look pretty warn. These parts are readily available from Wine Country. The right locator button is definitely faulty but can get to the same spot using the left locator (it will loop around to the same character, but a working right button would mean you get to certain characters quicker ie. directly to the immediate right of the current cursor location). Also, the plastic label sticker is lifting in the top right corner (of the sticker) and looks a bit untidy (see pics). Could be glued back down to neaten it up. Also, although the screen works, it’s not backlit.

My summary:

It appears to be working albeit with faults and issues mentioned above. I just wasn’t prepared to spend the time with it to sample and sequence, etc without a manual, which is non-existant for download, but again, available from Wine Country. As such, I’m pricing it at around half price from the previous working one which sold for around $2800US mid last year sometime.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Sequential Circuits Studio 440