EMS, Poly Synthi @ 12 October 2010, Comments Off on EMS Polysynthi

“Here we have a true synth-oddity: an EMS Polysynthi.

Not noted for its richness of timbral expression, but certainly one of the weirdest and rarest synths around, and this particular Polysynthi is one of the most collectable too, as it has a rather interesting history behind it.

I’ll start with the history lesson first – I’m selling this Polysynthi on behalf of it’s owner, Mike Hall, who used to be synth technician for the previous owner of this eccentric electrical item, a certain Mr. Vincent Clarke of Basildon – former founder member of Depeche Mode, and Yazoo, and currently with Erasure.

Mike bought the synth on behalf of Vince in 1990 from the latter day Mr EMS himself Robin Wood (a scan of the letter from Robin confirming which is included in the photos in this listing) but he literally ended up rescuing it from Vince’s rubbish skip, after having been both surprised and shocked to hear Vince claim it was ‘the worst sounding synth ever made’ and had decided to get rid of it. Mike was to be its saviour, and he whisked it away to the safety of his abode – this Polysynthi has subsequently been used by fellow Mute Records artists Komputer (previously known as I Start Counting) who’ve borrowed it from Mike occasionally, as indeed have I for my own musical exploits.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.