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se “This unit has been taken care of with love and affection, and it truly shows in the condition. The screen is still bright and strong, the disk drive is still robust and responsive. All buttons and sliders work flawlessly and there are no rack rash, major scratches, dings or dents. To find a unit this old still in such good condition is truly a rarity. Unit comes with owners manual, and a 11 disk sound library with various instruments, fx, strings, pads, drones, and more. ”

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emaxse “This unit has been taken care of with love and affection, and it truly shows in the condition. The screen is still bright and strong, the disk drive is still robust and responsive. All buttons and sliders work flawlessly and there are no rack rash, major scratches, dings or dents. Unit comes with power cable, owners manual, and a 15 disk sound library with various instruments, fx, strings, pads, drones, and more. To utilize the SE capabilities, you are going to need an SE disk, which can be easily found on ebay. I’ve never needed it, personally because as a synthesizer, it is a little dated and obsolete. Will ship only to the continental 48 states. All sales final. ” Link

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EMU EMAX II “For you consideration an E-mu Emax in excellent conditions. The audio outputs are really loud. I will be moving out of the counry in the next 1-2 month, and I’m selling almost all my music instruments that I cannot take with me. I will be selling the keyboard with its original , fully working floppy reader, and not the Usb reader shown in the pictures, as I will be selling it separately. Included the O.S Disk. Its very hard to find this synth in such good conditions. Its a very interesting synth with some very beautiful sounding pads. I tried to test to the beast of my intent, and I’m selling it as is.” Link

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emu_ema “This Emax is fully functional (all buttons, outputs, lights work). The SD drive replaces floppy drive and includes an SD card, containing over 170 compatible disk images, including 139 from the Emu library (ZD700 and ZD800 series). Very good cosmetic condition (minor scratches, clear coat worn off next to “Enter”).” Link

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Emu Emax HD

Good working order. Includes 90 working floppies and internal hard drive with an additional 30 banks of sounds. Original manual and power cord also included. Original sound libraries can also be downloaded for free from 3rd parties. Just Google it! Same sample engine/sound as Emu SP 1200 drum machine. Enclosure has a bit of rack rash, but the front facia is in really good condition. Powers up most reliably with a floppy in the drive. Without a floppy in the drive, the hard drive may not spin up but this can be corrected by power cycling the unit a few times.” Link

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emu emax se” Fully Functional. Backup disk included. Missing button on the volume slider, but still works without it (see photo attached).

12 bit sampling synth

Voice architecture is subtractive, (i.e. Sample->VCF->VCA). A monophonic mode is provided.” Link

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emaxse “For your consideration a E-MU EMAX RACK DIGITAL SAMPLER. Model 1020. powers up and tested. It is missing the data knob. It is also MISSING DISK. no manual. Display working. Being sold without disk and missing knob. great cosmetic condition.” Link

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emax“EMU EMAX 1000 Sampling Synthesizer Keyboard with expensive Anvil case

case 19 x 9 x 46

the anvil case is worth $500, case is structurally sound… but the foam is breaking down and comes loose,The case this weighs 66 pounds (very heavy)
the keyboard powers on and the only defect in the entire thing is 1 key has a hole in it… don’t know how it got there as I am selling for my mother inlaw and it has been in her closet for may years

Description: . comes as seen. standard computer style power cord NOT inlcuded. Model is a 1000. please see pictures.

Condition: powers on and LED diplays well. LED reads insert Disc. I do not have any discs to test it so I cannot test it any further. Physically in very good shape. some light scratches and wear. since I cannot test this unit I will have to sell it AS-IS, no returns. ” Link

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emax hs “This is used E-mu Systems Emax HD SE (Spectrum Interpolation) Rack Mounted Digital Sampler, complete with power cord that was pulled from a fully functioning analog studio. The item was never used on the road and is in overall very good/good and fully functional condition. The power button is missing the external plastic cap as are the 2 sliders potentiometers on the left side of the unit but these all still properly work. . All other buttons are tested and function properly. there are a few scratches from being placed in a rack, but these are somewhat expected on a nearly 30 year old piece of vintage equipment. ” Link

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Unit powers on… I put a random floppy disk in the drive and it does try to read it and I get an error message as it is the wrong disk.. so the drive seems to be working ok.

Auction is for 1020 Emax sampler with AC power cable only, as pictured… No other accessories included.” Link

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emax” Emu EMAX SE – classic sampler with analog filters and warm sound. Does not have the SE disk. Comes with the normal EMAX 1 disk. Comes with power cable. Comes with printed manual. Local pickup only, Downtown Los Angeles.” Link

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emax hd“Purchased in 1990 for $2,500. Worked last time I turned it on around 10 years ago. Currently, turns on, but getting a load error. Could be the disk, but am unsure. Am willing to test if you have an operating system disk.” Link

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“Classic E-Mu Systems EMAX digital synthesis/sampler with analogue processing. The keyboard goes through diagnostics and attempts to load the system, but the hard drive does not spin up sometimes. This is known as spindle bearing ‘stickshun’. After a power cycle or two the drive with then spin up and you can hear it being accessed during ‘load system”. You can then begin using the keyboard. I have no software on floppy for it, but there are sources out there as well as a utility called OmniFlop which will allow you to read/write disks. The backlight on the LCD screen is good as well as the LCD screen itself. You can see from the photos that the keyboard is complete and none of it’s chips (including the SSM chips) have been removed. Due to the hard drive issue, this keyboard is sold AS-IS for repair or for parts.” Link

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” E-MU EMAX I HD – ANALOG Version with 20MB built-in HDD. 110v-220v.
In original box!
In 1987 it was a few months exhibits a musical instrument store. It was not switched on, togglesed, etc.
All the buttons and labels as well as the wear indicator and inside it is in 100% new condition!
It seems lot of small light straches at the bottom – it was stacked in the shop place by place, and the bottom of the H1 key is broken (but working) when stowed into the box finnaly.
So it was in stock 27 years!
Like a new – in beautiful condition.” Link

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“Emu Emax 1 Vintage Sampler

This machine is an absolute classic. Used in countless pop, industrial, and dance records. Mid 80s sound with analog filter. Absolutely amazing aliasing when you pitch down. 12 bit and widely regarded as the poor man’s SP1200. Analog filter is to die for.” Link

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“Here we have a


I took this in on trade.

I have pictured it powered up and asking for a disc , but alas I have no discs for this machine.

Because of that I am unable to test it.

Please see pictures for cosmetic condition.

Because I can do no tests other than powering it up I am starting the bidding low and selling it AS IS with NO RETURNS.” Link

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“Scratches all over, some dents, a piece of the power button is broken
Missing one screw” Link

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“Angeboten wird ein gebrauchter, eventuell defekter Emax Sampler Model 1021, Version 2.10
mit2 M Memory card Expansion , mit Netzkabel.
Bedienungsanleitung beiliegend.
Einige Dellen und Kratzer am Gehaeuse.
Geraet laedt und laesst sich bedienen.” Link

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“Here’s a used Emu Emax synthesizer. excellent condition structurally. I’m a guitar player (allegedly), not a keyboard player, so I don’t know a lot about it. I know there were several versions of this keyboard made. It says it’s model 1000 on the serial tag, meaning production of this model started in 1988 (see below), and apparently one of the early one’s at that, judging by the low serial number. It lights up when you turn it on, gives a message on the display about not having a disk in it. I can’t tell you honestly that I know for sure that it 100% works, but I’m pretty sure it does. ” Link

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“Emax 1 SE with the HxC Floppy Emulator installed. I’ve never seen an Emax rack with HxC offered on eBay, so this is likely a rare occasion. Get it before someone else does! It also has a super bright backlight that was recently installed. The face of the unit is in excellent shape with all original buttons and sliders and everything works as it should. No sticky buttons or bad outputs. There is some rack rash on the top of the unit, but when racked this thing looks great. This unit is most known for its analog filters and close resemblance to the sound of the SP1200. I’m also including a library 42 professionally sampled virtual floppies. The list of this library is shown in the pics. These are all in the 8GB SD card that’s included in the auction.” Link

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“This unit has been in an operational condition working in my studio for almost 2 decades. Since moving over to an almost all digital platform using Ableton, this keyboard has been sitting on its perch waiting to be used. I have little desire to let this unit go because of its value to production but financial constraints are forcing this sale.” Link

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“This Emax rack, model 1020 was a store demo unit. As you can see, it is literally mint and unused. Everything is original and it was never actually sold until I came across it in the basement of a closing music store years ago.
I have booted it up and played it and everything checks out. All original packaging, literature and addendum’s are included. The best part of the whole thing in my opinion are the rack ears. They have never been installed on the unit. Ever.
I think the pictures speak for themselves, so have at it. You won’t find another like this again.
If you are wanting one of these for a collection or just want one that is practically new and unused, then this is it.” Link

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“Up for auction is an Emu Emax SE keyboard that I have that is in great shape. I have to apologize for some of the poor pictures, just wanted to show that the disk drive works and that the display is showing
what sound is being accessed. The keyboard itself is inf fine shape with very few scratches and has that
12 bit sound that you love. Also comes with 30 disks with assorted sounds.” Link

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“Emu Emax is a responsive easy-to-use musical instrument with staggering creative possibilities, a chance to have hundreds of acoustic and electronic instruments “on call” at any one time. The keyboard can play up to eight notes simultaneously. However, in some cases each note can contain two different sounds. Sounds are stored on the old styled double-sided, double-density (DS/DD) 3.4” floppy diskettes (one disc is included). This vintage professional keyboard is in very good condition, has been stored from a ‘90’s contemporary Christian road band (often accompanying Rich Mullins)” Link

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Powers up and has disk error.

I have not fully tested the machine. It may work perfectly or not.

The floppy I have may have a bad formatting or it could be that the floppy drive is having trouble.

I am not an expert with these older machines, so this is being sold As-Is.

Includes power cord and 1 floppy disk.

Good physical condition, some scuffs.

Missing the volume slider cap.” Link

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“A Classic 12 Bit Sampler in Excellent Condition.!

This powerful and flexible sampler still sounds fantastic, in all of its 12 bit glory.

This keyboard has spent its entire life in a smoke free home studio and has never seen a gig.

The heart and soul of the industrial sound of the early 90’s.

Own an excellent example of a classic sampling synth.

Includes all original discs and Sample Library” Link

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“Sie bieten auf ein funktionsfähiges Emu Digital Keyboard mit geringen Gebrauchsspuren.

Incl. Netzkabel. Diskettenlaufwerk eingebaut.” Link

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“E-mu-Emax 1020 Rack, seriennummer 8450497

Synthesizer/Sampler, 12 bit Sampler

Ca.25 Jahre alt.

mit ca. 50 Sample-Cds

Gerät wurde aktuell auf Funktion getestet und zeigte keine Probleme.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This Auction includes the following items:

A:) Emax I 12-bit digital sampler/synthesizer (SE HD “Emax Plus Rev 1.0” ) with CEM ANALOG Filters. 8 Voices with 512kb memory.
B:) Power cord
C:) Emax Owners Manual (printed copy)
D:) Copy of EMXP software (this is free from emxp(dot)net) This software is a “Emu Sampler Disk and File Utility Software for Microsoft Windows”
E:) New installed Slim Floppy Drive
F:) New PCD-50b SCSI C.F.(Compact flash 20mb max) Drive
G:) New LED 16×2 Display Matrix (new technology LED back-light, no EL foil)
H:) Extensive Emax Factory sound Library and EMU Emulator library/third party Collection
G:) PCMCIA to Compact flash card adapter with 2GB memory card (Emax can only see 20mb, software limitation 1987 tech.)

Cosmetically this sampler/synthesizer is 7 out of 10, there are some scratches/scuffs and one key with a small crack that has been repaired.(please see pictures)
The Emax is from 1987 and is 24 years old.
Functionally the Emax is in perfect working order, Key contacts where cleaned recently and work/play great.
This Emax is updated with the SE HD “Emax Plus Rev 1.0″ operating system, there is no hard drive, it has been replaced with a new PCD-50b CF drive, (way more stable than a 24 year old Hard drive),
The CF drive also makes no sound when being addressed. The CF drive allows you to store all your samples/patches on reliable Compact Flash Media(20mb max). Please note you will need a PC with a CF drive card reader and/or Laptop with a free pcmcia port.
The only port that the Emax can read is the pcmcia slot, dont try any other cards, they will not work. That being said this Emax also has a new Slim Floppy drive to access all your old unreliable floppys. With this setup you do not need a floppy to boot, you can boot from the CF drive.
For more information on this setup please check out the following yahoo group groups.yahoo.com/group/emax/
As well as the OS upgrade the Floppy upgrade and CF upgrade this Emax also has a new 16×2 High Contrast Display with a modern LED back-light. Please note the Emax plastic case was slightly modified to fit this new display.

Incuded in this auction is most of the available orginal Emax Sample Library, as found on the Yahoo group page and on Herman Seib’s page.
ZD700-ZD858. Also included are the third party Emulator librarys from Northstar Gold and OMI Volume I and II. With the EMXP software the Emax can load Emulator banks.
Many producers are still using this instrument today check out the current issue of Future Music and the interview with Lifelike.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is an E-mu Emax SE Synthesizer – 12-bit Sampler keyboard in very good condition! Comes with everything you see in the photographs related (but not he cases the disks are in), including the disks shown in the pictures samples/voices/presets/sequences/patches/ etc… The hardcase for protection with the key to lock it and power cord are included as well. I can’t guarantee all of the disks work because they are old but I do know that in the worst case most of them do work fine. The Emu Emax SE was used by tons of artists on both classic songs to current hits…… definitely a fine example of a professional sampler synthesizer!! Everything functions as it should. I will be sure to pack it very securely in the hardcase to ensure safe arrival.

The cases that the disks are in are not included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“E-MU, EMU, Emax SE Sampling Keyboard, w/SCSI and SPYRUS SCSI Card Reader. Happy Bidding and Good Luck.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“EMU EMAX 1 Rack Mount Sampler.
Model #1020
512k Memory
20MB Hard Drive (The drive is loaded with sounds).
Has OS on internal chip for booting up and operating. (No OS Disk needed!)
Power Cord.

This sampler works and sounds great. There is some film on the front panel that is flaking off. Please look at the pictures and understand this is what the unit looks like and it will arrive just as pictured. This stuff can come off with some elbow grease.
The disk drive can get sticky at times but it does work. I loaded sounds from the disk drive today to ensure it still works.

This sampler is sold as-is with no warranty. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Emu Emax is a 16 bit sampling keyboard. It plays sounds and sequences that are loaded into it’s hard drive by disks. I will include 45 self made disks, 8 factory disks and 8 blank disks. 100’s of sounds. All the keys are in working order. Also included is a manual, power cord and gig bag.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ich biete hier mein emu emax se an er kommt aus ein nichtraucher studio .dabei sind noch ein ein paar disketten mit sounds” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is a very rare E-mu Emax SE 12-bit digital sampler. The disk drive in this unit does NOT work. Please read below for full disclosure on the unit. The unit is functional otherwise.

These units are very sought after and can color your sound in ways that no other device can. The Emax is an incredible sampler for hiphop samples and drums. The filter on this unit is a beast. The variable sample rate is very useful and nothing can give drums the 12-bit crunch like E-mu (a la SP-1200/SP-12). The unit is in good cosmetic shape on the front and has some paint wear on the top and sides. Still looks great in the rack!!. Data sliders work 100% and are very smooth. (smoother then any unit I have used). LCD display still works great.

Unit is a verison 2 board which means you can upgrade it to have the SCSI interface mod. Check out the yahoo groups Emax forum for more info on this. (Highly recommended have another unit with this and it rocks).

********PLEASE READ************
There several things about this unit that must be disclosed.
1) The disk drive does NOT function. However I can assure you the unit is functional with a working floppy drive. I know this because I have tested the sampler with a working Emax floppy drive swapped into it. Again make no mistake, place a working disk drive or upgrade to SCSI interface and you will have a working Emax.
2) One of the 8 output voices is not working. Cannot remember which channel it is (channel 5 if memory serves). Cannot tell you what issue is. It very likely could be as easy as a simple capacitor that needs to be swapped out. I would highly recommend checking the yahoo groups Emax forum on this. The users there are very experienced at mods and maintenance of these great units. That said this is a minor problem and you can start using the unit right away and work around the issue. Its never been a problem for me from how I’ve used the unit. I doubt it will take much to get the voice fixed so it is up and running again.
3) Rack ear on right side is slightly bent. These is super minor. The rack ear comes off with 3 screws. I would fix this myself but I already spent a lot of time getting unit double boxed up. Please check photos to see. would be very easy to bend back. Unit still racks fine.
4) One of the data sliders is missing a cap. The slider is not damaged in any way and works perfect. You could try to find a replacement cap or substitute a different one if you wish.
5) Unit does not ship with an OS disk. However, you can quickly make your own for free with EMXP software. You need to get to know this software anyway if you want to get in deep with this unit.

Based on this I am selling unit AS IS. But rest assured you will be receiving what I am specifying.

Dont get me wrong. Aside from the voice issue with a functional drive in place this unit sounds INCREDIBLE and works great. If you are having a hard time tracking one of these down I would not pass this up. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.