Emu Emax SE

“This Emax was purchased earlier this year. The power supply and OLED display have been upgraded. I also cleaned the sliders and contacts with a deoxidizing solution. Other than some cosmetic wear and tear (check photos), the unit is in good shape and plays great.

Included with the Emax is a box of floppies, which include disks sampling synthesizers like the PPG Wave and Roland TR-808, acoustic instruments, sound fx and OS disks.

Also included is a Gotek emulator drive, not shown in photos. The drive did not come with mounting hardware. I will include a usb stick containing all of the files for installing and using the drive. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu Emax

“here im selling the classic emu emax 1 sampler keybord version

its a very nice example in good cosmetic condition see pics

everything seems to be fully working and it has been upgraded with a usb floppy emulator with oled display

the sampler itself has the original display but with plenty of backlight very readable” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu Emax

“E-MU Emax 1 SE 12-Bit Digital Sampling / Sampler Keyboard / Synthesiser.

Fully serviced and 100% fully working so bid with confidence!

12-bit sampler with 8 voices of polyphony, analog SSM filters and amazing chorus. Variable sample rate from 10khz-42khz

Has had possible upgrade to SE as two new upgrade stickers are attached please see photos! The upgrade synthesis engine included in the SE models takes this keyboard from your average sampler to a sound designers dream.

Believe the floppy drive is original. Comes with extra floppy discs with sounds included.”
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Emu Emax

“It is very very dirty. Powers on, display changes with controls, plastic covering that has control lettering on it is mostly coming off.No further testing has been done. It just came from an estate.Sold as-is as shown for parts or repair.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu Max HD Plus

“Extremely rare E-MU Systems EMAX I HD Plus SE Sampler. Factory HD Plus SE version. Internally mounted SCSI2SD 5.1 board with SD card capable of holding nearly 160 banks in the floppy drive slot. Comes loaded with many custom and factory library sounds I will include download links for entire Emax library as well. Also includes factory installed external SCSI port on rear.

System boots up in seconds from SD card. Banks save and load nearly instantaneously. The HD advantage is huge over standard floppy or Gotek systems as every function of the unit is faster and more responsive.

Display has been updated to a beautiful white OLED display. Sadly pictures can’t do justice to the quality of the OLED. Recently recapped motherboard. New high quality universal input power supply Sliders cleaned and lubed. Switches and key contacts cleaned. Everything works as it should. Incredible sounding sampler with analog processing. SE features provide deep synthesis.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Emu Emax HD

“In beautiful condition with very minimal signs of use. I’ve never seen one this clean. Comes with unused rack ears still in the plastic, bright display, like new chassis with only a few paint nicks, beautiful front label, super clean floppy drive, everything is working perfect. The silkscreen is so nice. The power cord, midi cable, floppy disks including E-Rap and back up OS disks, Emax HD owners manual and other related documentation is included. Also comes with the factory box (with red packing tape on it) and the factory foam. Unit is from a smoke free environment. The unit will be double boxed for the buyer.” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Emu Emax Project Machine

recently I tested this emax,it works fine
220 volts model
as seen on the pictures I connected the cables and sampled the sound from my computer.
all works fine.
pich and modulation wheels work fine.
filter ssm also works properly
disk drive also
one floppy disk with operation system included
display brightness could be better,probably because of time
this is very old vintage monster

missing parts are one black volume button,volume potentiometer is bad needs replacement,two keys need replacement-all these parts can be found on ebay…so this emax need some care” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Emu Emax HD Project Machine

“Here I have for sale is my EMAX HD Digital Sampling Keyboard.

This is a 12 bit sampler which operates via a built in hard disk drive. It takes 3.5 inch diskettes which load further sounds. It followed on from the famous Emulator II.

I have owned this keyboard for many years and, desipte it never having been gigged, the old girl is no longer functioning as she should.

The keyboard boots up as it should but the hard disk appears noisy (which it always has done since purchase) but it won’t load any of my disks.

I’m stuck on grand piano and am struggling to get any other sounds. This might be a quick and easy repair but I do not have the money to have it repaired, nor the expertise to do it myself, so alas it has to go.

It is in great cosmetic condition for its age except for the keys, which have yellowed through age, so if anyone can make it work they will have a great keyboard.

I will include all original diskettes as part of the sale as follows:-

Combined Strings (Gold series), Mystery Synth (Gold series), Electric Base (Gold series), FM Synth No: 1 Synclavier, Prophet 5, PPG Space Church, Roland JX10 & R-8, Roland D50 Digital Native/Heaven/Bell Reverb – DRK/Fantasy Calliope, Korg M1 Universe & Pick Base, Roland U20 Atmosphere & Sacred Tree, Marcato Strings, D.K.Strings, Ethereal Stuff, Multi Track Synth, Atmospheres, Synth Guitar Warm Pad/Spiral Glow, Linn Drum Sounds Archive 1, Electronic Percussion, Roland CR78 & TR-808, Gong/Timpani/Voice, DSP No: 1 Lazerimbas, Karen Finlay, NRG 4, Toys We ‘R’.

I am selling this for parts or repair as these boards are old and you don’t see many of these around so parts are hard to find.” Click here to search for synths on eBay