Teenage Engineering OP-1

“Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Keyboard Synthesizer (Excellent Condition).

Only selling because I have not used as much lately.

Purchased last year in January. Comes with carrying case, charging cable, radio antenna.

The battery life on this is incredible, I rarely ever charge it.

The radio antenna is a little iffy at times but aside from that everything else functions as new.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

“Hello, thanks for viewing! Selling this beautiful piece I’ve had for about half a year. Unfortunately never got around to learning or using it except a handful of times during road trips. As fun and creative as it is, it’s not an important part to my workflow. Seamlessly like brand new, comes with everything in the picture (case, accessories, charger usb cable) and original box not in picture.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

” Mint except for a smudge on the bottom, can barely see it left of center in photo. Includes original box and cable, accessory kit including FM antenna, and a decksaver which typically costs $50. It was given to me as a gift after I enjoyed some Pocket Operators, but this synth is way too much for a beginner like myself! I used it for maybe an hour before coming to this conclusion.”
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Teenage Engineering OP-1

“It is in like New condition. I’ve loved using it but it’s staring to get unused and neglected. Everything works great and it even has a screen protector on it. There is very minimal ware on it. There are no viable scratches or damage that I can see. I also have all the accessories, desk cover, and carrying case. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

“It’s in mint condition and comes with USB cable and UDG hardcase. The unit is hardly used. Please see pictures.

No original box or rubber bands are included in this sale. The case is an official UDG case for Kontrol but the OP-1 fits in it nicely and loosely. You might need to put some spongy bit around it for the perfect fit.

If you need more info, please send me a message. Silly offers will be ignored.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

“My mistake is your gain. I spend about 2 hours a month messing around with making music, this little beast is way beyond my pay grade. Opened the box, used it for about 5 minutes. Sat in the closet for months and I just never found the time to learn how to use it.

The top of the blue knob is somehow MIA, so I’m including a complete set of Chroma Caps. If the blue piece turns up I will forward it to you at my cost.

Was purchased mid 2021, I know they’ve made minor updates over time and I believe this is the current iteration.

All OEM cables are included, never opened.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Project Machine

“This is hard to part with. I love the op-1. I purchased new in 2017 when it was $900 (Sweetwater). I took good care of it, but suddenly the input/headphone jack failed on me in mid-2020. Only sound on right side with headphones in. Despite firmware update, factory resetting…I was told the DSP board had to be replaced. This took months ran me $400. (Triple S. Inc. NJ) I read this is fairly common. DSP BOARD REPLACED ONCE.

This week, I noticed the built-in speaker wasn’t working (which I never use) Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t when I unplug the headphones. I hope this doesn’t lead to other issues. I’m assuming the worst and predicting it’s stemming from the DSP board again. Please take this into consideration when bidding. BUILT-IN SPEAKER NOT WORKING RELIABLY – DSP BOARD MAY NEED TO BE REPLACED IN THE FUTURE.

Otherwise, everything else is in great shape. Clean. One small scratch near the inputs (see pic) The Velcro tape was an attempt to mount it at some point. Nothing is wrong with the bottom. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Teenage Engineering OP-1

“Teenage Engineering OP-1. A portable powerhouse with internal battery powered synth, sampler and sequencer hybrid with built in effects. Four track recorder styled after tape machines and a user interface that leaves a smile on your face.

Also includes the Teenage Engineering original Case and Elastic Bands for crank sound manipulation.

Teenage Engineering recommended Service Centre REFURBISHED JANUARY 2021. Selling at reduced price soley because one key on the keyboard has a retriggering issue – – resulting in it playing twice. Apart from that it is in perfect condition and the FIRMWARE HAS BEEN UPDATED too.” Click here to visit listing on eBay