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trident “The synth is in excellent physical and 100% functional condition having been fully tested and some servicing work carried out within the last year, including the installation of a CHD midi kit.

The front and rear panels have some marks and signs of wear. There are some marks to the wooden side panels. I have included pictures for reference.

All knobs, sliders and switches are present, original and function smoothly and correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

This unit has a 220v power supply, however I will include a step up – step down transformer which allows the Trident to work with many different country’s power sources. ” Link

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trident “The synth does show much signs of wear and tear and obvious dents and dings and scrapes to it” Link

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trident “No reserve auction, Korg Trident Mk2 8 voice poly analog synth 61 keys and with 32 patch memory from 1982-83, this was Korg’s flagship polyphonic analog synth when the first Mk1 version was released 1980. This 1982 Trident Mk 2 had a similar battery leak issue that is common to the lower cost Korg Polysix, this is a USA 117 V version. This Trident is in poor to fair condition at best cosmetically with showing much signs of heavy use and assorted scratches and dents, and this is somewhat expected from a vintage synth that has been around for 30+ years. There are pictured two chipped keys on the synth they do not affect playing the keyboard in any way. I sent the synth to one of the best repair/restore and service providers available for old analog synths, The Analog Lab in NYC and now this Trident Mk 2 is in very good condition on the inside. The Trident synth has been 100% and extensively restored by them and functions 100% no missing voices or dead keys, and I have the work/service order pictured. These analog VCO/VCF Tridents used SSM chips and were very well regarded as awesome analog string synths with an onboard flanger. These Tridents were high quality made and built like a tank with real solid wood cases and this is a heavy synth, they don’t build them like this very much anymore. The Mk 2 version added more memory and an additional envelope control for the VCF, also included is an original Korg Trident Mk2 service manual.” Link

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trident “For sale is non working Korg Trident MK1 1982.

It does not power up. Was working until two months ago.

Fuses were checked all ok, I don’t know what is wrong.

Selling as is, few scratches and one broken key glued see pictures.” Link

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trident “Used Korg Trident mkII in fully working and good cosmetic condition. The synthesizer was fully serviced 2/2013 by Midwest Music Menders and has been used very few hours since then. A receipt with details of the service will be included. There are a number of chips in the wood, please see photos for details.” Link

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trident “Does power up and lights up except for the pitch bend light. I did plug it into an amplifier and I got no sound except for buzzing sound when I pressed the keys sometimes. So it does need to be serviced. Also as pictured there are added switches for different functions not really sure what they are. I am selling this as is needing service. It is still in very good cosmetic shape a little dusty. I hate to sell this I kind of want to keep it, if it doesn’t sell I may just get it serviced and keep it. I will do my best to answer any questions, but I imagine you would know more about these than I do. If you know how to service these this would be a great buy. ” Link

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trident “This listing is for a vintage Korg Trident synthesizer. This is a classic 3-way analog synth/brass synth/string machine, and has a long history with some major artists from its day! You can split or stack the sections, and the synth section is fully programmable. It’s fat, versatile, and nothing else sounds like it!

Just check it out online if you’re not familiar with it, as these have a true cult following!

This is the rare original version (Mk1). It works great except for a few things that you’ll want to address. The top E and Bb keys aren’t sounding. Probably just dirty contacts, but unknown for sure. All other keys work just fine. Also, there are a few pots that are still somewhat scratchy, most notably in the flanger section and in the string section. All the volume pots (main and individual sections) are fine, switches, lights, etc.

Overall it’s a really good working unit, just needs those few things touched and cleaned up, and we have it priced WAY below what they typically sell for. Obviously there are no returns, as we’re being upfront that it needs a little work.

Cosmetically it has some typical wear here and there that you would expect on a 35 year old instrument. The joystick cap is gone, but all knobs are intact, and the main wear is in the wooden areas. There are a LOT of pictures posted to show it accurately. ” Link

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trident “This is a beautiful 1980 Korg Trident analog synthesizer.

It works 100% and was completely serviced with recapped power supply and calibration in 2012.
It is in perfect tune right when you power on. No warm up time is needed.
All three sections: polysynth, brass, and strings work perfectly. All keys play perfect with no triggering problems. The flanger sounds wonderful, but is a little noisy (typical of old analog units).

The cosmetic condition of the Trident is incredible – only very minor imperfections keep this from appearing brand new. I’m sure many sellers would describe it as MINT but I am very picky and don’t believe any 24 year old used instrument should be called that. But look at the photos and judge for yourself. I will say that this is absolutely one of the cleanest examples still in existence. It belongs in a museum. Or in your personal studio setup :)” Link

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Korg Trident mit neuen Tastschaltern und gereinigten Potis. Alle Taster, Potis und das Keyboard funktionieren. Dieses Gerät ist ein sehr seltenes und begehrtes Liebhaberinstrument mit bisher unerreichtem Klangcharakter… also zuschlagen!

Eine Abholung ist auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert. Wäre schade um den Synth, wenn beim Transport was passiert.

Da Privatverkauf, keine Garantie und keine Rücknahme.” Link

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trident“This Korg Trident is 100% working and in incredible cosmetic condition.

From the moment I power it on all 16 discrete VCOs are in tune and stay that way – no warm up time needed! All 3 sections: Polysynth, Brass and Strings sound amazing, and of course the built-in flanger is absolutely insane.

You can see the outstanding physical condition. Only the tiniest nicks here and there keep the front/rear panels from being “mint”, but that’s just me being totally anal with my description – I’m sure most people out there would call it “mint” and be done.

The wood sides are also in fantastic shape, with the only things to note is the faded finish on the side cheeks could be restored to bring out the richness of the wood grain more and the corners have some minor wear as shown.

It is a 100V version, so while it works fine on US 117V outlets I recommend using an inexpensive step-down converter to keep all the electrical components happy for the long term.

Overall this is certainly one of the cleanest, functionally solid examples of this classic analog synth left anywhere. If you are looking for a Trident that is good-to-go in your studio with no worrisome expensive repairs needed, this unit is it. If you are looking for a drop-dead gorgeous Trident for your vintage synth collection, this unit is it. My asking price reflects this.” Link

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used trident “Biete hier die einmalige Gelegenheit eine Legende zu ersteigern!

Gebrauchsspuren und Kratzer auf den Holzseitenteilen,… funktionsfähig und echt cooler SOUND!

Kenner wissen auf was sie bieten, alle anderen:


Mir bekannter Mangel: Piano 1 spielt nicht so wie er sollte,….. deswegen ab EUR 1,- an Bastler!” Link

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“The Trident is a polyphonic and programmable instrument with three independent sections – Synthesizer, Brass, and Strings.all the keys,buttons,knobs and switches work properly.the memory preset buttons function properly.there are some dints and scratches on the wood casework(see photos).comes with original manual.” Link

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” Lief einwandfrei, und plötzlich prompt als ich ihn verkaufen wollte, kam nur noch gekratze raus.

Da ich keinerlei technische Ahnung davon habe, muss ich ihn jetzt leider als defekt verkaufen. :(” Link

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“Ein unbeschreiblicher Sound Bolide von Korg,

Das Gerät hat lange wenig genutzt in unserm Studio gestanden, aber nun habe ich mich entschlossen den Trident zu verkaufen.
Deshalb habe ich ihn noch mal getestet, mit folgendem Ergebnis:

die Technik ist soweit ok alle Stimmen sind in Ordnung und alle Parameter lassen sich verändern …..

der Klang ist einfach grandios, aber folgende Sachen sind mir aufgefallen:

1. bei der Tastatur geht eine Taste nicht richtig (Kontakt Problem) und 2. habe ich festgestellt das der Trident etwas verstimmt ist….

ich habe mich bei einer Fachwerkstatt erkundigt, wo mir gesagt wurde, dass man das an 16 Trimpotis einstellen muss

und das es circa 100,00€ kosten wird.” Link

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Das unbeschreibliche Schlachtschiff von Korg, das dem Jupiter 8 die Stirn bieten sollte. Was der J8 dem Trident voraus hat (z.b. flexiblere Möglichkeiten), macht der Trident wieder wett mit seinen String- und Brass-Sektionen. Man bekommt quasi einen Korg Delta, einen 8-Stimmen-Synth plus einem Brass-Synthesizer und das in einem sehr ansehnlichem Design. Man kann alle drei Synths gleichzeitig oder einzeln spielen. Der Klang dieses Geräts ist wirklich Oberklasse. Er hat auch so etwas organisches wie der Jupiter 8.

Zu diesem Exemplar: die Technik ist soweit in Ordnung, alle Parameter lassen sich verändern und der Klang ist einfach grandios. Ein gewisses Grundrauschen ist aber vorhanden. Ich weiß nicht ob das normal ist, oder ob sich da der Zahn der Zeit zeigt. Die Macken sind äußerlicher Natur. Dieser Trident hatte anscheinend eine schwierige Kindheit und trägt jetzt Narben 🙂 siehe Fotos.

Einige der Preset-Knöpfe tun sich etwas schwer. Man muss sie drücken und dann sachte nach links und rechts “wackeln” damit sie aktiviert werden. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass der Synthie einmal professionell gereinigt werden sollte. Auch sollte sich der nächste Besitzer unbedingt einmal um die Batterie kümmern. Ich weiß nicht ob noch die Original Werksbatterie drin. Wenn ja, kann sie auslaufen und den Synth von innen zerstören. Das wollte ich schon längst einmal checken lassen, aber wie es halt so ist…. Faulheit siegt!” Link

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“This Trident is the Mk1, the rarer and better sounding of the Tridents. Its in reasonable condition and is currently being re-built, serviced and calibrated by James Walker at synth repair services so it will look even better than the pictures” Link

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“Regrettably, the internal memory battery has leaked onto the printed circuit board of the output sockets and as such, no sounds can be saved. The outputs cannot be used as they also do not work, but you can connect via the headphone socket. I do not know exactly to what extent the damage is to the rest of the jack sockets as I haven’t got access to any other equipment with Cv/Gate etc.

All of the Brass, String and Synth parameters work fine, but the flanger effect section does not. It does sound great on headphones. I haven’t tried anything else, so I do not know if there are any further problems. As you can see on the picture, the pitch/bend joystick is also damaged. Apart from that, all buttons, knobs, switches etc are still intact.”

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“a little rough on wood sides and takes a while to warm up but works 100%……” Link

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“Verkaufe hier einen Korg Trident MK1. Verkaufe ihn da ich keine Verwendung dafür habe.
Dem Alter entsprechend hat er ein paar leichte kratzer bzw. abschürfungen die aber die Funktion nicht beeinträchtigen.
Habe ihn mal angeschlossen, töne kommen raus.
Bei fragen einfach mal melden.” Link

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“Gebrauchter defekter Korg Trident

Hat 14 Jahre unberührt gestanden

Optisch leuchtet alles

Kein Ton

Wer hat spaß an dem Teil in

diesem Zustand” Link

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“Vintage Korg Trident Mk 2 with Korg BPX-3 bass unit and pedal board. 1980s analogue synth top of the range. Fully operational. It has never been out of the house. Belonged to my farther, bought from new. Original manual and preset sound patch cassette included. Awesome sounds, Classic instruments. ” Link

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“Für das hohe Alter im sehr gutem Zustand!” Link

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“Korg Trident Mk 1 Mega Synth from the 80,s
The trident has 3 sections .Synthesizer .Brass and Strings having all separate outs or mix together to get a massive sound .
Even though this highly desirable and collectable machine is over 30 years old, it is in very good condition,as all of the sections work perfectly and sound great, also all buttons, knobs ,switches ect all work perfectly.
However due to its age it has some battle scars mainly the wood ends have some scratches and marks .The top control panels are very clean and tidy with little marks & scratches . .
Also the top part of the joy stick has broken off (common fault) but works perfectly smooth and accurate.
In its day this synth was the dogs B*****ks due to its versatility and mega fat sound ..” Link

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“Vintage 1980/81
Serial # 331622
Was in home studio closet for 20+ years, original owner.
Dusted off, detailed & fully tested = Beautifull !!
Never used for gigs, or on the road. Excelent condition, no dings.
100 % original functions, including the programmer and custom banks.
Owner’s Manual & Technical Manual Included.
Same famous model used by Rick Wakeman, Joe Zawinul, Phoenix, Siriusmo, etc.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Classic Korg Trident Synthesizer. Everything works normally with only minor nicks in the woodwork but the keys and switches look like new. Selling for a friend that does not have Ebay account. He has owned the Korg for 16 years and had in music room and used very little. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“All original Korg Trident Ensemble analog 8 voice polysynth 1980-81 MIJ still. NO MIDI on this synth! This is an awesome vintage analog synth,16 memory patches only though The Trident also had a very excellent onboard/built in Flanger , when turned on and blended/mixed with the other sections made some weird and wonderful analog polysynth sounds for sure! These had really nice analog string & brass sounds, especially the Strings section as this was really a String Polysynth first and one of the better ones at that back in the day. Also this was Korg’s professional flagship analog synth around 1980-82,and it was way better, and way more expensive than the Korg Poly 6 or the Roland Juno 6/60, or the newer than the poly 6– Korg Poly 61/Poly61M, which came on the market more or less at the same time. All of which had fake cheaper wood particle board ends,which always broke way too easy, unlike the real solid hardwood ends on the Trident. The Trident is in really decent condition given its age, it has been used but not abused there are a few wood chips, and dent/dings here and there, nothing really major IMO, but it is not mint if that is what your looking for ,but overall a really decent and 100% proper working condition analog poly synth” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Original owner. Original Korg Trident. First version. All keys, knobs, buttons and lights work. Internal memory battery is dead so programming can not be stored. Unit will be delivered with no factory sounds or presets in synth section. The wood on the sides is chipped in a couple places but for the age of this unit it is in excellent condition. Power cord has been replaced once. Unit will be shipped in ATA Road case. Case interior foam is gone due to age. Unit will be well wrapped for safe shipment. Case has my name and “KEYBOARDS” stenciled on sides. Case is well traveled but still in good shape and safe to use. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Korg Trident MK1 Vintage Analog Ensemble Synthesizer TOP (SEHR SELTEN)

Sie bieten hier auf ein analoges Urmonster aus dem Jahre 1980/81. Es handelt sich um den Korg Trident (mk I)
– einem achtstimmigen Synthesizer-Flaggschiff mit SSM Filtern und extra String- und Brass-Sektion.

Drei unabhängige, gleichzeitig aktivierbare Sektionen: SYNTHESIZER, BRASS und STRINGS.

Technischer Zustand: Einwandfreie, zuverlässige Funktion.

Optischer Zustand: Dem Alter entsprechende, leichte Abnutzung der Holzteile, an 2-3 Stellen ist die Lackierung abgekommen (siehe Fotos).
sehr gute Beschaffenheit des Panels und der Tastatur. Der Netzschalter ist noch vom Vorbesitzer in den 90′-ern durch einen anderen
Schalter ersetzt worden.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, Trident @ 17 September 2011, Comments Off on Korg Trident


Korg’s analoges, 8-stimmig polyphones Flaggschiff mit SSM Filtern.
Drei unabhängige, gleichzeitig aktivierbare Sektionen: SYNTHESIZER, BRASS und STRINGS.

Technischer Zustand: Einwandfreie, zuverlässige Funktion

Optischer Zustand: Dem Alter entsprechende Abnutzung der Holzteile,
sehr gute Beschaffenheit des Panels und der Tastatur

Diese Auktion ist privat – keine Rücknahme oder Tausch möglich. Das Gerät kann bei der Abholung getestet werden.
Alle anderen, auf den Fotos sichtbaren Geräte sind NICHT Bestandteil dieser Auktion.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Sie bieten hier auf ein analoges Urmonster aus dem Jahre 1980/81. Es handelt sich um den Korg Trident (mk I) – einem achtstimmigen Synthesizer mit extra String- und Brass-Sektion.

Gleich vorweg: Den optischen Zustand des Trident entnehme man bitte den Fotos. Der Gute hat leider schon etliche Schrammen abbekommen (nicht von mir) und das sieht man leider auch. Jede einzelne Schramme im Detail zu listen erspare ich mir daher.

Die „G“-Taste der obersten Oktave defekt. Sie lässt sich zwar noch spielen aber da eine Halterung ausgebrochen ist steht sie im Vergleich zu den anderen Tasten recht weit nach oben ab. Ich bin aber sicher das sich das reparieren lässt – die Tasten gibt es glaube ich auch noch „neu“ zu kaufen. Diese Metallklammer die auf dem Foto zu sehen ist gehört zur Taste und lege ich mit bei. Aus rein technischer Sicht hat der Trident nur eine kleine Macke – der Flanger funktioniert nicht. Ich vermute das da nur der IC defekt ist und getauscht werden muss (SAD1024). Alles weitere – auch der Speicher – funktioniert tadellos.

Der Sound des Trident ist einfach imposant und trotz seiner Limitierungen recht vielfältig. Durch die Möglichkeit, alle drei Sektionen gleichzeitig 8-stimmig spielen zu können, kann man recht komplex klingende Klangteppiche zu erstellen. Die Synth-Sektion hält keine großen funktionellen Überraschungen bereit, klingt aber dennoch sehr solide und schön vintage-like. Durch die Möglichkeit zur recht starken (aber sauber klingenden) Selbstoszillation des Filters lassen sich auch viele Effekt-Sounds erzeugen.

Die Brass-Sektion liefert die typischen 80er-Jahre Synth-Brass-Sounds und kann auf verschiedene Arten getriggert/retiggert werden. Auch hier wurde das Rad nicht neu erfunden aber wie schon bei der Synth-Sektion überzeugt meines Erachtens nach der Sound.

Die String-Sektion ist meiner Meinung nach das Beste an dem ganzen Synth überhaupt. Durch die Kombination von bis zu drei Fußlagen ergeben sich hier gewaltige Stringsounds die absolut einzigartig sind. Vergleiche kann man da weder mit Solina noch mit Yamaha SS20 ziehen. Ich habe bisher keinen Synth gehört, der derartige Strings hinbekommt. Durch verschiedene Funktionen wie einstellbares Vibrato, Ensemble-Effekt, Filter und „Bow-Effekt“ (eine Art VCF-Modulation) kann man den Strings richtig Leben einhauchen. Ich würde schon fast soweit gehen zu sagen, dass schon nur die Strings allein den Trident wert sind.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I am the original purchaser/owner of this Korg Trident. I believe I purchased (Thank you Grandma) the first one available in Toledo in 1980. It is well taken care of and has been played out in it’s early years. Last year I had it opened up and thoroughly cleaned by a professional electronics service man. The internal battery has expired and so there are no preprogrammed sounds on board. Other than that, everything is in working order and programming can be done but not saved. I have a few memory cartridges that also have dead batteries and original owners manual. I believe I have a service manual as well. If you are looking at this then you probably know about all of the features and the wonderful sounds and textures that can be produced with this instrument. Look here for more info: http://www.vintagesynth.com/korg/trident.php The wood on the outside has some dings and slivers missing but isn’t too bad. There is some “stickiness” to the wood from the foam deteriorating inside the road case. I also have the road case but the foam turned to goo and I cleaned it all out so there is no padding in the case. This is a heavy instrument to ship and even heavier in the case. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for a Korg Trident vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and aside from one key that’s chipped underneath (check pics) it is in very nice cosmetic. I just had it fully serviced and it’s working great! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is my beloved Korg Trident MKI in pristine condition. If you’re checking out this auction you are probably well aware of what kind of vintage synth this is, it’s beautiful warm sound and monstrous layering capabilities. You’ll be hard pressed to find one in this kind of condition, let alone with midi!!! I had the midi jack professionally installed and it has always worked flawlessly with my DAW. All switches, sliders, knobs etc are in tact and in perfect working order. This synth has been used by countless musical artists, you can hear it extensively on Phoenix’s recent album ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’, listen to the intro of ‘1901’ and you’ll hear the classic Trident synth sound at work. It’s also great for lush creamy strings and great brass. This is a one-of-a-kind vintage synth find, lovingly taken care of in my smoke free home studio. Ground ship within the U.S. only, in it’s original massive flight case. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on a nice Korg Trident MKI in road case. This synth was recently serviced by my tech Ramcur.

The synth is in good condition and works 100%. There are light scratches, but overall it’s very nice!

My tech repaired a voice that was behaving badly, he then calibrated the synth according the the service manual.
I’ve played it the last two weeks and tested every function and it works great! There’s something in linear oscillators that make them sound amazing polyphonically!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, Trident @ 19 February 2011, Comments Off on Korg Trident Project Machine

“Biete schweren Herzens hier und heute meinen Korg Trident MK 1 an.
Informationen findet Ihr zahlreich im Netz.
Er ist eine Art Multi Instrument – Synthesizer, Brass, Strings – mit einem wunderbar spärischen Sound ( JARRE – tauglich )
Das Instrument ist leider defekt – beim letzten damaligen Spielen ging er mit einem Schlag aus….es können Sicherungen sein, das Netzteil….
alle Sektionen haben vorher einwandfrei funktioniert !
Leider habe ich kein Original Foto – da ich keine Cam besitze….so dient das obige Bild als Beispiel.
Das Instrument befindet sich in einem recht gutem Gebrauchtzustand mit wenigen Abnutzungen, alle Regler sind original.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.