Shin-Ei @ 28 June 2011, Comments Off on Shin-Ei 4-In-The-Floor

“Holy 60’s Drum Synth Freakout!
Up for auction is an extremely rare, late 60’s, Japanese, Shin Ei Companion drum synth (by the same makers of the Uni-Vibe). It’s in incredible condition inside & out. In fact, it’s so clean, you can eat off of it (but I wouldn’t recommend it). It has all the original parts including the interior schematic. I replaced the rubber foot pads, as the old ones dried up. The case is nice & tight and everything works perfectly except the snare, but with the schematic inside, it should be an easy fix. The other fantastic analog sounds are, a massive proto-808 kick, a big round tom and nice cowbell.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.