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“Ultra rare Vintage ARP Model 1621 Analogue Synthesiser sequencer in like new condition!

Truly an amazing find in the kind of condition. Looks like it came off the factory line yesterday. Hard to beleive it is nearly 40 years old!

This is one of the last revisions in stunning orange and black livery, the hardest one to find.

Fully working and serviced for sale.

Come with the original Patch sheets and a copy of the owners manual included!

240/220v, can also be set for USA operation.” Link

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1621 “Up for auction is one of the most sought after analog sequencers, the ARP 1621. It’s in full working order and in mint condition. Virtually brand new.” Link

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“Up for sale is a (1) very rare ARP Sequencer, model 1621. It’s in near mint condition (see photo’s). It’s just been serviced (cleaned and lubricated sliders, calibration is been checked) and it’s working perfectly now. It comes with 25 original blank patch sheets. It’s a 200 – 250V version and the serial number is: 16210187.” Link

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on sale a vintage beautiful ARP 1621 SEQUENCER Orangeface, a rare EU version which natively works @ 220v.

It’s been bought new by my ex- piano teacher in 1980, used a few times indeed and always kept in clean studios. Never gigged nor brought onstage.

The item is in hyperrare 100% mint state, see pics. It looks like it’s just been built and every slider and switch work smoothly which is something rare to find
on vintage Arp equipment (specially sliders) Both the front/back panels are incredibly clean and fresh and it’s impossible to find any kind of scruff or sign.

Electronically I just tested it with my Arp 2600 and it works perfectly.

In addition, and included in the sale the winner will get a precious bunch of original, new and sealed spares, including buttons, caps and sliders: this “Arp Sequencer
Survival Kit” was given by Arp to the last customers just before they closed the business down and really represent an impossible-to-find precious extra which
will keep this Sequencer updated and in working state for years to come.

Unfortunately, the original user manual is gone but I’ll be happy to provide an electronic copy to the new owner.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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a truly amazing chance to own vintage Arp machines at their best: an Arp 2600 mk.3 analog modular synthesizer
+ Arp 3620 biphonic keyboard + Arp 1621 analog Sequencer.

THE ORIGINS: These machines have been bought in 1980 by my piano ex-teacher whom got them from Arp distributor
in Italy when the brand went out of business and offered their
final products through a special sale offered to professionals and tournists only.
They’re all a rare European Import serie of Arp synthesizers, and natively work at 220v.
All the three items spent those past 30 years on my teacher’s studio and never gigged once.

THE CONDITIONS: As you can see from the pictures, the conditions of all of them are stunning: they all look like new and
seem like jumping out from an Arp catalogue…! The Tolex is
really in perfect shape, you won’t find a single sign or scruff just anywhere. The panel of the 2600 is like new, every
slider and switch (a sick elements in old Arps) feel and move
smoothly and freshly and every key of the biphonic keyboard work perfectly: the action is still new-alike and responses
just like a new synthesizer.
Being particularly fussy, the only issue I may mention are very small traces of rust over two “metal corners” on the 2600′
case; but honestly that’s it.
I fully tested the 3 units in order to offer on sale a perfect instrument and got sure anything works as it should:
I just tried more than 10 different patches out of the patchbook in order to
try as many ins/outs and controllers as possible, and the synth sounded terrific.
It’s a real joy to play, inspiring and exciting.

THE WHOLE SET: The extreme rarity of this sale is also increased by the various precious extras that come along with the three items.
All these extras, including original spares and survival kit were given for free by Arp to the customers who bought
the “top-of-the-line” serie machines such as this 2600 just before the brand closed down. Please note that all these spares are
still NEW and UNTOUCHED, and consider that it’ll be very hard to find them again in the future.

In detail, the whole offer includes…:
– ARP 2600 mk.3 Orangeface analog synth.(EU 220v version)
– ARP 3620 mk.2 Orangeface biphonic keyboard. (EU 220v version)
– ARP 1621 SEQUENCER Orangeface. (EU 220v version)
– Original Arp 2600 owner manual.
– Professionally copied Arp 2600 Patchbook.
– Original Arp controller pedal.
– 2 X original Arp 3620 connecting cable; the cable which connects the keyboard to the 2600 synth. One used and one still new and sealed.
– 8 X original Arp minijack cables for modular patching. Still NEW.
– Original ARP SEQUENCER Survival Kit, NEW and SEALED: includes many different original spares for the Arp 1621 Sequencer.
– Original Spring Reverb unit made by Accutronics for the Arp 2600, with 3 springs and longer decay than the onboard one. NEW and SEALED.

This is a reluctant sale as these machines have been put onsale because of personal expenses.
Please understand that to find another 2600 in these conditions will be actually impossible: the price request reflects the rarity of this chance.

These machines are fantastic to play, sound incredible and are a solid investment fo the future.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is one of the most sought after analog sequencers, the ARP 2600. It’s in fully working order and in mint condition. This is the opportunity to fulfill a dream and finally own a legendary classic synthesizer accesory, a very musical sequencer and in many ways THE musician’s analog sequencer by excellence. If by reading this your heart rate is accelerating you know which sequencer is up for sale here but if not, let me explain.

This device is used to trigger or play analog synthesizers and drum computers automatically through CV signals (from the pre-MIDI era). Before the heyday of sequencers in computers this was the device that musicians used to play sequenced loops on synthesizers way back in the seventies and early eighties. This sequencer is regarded as one of the finest analog sequencers and actually, as the only viable analog sequencer for musicians as other models including Moog’s 961 sequencer, were hard and unmusician-like to operate. It was very popular from the time it was conceived up until this date which is a honor that’s that only shared by synths as the Moog Minimoog or the ARP 2600. In many ways this sequencer was the model for many sequencers built to this day. It has a very expansive feature set, it is very ruggedly built, semi modular, it has 16 steps with 16 sliders for each step, although it can also be used as an 2 times 8 step sequencer, no less than 3 switchable gate signals per step (!!!), quantized or unquantized CV signal and pulse-width modulation (PWM) to provide “swing” to a sequence (yes, it even does that!) and an external input to synchronise to a pre-MIDI drum computer or a MIDI-CV converter with click per 1/4 note capability (any multiport Kenton MIDI-CV-Gate converter supports this). In addition to this (yes, the feature list goes on an on) on slow speeds it can even act as a waveform generator in which you can sculpture the waveform with the sliders. If you hook up a second ARP sequencer to (I have a second one for auction as well) you can make song arrangements with the loop programmed on the other sequencer or control the filter of your sequencer while the other one controls the oscillators. Well, as you can see this sequencer (by itself or in a pair of them) can be a whole world waiting to be discovered just as the ARP Odyssey and the 2600 can be for the adventurous musician which is willing to look beyond the obvious and face value.

This ARP Sequencer is of the rare last second version of the black orange panel versions which was built in the early 80s. I bought this instrument 3 years ago from a well-known synthesizer broker which had it serviced prior to the sale where it was confirmed to be 100% original without any modifications. This ARP2600 has a 220 Volt power supply so if you are going to use it in Japan or North America you need a step up converter which can be had for cheap in any hardware store to be able to connect it to your power outlet at home.

The front panel is totally mint. All the sliders work effortlessly and have their caps fitted which look like new. The sliders and switches work without any noise on the synth’s sound. The tolex on the synth and the cover lid looks clean as a whistle. I’ve tested all modules, inputs and outputs and found all of them to work. I would give this instrument a 9.5 out of a 10. This is one of the most beautiful looking ARP Sequencers you’ll ever find. To add to the spoils I’m adding the owner’s manual, the original power cable and a set of Mogami high grade patch cables to the auction.

I’ve used this sequencer sparingly on recordings and have never gigged it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.