Univox Stringman

“Another beauty, Univox Stringman… It is a small miracle this actually even works, but it does!! I know looking at it no one would believe it so here is a youtube link https://youtu.be/ULno8EtCG6U
This at some point got exposed to quite a bit of moister, the pressed wood sides are damaged and one is falling apart completely… good thing is the molding is still there… Everything seems to be working except the vibrato did not seem to respond. I think this is the first time this was switched on in probably over 30 years, blown away it popped straight into life… was going to start a bit of a museum with these pieces but now intending to travel. This needs a good clean and going through and some lubricating as some of the keys do stick… Like I said looks a bit rough but definitely salvageable and well worth while, not many of these around at all…” Click here to visit listing on eBay