Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Plus

“Sequential Circuits Prophet 2002 Plus Digital Sampler Synthesizer Rackmount version of Prophet 2000. Has analog filters. 12 bit resolution in an age of 8 bit, this thing was Ace in it’s day and still a strong tool for sound design.
Sequential Prophet 2002 Plus is with the upgraded memory and individual voice outputs. Including a printed and bound manual, IEC power cord. No wall wart or bulky brick!

Used condition is:
Minor scratches and rash and slight bit of paint splatter on one side, also missing one knob on the balance control but all of this was purchased this way. All functions work with only one particular quirk: the switch on the back that provides midi thru/out select wore down and broke off but has been adapted with jumpers accessible by opening the unit. Disk drive is great and have successfully formatted disks to ensure all is working well.”
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