Roland S-220

“This item came to me from a house clearance many years ago after which (stupidly) it was carefully stored and totally forgotten about. I have no ‘Quick Disks’ to test the drive which is most likely faulty. However it seems that the way to go is to upgrade the almost certainly faulty drive to a USB drive of which there seems to be a large selection available for this model on eBay. All the buttons work and seem to do something sensible. The display is clear and readable. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Roland S-220

“Classic 12 bit Roland sound.

Fitted with a Gotek drive and supplied with USB stick loaded with lots of blank discs & samples from the Roland library.

Cosmetically it’s in great condition. There are a couple of very minor scratches to the leading edge of the front panel (see photos).

This was originally a 117VAC unit. It has been converted to run on 240VAC (simple internal mod to the internal PSU wiring).” Click here to visit listing on eBay