Synsonics Electronic Drum Model 5300

” This is an ultra-rare 5 channel Synsonics Model 5300 analog drum synth. It’s in working condition, but could use a good cleaning inside and out. Cosmetically, there are some dings and scratches, and some plastic knob covers missing (see the pictures). All knobs are responsive, but most are scratchy so you have to wiggle them sometimes to get what you want. Cleaning the pots with some Deoxit should get things running smoothly again.

Its essentially 5 VCOs in one box. Each drum channel has a VCO with controls for decay, bend, pitch, and a mix knob of white noise to tone.
Each channel functions, but as with any electronics from 30+ years ago, it is being sold AS-IS. If you know how to clean pots you could get this working flawlessly, however I just used it as-is.

I tested out all features, and they do work, although sometimes you have to wiggle the knob back and forth as I mentioned (dirty pots). It should work with any standard single-zone drum trigger or trigger from audio source (microphone, synth, tape, etc). No power supply will be included with the synth, but it uses a common 9-12v neg center supply like most guitar pedals use. Look it up on YouTube to hear it. Very analog!” Click here to visit listing on eBay