Yamaha TX816 and Yamaha TX216

“For sale is a TX 816 and a TX 216, combined for two Yamaha MRF8 racks loaded with ten total TF1 modules. This is a great vintage digital FM synth, essentially a Yamaha DX7 in rack form. They are in good shape with some wear as expected for the age. Both racks power up, all 10 modules output sound when midi notes were input. We have not tested it further and it’s possible they may need some servicing, mostly likely just needing new batteries and presets loaded. At the very least they are at powering up and make sound responding to midi notes.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Yamaha TX216 with 5 Yamaha TF1 Modules

” Up for sale is our Yamaha TX816 synthesizer rack with FIVE TF1 DX7 engines loaded.
Although the TF1 modules are the DX7 engine, these have balanced XLR outs… That gives a MUCH cleaner, louder sound. The original DX7 is known for being very noisy, these are much cleaner and bolder sounding… Essentially the sonics are much like a DX5.

This TX is in great condition, all TF1 modules work and sound great except for the middle one which needs a new battery installed.. I bought a new battery from Syntaur and will include it for new owner.. i just dont have the time to install. All caps on cards and power supply still check out good and as normal : )” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TX216 with 4 TF1 Modules

“The Yamaha TX216 provides you with the means to create sounds that combine acoustic realism and warmth with total digital control. Truly the “best of both worlds”.

This particular unit of mine has been even further upgraded with the addition of ANOTHER 2 (two) TF1 modules – now giving you the incredible POWER of 4 Yamaha DX7 KEYBOARDS IN ONE RACK-MOUNT BO” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Yamaha TX216

“Seller description: Used vintage Standard Productions TX Rack, 120v, with 2 Yamaha TF1 modules installed. The S.P. rack has the same functionality as the Yamaha rack frame except this one is a good deal lighter in weight and the power cord is detachable.”
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Yamaha TX216

“This Yamaha TX216 has been fully restored by Synhouse, including 2 new lithium batteries in 2 new battery sockets for easier replacement (and because soldered-in batteries are 100x more known to leak, don’t know why), and it has the Synhouse/Synclav com TX216/TX816 power supply upgrade, in fact it is the very first in the world to have this, and has been worked on day and night here for 16 days to finish off this power supply upgrade kit and installation.

Synhouse has engineered (2016-2019) a massive power supply upgrade that puts a Synclavier power supply into the Yamaha TX816. It’s a little more than that, it’s actually a custom +5v digital power supply and +/-15v Synclavier analog power supply that goes into the TX816 with upgraded wiring, improved grounding, and additionally gets rid of that ridiculous donkey tail AC power cord (only 2-prong, it isn’t even grounded), putting a normal, properly grounded, IEC AC inlet on the back so that it can use a standard computer power cord. ”
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Yamaha TX216 with 4 TF-1 Modules

“Yamaha TX216 with (4) TF-1 modules. Condition is Used.

This is a vintage Yamaha Pro keyboard rack mount piece used in all the top studios from way back in the 80s…still in use today. If you are reading this, you probably know what this monster can do. This is basically 4 vintage DX7 synths in one rack, with the ability to house up to 8 total modules.

Balanced +4 pro level output for each module.

I bought this unit used, and has worked fine for me. I’m not using it much these days, so this needs to go to someone who will put it to good use.

It is not physically perfect, but is functionally perfect. Due to the age, I am selling this unit as is, with no returns, although I will guarantee no DOAs.”
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Yamaha TX216

“Yamaha TX216 with 2 TF1 modules

A great start on your way to a full TX816 rack

Synth is fully functional (2 DX7’s) in excellent condition with normal wear and tear. This comes from my vintage synth recording studio, smoke free, and always covered to protect from dust. There are a few small scratches and minor rack rash from installation. The first TG1 module has a light scratch see pics. The left rack ear has a small dent on the lower left corner. It was this way when I purchased it and does not effect performance. New rack ears can be purchased if need be.”
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