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“Here we have a Digital Keyboards Synergy DKII+ with Midi and the all important serial port that allows you to load voices from the Kaypro and program your own unique sounds. It is housed in it’s original hardwood casing. Everything in the pictures is included. See below for a break down of exactly what you get.

It includes a Kaypro II in excellent condition (I got it from the original owner and it is clean!) and the host control software plus entire voice library of over 500 original factory sounds on 14 disks.

It includes the original foot pedal that is essential for controlling the unique portamento feature.

Also included is a copy (reproduction by me) of the original manual for both the Synergy and the Synergy with a Kaypro on heavy card stock

To make things easier, I have written a quick start guide for the new owner so you are able to load disks to the Synergy right out of the box.

The entire system is serviced, tested and working.

The original Oscillator board has had a repair. It had a spot where someone spilled a drink that ran through the keys and dripped onto the oscillator board (looked like a coke). The keyboard was completely taken apart and cleaned and the oscillator board was completely repaired replacing the effected ROM sockets, chips, and fixing the traces. It was not enough liquid to effect the wood or any other part of the machine.

Every aspect of this machine has been analysed and scrutinized by two techs and an owner obsessed with Synergy machines. If you want this machine to be in pristine, perfect, never repaired shape all you would need to do is swap out this OSC board for one from a lesser machine like a DKI or DKII. They all use the same OSC Board. It is the midi, serial, and processor boards that are harder to get your hands on. The other boards in the machine have never had an issue and are in good condition. The current oscillator board has been painstakingly repaired replacing the damaged ROM sockets, chips and traces. It works great, but I wanted to disclose the repair.

This listing includes:

1. Kaypro II with SYNHCS host control software, all six Vcart on six 5.25” floppy disks, all 13 sound libraries on seven disks, and Wendy Carlos voice library 1&2 on one disk. All disks are recent copies onto new old stock media and work. The Disks are labeled and organized in the exact same way as my originals from Digital Keyboards inc (even the same dot matrix font was used when creating the labels). These are copies made directly from the originals

2. The proper serial cable for connecting the Kaypro to a Synergy plus an extra as back up. Both cables have been tested. I am including the extra to save you to trouble of having to track one down if you loose one.

3. One complete DKII+ as described above.

4. A copy of the host control operational manual.

5. Original pedal for sustain and portamento. Cable has small amount of wear but it works and is tested. The synergy has a unique feature where the Portamento is controlled from the the foot pedal

6. A quick start guide written by me on how to load sounds and do the fun stuff without having to read the entire manual.

7. The perfect stand for this system. This is a heavy duty folding stand from the 70’s. It is the most stable stand I have ever owned. No matter how hard you hammer away on the keys It will not shake or wobble. People offer to buy this stand from me all the time. It apparently goes with a vintage Yamaha or Roland system but I can not recall what system. I saw Tomita using one once.

8. Custom midi cable by event horizon in Nashville made with Mogami wire. The blue matches the kaypro so you can keep up with the wire in a complicated set up.

The wood case is substantial! It is made from hardwood and real HARDWOOD plywood. There is NO particle board or cheap materials in sight. This will make shipping it and the Kaypro more expensive than you might think. If you do not see your country listed contact me for an exact shipping quote. I am known for my excellent packing jobs. I only use the highest quality packing materials and “over pack” everything.

Cosmetically everything looks good. The Kaypro is in very nice shape with only one small ding on the top left corner. It is a one owner computer and is super clean. If you have ever hunted for a Kaypro you will quickly learn that there are plenty that come from damp basements and attics and ones that were actually taken care of. THIS ONE WAS TAKEN CARE OF. I got it from the original owner.

The Synergy is also in really nice shape. The only noticeable cosmetic imperfections are on the wood. The wood is a bit dry and has some rub marks and scratches that will probably go away with some wood polish but I am afraid to use it because you never know how wood will react. I would say just leave it. It looks vintage and rustic. You can also feel the texture on the wood grain on top so I do not think the wood is sealed enough to use a polish. The face of the machine looks very clean, so does the badge on the back.

This is a nice system and I am able to program and load sounds. The face of the Synergy is very clean so is the name badge on the back. The only real down side, if you can call it a downside, to this system is that if the OSC board ever needs another repair in the future (be careful where you set your drink!) the tech will have to take more time because he will have to follow the new wires that replace the traces, but it was just serviced and is stable. I like to disclose every last detail inside and out of everything I list in order to be fair. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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dk “The cosmetic condition of this Synergy is exceptional, as evidenced by the photos, with only a couple light scuffs on the plastic top and tolexed exterior. The original dual foot pedal is included, along with an IEC power cable, the manual, and other original paperwork.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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dk synergy “Original Factory DK Synergy II+ serial number 01052 with serial port for connecting to the Kaypo and factory midi. This auction is for the rare and elusive DK Synergy II+, a Kaypro computer, a complete set of software, serial cable for connecting your kaypro to the DK, and a guarantee that I will pack everything properly so it arrives at it’s new home safely!

Everything is working exactly like it should, but the only thing to keep in mind is you may have to re-seat the serial board when it arrives and possibly the midi board but that seems to be less temperamental. I live at the beach and it seems like I have to do this once a year to get a good connection between the Kaypro/serial board/Synergy. The Synergy preservation page talks all about this. You probably will not have to re-seat anything but it is a possibility. The good news is it is super easy. The Synergy lid is attached to a hinge that is held down by two screws.

Once you get your synergy all set up in it’s new home and start programming it is a VERY rewarding experience. All the raw, warm, gooey digital magic you can handle. It can make typical “synth” sounds but you can program way beyond what you hear from Wendy Carlos or the Tron soundtrack. There feels like there is no limit to how far you can deconstruct or modify a sound. I do not think really atonal or harsh sounds were marketable in the 80’s but the Synergy excels at them. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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dk synergy“A rare Digital Keyboards inc. Synergy synthesizer keyboard. Has wear from use and age: scratches, some peeling laminate, worn edges, dusty, and slight yellowing to keys and graphics. All buttons, knobs, keys, and joystick are present. No midi on this model(this is the 1st generation). I got this in a storage locker and am not familiar with all of it’s functions. It does power on and I was able to test the keyboard keys along with the 24 presets tones, also the pitch bend joystick and the right & left volume knobs were tested and they work. Has more functions but I don’t know how to test. Includes Keyboard and power cord only, no accessories.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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dk synergy “A rare Digital Keyboards inc. Synergy synthesizer keyboard. Has some wear: scratches, some peeling laminate, worn edges, dusty, and slight yellowing to keys and graphics. All buttons, knobs, keys, and joystick are present. No midi on this model(this is the 1st generation). I got this in a storage locker and am not familiar with all of it’s functions. It does power on and I was able to test the keyboard along with the 24 presets tones, also the pitch bend joystick and the right & left volume knobs were tested and they work. Has more functions but I don’t know how to test. Includes Keyboard and power cord only, no accessories. USED ITEM AND SOLD AS IS. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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DK Synergy ” I am the second owner of this instrument, purchased in 1984, sold to a friend in 1990 and re -purchased from him. Rare wood cabinet, with some normal wear marks and scratches, overall good condition. All switches work, all keys work, (on two or three keys, the sound may not release right away, the key itself does not physically stick. ) The instrument has not been played much over the last 7 or 8 years. The included Kaypro II computer works and communicates with the Synergy, allowing access to entire voice library (included), and included SYNHCS software allows programming the synth. There may only be 100 or so of these instruments around, (I have owned 2 of them), and there is nothing else like it in terms of the sound. This auction includes the following: Synergy Synthesizer, 4 Voice cartridges, Complete voice library on 15 discs, Communication software (4 discs), Power cord, Dual foot pedal, 2 owners manuals, Preliminary Host programming manual, Schematics, Kaypro 2 computer, System software, Serial cable to connect to Synergy, Kaypro owner’s manual, CP/m programming manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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dk synergy“For sale is a rare DK Synergy Digital Keyboards synthesizer. This one is fully functional & working well. Quite a rare keyboard, estimated less than 100 exist today. Cosmetically it is in used shape, there is lots of signs of wear including: yellowing keys/graphics, wear on the tolex, a few dings, & musty smell. There is no midi on this model. I have two rare cartridges for sale in a separate auction so be sure to check those out. This is a great chance to own a legendary synth. It will be well packed for shipping but if shipped has to be sold as-is due to its vintage nature.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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synergy“Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, a fully restored fully functional Synergy keyboards with lots of extras. This might be one of the most complete packages you’ll find for a Synergy these days. An extremely rare synth & impossible to find in these final versions in fully functioning condition with midi. It’s in excellent cosmetic shape & even includes a Kaypro 10, Wendy Carlos cartridge & more. See below for all the info. The sound on this Synergy is really surprising for a digital keyboard – it’s rich, lush, organic, warm. An awesome keyboard to say the least, and an incredible piece of synthesizer history. According to VintageSynthExplorer, ” it is estimated that less than 100 may still be in operation today….A working Synergy is a great and rare find. A working Synergy with some tone cartridges and a working Kaypro 10 computer is an even greater (and rarer) find!”

In this auction you’ll be receiving
1) Synergy keyboard latest model II+ with WORKING midi
2) Printed bound manuals (owner’s manual, operation manual w/ computer,synergy host programmer reference manual)
3) Wendy Carlos WD-02 Cartridge (rare, provides a second set of operating banks)
4) DIY Cartridge – this is the best part, a DIY built fully functional cartridge that has 8 banks burned to an EPROM of original Wendy Carlos programs & other programs, allowing for easy switching to new sound sets.
5) Two EPROMs with 8 banks each for the DIY cartridge card, loaded with 16 total banks of the original Wendy Carlos programs & other programs, so you now have 32+32 + (32 x 8 x 8) programs = 608 preset patches sounds! *more on this below*
6) Kaypro 10 Computer with keyboard (Kaypro II had original Dual Floppy, the Kaypro 10 replaced the floppy with a 10mb hard drive & is much more desirable & rarer)
7) Box full of manuals & discs for the Kaypro
8) EPROM with the old 3.20 software
9) RS-232 cable to interface with Kaypro

Recently fully serviced & lovingly restored by a top bay area tech, Chris @
Servicing details:
1) Newly burnt EPROMS with OS 3.21. EPROMS will only last 20 years or so. Since these were newly burnt & installed, now you know these will last you another 20 years
2) New Battery
3) Pots & switches cleaned
4) Entire cleaning of the unit
5) Key contacts & buss-bars cleaned
6) Replaced tantalum and electrolytic caps ont he circuit boards
7) Replace power fan with silent PC type (previous fan sounded like an airplane taking off)

While everything is functional, the only thing to mention is the Kaypro is missing the essential SYNHCS software to properly communicate with the Synergy. We’ve tried finding the files & loading them on, but have yet to find the correct functioning files. If we find them in time we will definitely upload them & update this listing accordingly. The kaypro is being recognized by the keyboard via the serial port, so serial port & kaypro are both working. The last step is to get the proper software on the kaypro & it will be fully there. Otherwise the remainder of the items listed & the entire system is functioning as it should. You can still easily use the keyboard without the Kaypro & enjoy the huge selection of patch presets.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“DK Synergy with provenance No outputs No response from controls Cosmetically poor, needs refinishing Burning smell from power supply” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Up for sale is a nice Synergy Digital Synthesizer. Powers up and works, though can only produce one tone (Not a synthesizer guy.)” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“For Sale here is my Synergy Synth from the early 80s. It is in a very good condition for its age and had been serviced recently. Everything is working smoothly as it was back in the old days. Obiously you can see scratches and the normal wear and tear but everything is still working fine and that after almost 30 years. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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“Wendy Carlos’ Lieblingsspielzeug.
In der Mitte der 80er hat der Synergy Vintage Synthesizer mehr als 10.000 US$ gekostet. Er war einer der ersten, verfügbaren, digitalen Synthesizer und ist immer noch sehr schön anzuschauen. Dieser, hier Angebotene, befindet sich in hervorragendem Zustand.
Die Sounds sind speziell und glitzernd und erinnern an FM-Synthese.

Mitgeliefert werden vier Soundcartridges.


Wendy Carlos’ favourite toy!
In the mid 80s cost more than 10.000 US$, it was one of the first digital synths availabled and is still a beauty too look at and in great condition.
The sounds are special and glistening. Think FM synthesis with an edge.

Included are four sound cartridges.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” Rare DK Synergy 1 Synthesizer everything on it works except the joystick (pitch bend / mod) . Comes with 4 working cartridges. This Synergy was gigged and has some bumps & scrapes the tolex has some tears and the fiberboard has a couple large chips in the rear corners still this sounds absolutely amazing. There were not alot of these made There is some info on the web about these very unique synths. I have 1 extra cartridge that i will include that i had planned on having modded to accept the whole Synergy library ROM chips which can be obtained. I really hate to get rid of this but am moving in a different direction and need to fund other gear.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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This auction includes:

The Synergy II+ synthesizer

Kaypro 2x computer

The last and most comprehensive version of the SYNHCS (Synergy Host Control System) software for programming the synthesizer, version 3.22 from 1984. Earlier versions of SYNHCS are missing many options: this one has them all.

RS-232 serial cable that connects the Kaypro to the Synergy II+

Synergy Audio Learning Manual put out by DKI in 1982 (in mp3 format: the original audio cassette isn’t in great shape anymore, and who wants to play a cassette?).

You also get a stack of documentation showing how to use the Synergy II+, including the original Synergy I manual, the addendum covering the Synergy II+, and a user’s guide to the SYNHCS.

Kaypro Technical Manual from 1984, with info like the pinouts on the serial and parallel ports and so on. I’ve also included a diagram of the pinout of the special serial cable you need just in case you ever need to make another one.

A CP/M manual covering issues like the syntax for PIP. On CP/M, you use PIP.COM to copy programs from one floppy disk to another. CP/M is different from DOS — you can’t use the COPY command the same way you can on DOS. You use SYSGEN to create a bootable Kaypro floppy disc, for example. The CP/M manual shows you how to do all this.

CP/M utilities disk for Kaypro 2. This lets you format new floppy discs on the Kaypro 2x and generate new bootable CP/M discs and control all the internet settings of the Kaypro 2x. Everyhing on the Kaypro 2x computer works perfectly, of course, so with 2 working floppy drives, you can make copies of all the floppy discs as backups after you get them.

Schematic circuit diagrams for the guts of the Synergy II+ in case you ever need them. I never have, but what the heck. You might as well get everything.

A quick-start cheat sheet I’ve written to get you up and running. This shows you how to get the Kaypro 2 and the Synergy II+ up and running together and running SYNHCS quickly, so you can start making music. I also show you how to copy the SYNHCS and Kaypro CP/M boot discs (which is the first thing you should do after you unpack everything).

Last but not least, this auction includes the complete Synergy voice library on 13 floppy discs, plus an extra floppy disc with all 3 of the Wendy Carlos voice banks. That gives you a total of 22 Synergy voice banks, each containing 24 timbres. That’s 524 timbres all told.

Each voice is editable and can serve as the starting point of a new timbre. You can modify the synthesizer architecture and see what alternatives sound like when you change the envelopes or the arrangement of the digital oscillators, or vary the aperiodic vibrato or change the settings of the interacting A and B filters. You can get radically new timbres just by changing the interpolating 16-point maximum and minimum amplitude and frequency envelopes without changing anything else in a Synergy patch.

You can get lost in this synthesizer. It has so many programmable parameters, with such unprecedented flexibility and subtlety, that it sometimes seems like there’s no end to it. For rock keyboardists used to twirling a knob to change a Moog synthesizer filter cutoff frequency, that was a problem in 1984 — to other people who care about subtlety and flexibility of synthesizer timbres, today, it’s a big advantage.

This Synergy II+ comes with 17 Kaypro floppy discs. It has the crucial Kaypro CP/M boot disc (multiple copies, of course — without the boot disc, the Kaypro won’t work, so the first thing you want to do when you get this system is make copies of the CP/M boot disc on the Kaypro). There’s also a disc of CP/M utilities, the SYNHCS 3.22 program disc, and Synergy Voice Library discs 1 through 13, Synergy Voice Cart discs 1 through 6, and Wendy Carlos voice banks 1, 2 and 3.

There’s a big thick stack of documentation to guide you through programming and tweaking the real-time performance controls on the Synergy II+. There’s the original Synergy synthesizer manual, of course, a big blue-covered book that was typeset at the Stanford AI laboratory in 1982 using the TeX program. Then there’s the 1983 PRELIMINARY GUIDE TO THE USING THE SYNERGY II+ WITH SYNHCS that shows you how to voice the synthesizer and store and call up timbres on the Kaypro floppy discs and send ’em to the Synergy II+. There’s also the ADDENDUM TO THE SYNERGY MANUAL that covers all the additions and enhancements when the Synergy I got upgraded to the Synergy II+. I’ve also written a few pages of information that gets you up and running quickly. These cover shortcuts so you fire up the Kaypro fast and get SYNHCS running and talking to the Synergy II+ quickly and start exploring its sounds.

As the Addendum manual put out by DKI notes, the Synergy II+ substantially improves on the original Bell Labs digital synthesizer. It has all the flexibility of the original Alles digital synthesizer, but with the convenience of standard MIDI in and OUT and THRU ports (instead of the original RS-422 instrumentation interface). The Synergy II+ has dozens of adjustable front panel buttons and knobs to control parameters like the amplitude and frequency interpolation values and aperiodic vibrato. There’s even a joystick on the front of the Synergy II+ that can be programmed to control many different parameters in real time.

Like other synthesizers, the Synergy II+ can store performance presets, which are then written to Kaypro floppy disc. It also has a buit in sequencer and arpeggiator. (Today those functions are handled by MIDI, but when the Synergy I was originally designed, MDI didn’t exist.) It has standard jacks on the back for a sustain pedal.

What doesn’t the Synergy II+ have? Limitations. Unlike other digital synthesizer, the Synergy II+ lets you define its entire synthesis architecture anew every time you voice it. The Synergy is also not multi-timbral. While today multi-timbral capabilitiy is standard on digital synthesizers, back in 1981, when the Synergy II+ was designed, multi-timbral capability was unheard-of.

The Synergy II+ has two audio outputs on the back, but although they’re marked STEREO, the truth is that they’re both exactly the same. Like the other synthesizers of this era, the Synergy II+ has only a single output. It’s a full 16 bit D/A converter, which must have cost a staggering amount of money back in 1981, but it’s still only a single output. In fact, all digital synths have only a single output: “stereo” outs consist of a single mono output treated with a chorus or reverb or flanging effect, so you can get stereo effects on the Synergy II+ just like on today’s synthesizer by putting one of the Synergy II’s audio outs through an external reverb processor. (I’ve never used more than one of the Synergy II’s audio outs. Since both audio outputs sound exactly the same, there’s no point, and I don’t know why they even bothered with two audio outs. I just stick a single audio out from the Synergy II+ into an eternal reverb unit and I’m good to go.)

There’s also a slight yellowish discoloration on one of the keys of the Synergy II+. It doesn’t show up on the photos, and it’s barely visible, but under the right light, you can see it. It doesn’t affect the performance of the synthesizer in any way. There are no cracks or breaks or other defects in the black tolex casing of the Synergy II+. This synthesizer has been lovingly cared for in a cool dry non-smoking studio environment lo, these 27 years, since I bought the thing and had it shipped out from New York.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Description: This is an extremely rare synthesizer from the early 80’s. Its capabilities are quite incredible from what I’ve read and what my Dad used to tell me. This one is working and I’ve made some noise with it but I’m no expert on how to work it so I can make no guarantees that everything is 100%. Only 700-800 were made with only about 100 of those said to still be functioning.

They are often compared to a Yamaha DX-7 but much warmer and less harsh, plus with much more impressive sound capabilities.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is one DK Synergy I Synthesizer. This mid-80s keyboard has 24 voices channels, 5 program channels, pitch modulation joystick, and a variety of other synth functions. 74 keys in great condition. Very minor scuffs on on the top of the casing, but other than that, this keyboard is in excellent shape. Included is an original Synergy cartridge, the Carlos Orch. Set “Orch-Plus” WC-1. Comes with flight case and sustain pedal. It does not have MIDI interface on the back, making it a Synergy I.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is one DK Synergy Synthesizer. This mid-80s keyboard has 24 voices channels, 5 program channels, pitch modulation joystick, and a variety of other synth functions. 74 keys in great condition. Very minor scuffs on on the top of the casing, but other than that, this keyboard is in excellent shape. Included is an original Synergy cartridge, the Carlos Orch. Set “Orch-Plus” WC-1. Comes with flight case and sustain pedal. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage 1980’s DK Synergy Synthesizer. This Synthesizer has been tested and works properly. It is in good physical shape with some scratches and marks from moving and storing. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“~~ Original Early to Mid 80’s Synergy Synthesiser by Digital Keyboards! ~~
~ Great Condition~

Some of the features of this fantastic synthesiser:

* Quick changing of 24 sounds per cartridge
* Up to 4 sounds at the same time with programmable settings for EACH one
* Easy to use sequencer: record and overdub up to 4 tracks! ::One of the first keyboards ever to have this feature::
* *6* floating split zones – the keyboard tracks your individual hands up and down the keys!!
* Incredibly advanced for its time and a great looking vintage synth

*9* amazing voice cartridges included! :
1x TCART 1 – Processor and panel tests
1x TCART 2 – Oscillator and D/A tests
2x Voice Cartridge #1 (both version 2)
1x Voice Cartridge #2 (version 2)
2x Voice Cartridge #3 (both version 1)
2x Voice Cartridge #4 (both version 1)

In fantastic condition, just a few minor scratches and chips as seen in the pictures: as would be expected in the course of around 25 years!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

DK Synergy @ 01 June 2010, Comments Off on DK Synergy

“Here we have one my favorite vintage synthesizers the DK Synergy. The Synergy is one of the earliest synthesizers to utilize something other than analog synthesis to generate it’s sounds. When I first heard about the Synergy, this was a very exciting idea to me. During the late 70’s and early 80’s new technology allowed keyboard manufactures to realize many of their creative visions and make sounds that had never been heard before. The instruments they created during that time inspired musicians to create the sounds/music that is most associated with the 80’s.

The sounds generated by the Synergy are complex and beautiful. It can sound like a synthetic angels harp or a dump truck driving though a nitroglycerin plant. Listen to Tangerine Dream on the Thief soundtrack or Wendy Carlos on Digital Moonscapes to hear some of sounds and get the “vibe”of the instrument. Of course the Synergy was used all over the place in the 80’s including Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

The sounds created by the Synergy sound very expensive and sit well in a mix. I think the key to the sounds of the Synergy still sounding fresh today is what the Synergy preservation page calls “a complex overtone structure that you just won’t get by filtering a sawtooth.” It has a very intimate and alive electronic sound.

This is the first version of the Synergy that was released so it lacks Midi or a serial port. I look at the first version as more of a real time performance instrument.
It comes with 24 editable internal patches and one cartridge designed by Wendy Carlos called “Bells and Whistles” that contains 24 unique voices. Each voice can be manipulated until it is unrecognizable with the front panel controls. You can deconstruct an internal string sound until it sounds like vintage computerized gibberish with JUST the front panel controls. You may hear you can only program a synergy with an external Kaypro computer and this is only partially true. If you would like to do in depth editing or create your own completely unique sounds then yes you will need to use the Kaypro but all the sounds are very tweakable using controls that are unique to the Synergy and can dramatically alter the sound to your needs. Also a series one is considerably less expensive than a series II or series II+ but you still get the same quality of sounds for whatever musical project you are working on at the moment.

As you can see from the photos the instrument is great shape with mild wear including a few light indentions and scratches and minor nicks in the tolex, but over all it looks great and has been very well taken care of. Everything works exactly like it should. I have a fantastic tech and I keep my gear in top condition. The keyboard action is fantastic with no issues. Every out put, knob, and joystick works EXACTLY like it should. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.