Waldorf Microwave XT

“Waldorf Microwave XT Wavetable Digital Synth Mint Boxed.

Lovely synth. Amazing warm sound. More analogue sounding than some of my analogue synths!

10 voices and 8 part multi timbral.

I have a commercial sound bank loaded into bank A with some superbly complex sounds.

In general this synth is laid out like a tradition analogue synth but the oscillators use wavetables. There are loads to choose from and these give you the raw sound to play with.

There are multiple filter types to choose from which can really alter the sound.

Addditinally there are fm and ring mod parameters to screw things up from a boring sound into something insane, should you wish to do so.

The synth also has built in FX, delays, flanges, chorus (lush!).

No obvious marks.

It’s currently in a wooden upright rack hence the screws/washers you can see. However there is no rack rash worth mentioning.

All pots work perfectly.

This synth has an enormous sound. It cuts through the mix really well.

Screen is super bright and clear.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Q

“Amazing synth at a bargain price.

Very Rare.

One of the best synths I have ever owned.

All knobs have been recently replaced.

The power unit was replaced a few years ago.

Manual Included.

There are signs of wear and tear on the casing but works perfectly.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Pulse x 4 with Stereoping Programmer

” This listing is for 4 Waldorf Pulse, 1 Stereoping Programmer, and 3 new Virtual Music Polivoks Filter kits. Everything works great. All 4 Waldorf Pulse have been upgraded with new final OS 2.01 EPROMs. The 3 Polivoks filter kits have not been installed. These filter kits are made with Russian NOS parts, they will only be in production until parts last. You can polychain these Pulse to make a massive 4 voice polyphonic synthesizer. The Stereoping Programmer can be used to control many other makes of synthesizers not just the Pulse. Stereoping also sells different face plates for the Programmer to match the gear you are controlling. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Micro Q

“You are bidding on Waldorf Micro Q Synthesizer. It’s in great working condition. Looks great, but please remember this is used item and does have signs of being used. All switches and knobs working great, I do not know if switches are original or not, please do research before buying. All lights working and all original. All connections working great. Missing original box, cables and manual. Please look at the pictures before bidding, you will get what you see in the pictures.”
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Waldorf Pulse

“It’s a brute of a vintage synth, great for squelchy techno-y sounds, great for full sounding heavy bass patches. Monophonic 3 oscillator analogue synth. Classic sounds, really creamy smooth beautiful filter. Quite rare to find these for sale these days, and it’s in really terrific condition. Complete with brand new UK power adaptor.

MIDI connects all great and very ‘tweakable’. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Blofeld Project Machine

“Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Synthesizer Keyboard Black for parts not working. This synthesizer was purchased brand new a month old. I sold it here on ebay after determining that it wasn’t to my taste. The previous buyer informed me upon receipt that the synth was not turning on. I’ve since received his return and refund him. I don’t have the electronic expertise to repair what ever needs to be fixed. I presume a component came loose during shipping and needs to be repaired in some way. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Rack Attack

“Waldorf Rack Attack Drum Synthesizer. Condition is “Used”.

I am the second owner. Great digital drum synth with two oscillators per voice. Can generate a wide range of punchy sounds such as toms, bass, hi-hats, and really amazing claps. Selling because while this is a nice piece, it does not suit my studio needs. The Shift button on this unit occasionally requires extra force to register. Was racked carefully and is cosmetically in mint condition, aside from a small scratch to the right of the Waldorf logo. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Blofeld

“Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer – White (Used, under 4hrs use!) w/ dust cover. Condition is “Used”.

Bought this 2/1/2021. First unit had an issue, got it replaced by the original distributor. Used this unit (the new replacement) for about four hours. Works flawlessly. Alas, my sound design style and technical requirements and this unit’s specs are not really compatible with each other, and I’m just not gelling with the unit. I could tell this after 3.5-4hrs of use, and haven’t used it since. I’d rather it find a good home where it will be used regularly and enjoyed. It has been babied, and is in mint condition, with under 4hrs of use on it.

It’s been flashed to the latest 1.25 firmware. Does -not- have the extra SL license that Waldorf sells separately, as I didn’t use it enough to warrant purchasing that extra add-on. (The desktop model doesn’t come with that license.)

Includes the original power adapter from Waldorf. I do not have the foreign power adapters any longer, as I didn’t need them, nor did I keep the original box. Will package well for shpment via USPS Priority Mail.”
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Waldorf Pulse

“Waldorf Pulse Analog Synthesizer 3 OSC mono synth These are increasingly rare to come across for sale nowadays.

The original Pulse is widely regarded as one of the best old-school analogue synths. This is certainly a powerful little beast that will give your bass speakers a serious workout.

Excellent condition. PSU (not original) included. No original manual but I have printed one from the Web which I will include. The manual is still easily available online” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Waldorf Pulse Plus

“Up for sale is my beloved Waldorf Pulse Plus Synthesizer with version 2.01 OS. Condition is “Used” but works 100%. An on/off switch has been added to the front panel for ease of use in a rack. The far right knob is a little wiggly but works just fine. Comes with power supply and all the documentation (manual).”
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Waldorf Q

“Waldorf Q Rack – please read!.
If you are reading this, you know what it is. There is a fault – the sustain knob has been damaged and does not function and there is a mark below it as the picture shows. I have seen the pots for around £4 on eBay and someone who is handy with a soldering iron I’m sure would get it going easily. There are a few little scuffs you would expect for the age but generally in great condition. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Blofeld

” Blofeld Synthesizer Module by Waldorf. Condition is “Used”.

This piece was used sparingly by myself for a music project that disbanded 3 years ago and has been in the box since. It saw very little use … All Synthesizer functions are in working order as are the knobs which are all tracking perfectly and the LCD screen which functions as in new condition. It comes with Waldorf Blofeld original Op. Manual, Orig. Power Supply w/ overseas AC/ attachments, Patch Lists (very handy), Re-Load Documentation, Waldorf CD, Original Packing. Buyer Pays Shipping” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Waldorf Microwave XT

“Still functioning and running. Two knobs have dry rotted off. The rubber face of the synth is also oxidizing which can’t really be helped as this is what these models of synths do.

I’ve kept it in my closet ever since I bought it. I really love the synthesizer but I am too scared to keep it, i’ve heard too many bad stories about these suddenly not working anymore. This synth is so amazing it’s heartbreaking to sell it, just the random function on it is worth so much to me for instant creativity.

The power supply is duct taped closed because it became loose but it works great. Comes with printed manual. I really wish I didn’t have to sell this synth but I feel like I have to so someone that is more knowledgeable about electronics can give it the attention it needs. Also, since the nature of this device and its age it is sold as is.” Click here to search for synths on eBay