Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser

“This listing is for a fresh 2022 build of the Random Source Haible Krautrock Phaser, featuring a super-deluxe Van Daal Electronics Compact Phasing ‘X’ enclosure, original-spec incandescent bulbs, low-tolerance film capacitors, Alpha pots, and genuine Neutrik jacks. The rear switches for LFO/Manual and 2/4/6-stage selection are special short-actuator Taiway brand. The phaser been tested fully working and ships calibrated with the IEC power cable required for operation.”
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Random Source Serge Inori and Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer

“Selling a Random Source Serge Inori and TKB touch controller in a pair of joined 4U slim boats with a shared internal power bus. This was assembled by Ralf at Random Source this year. It is a beautifully designed utilitarian synthesizer. Also included is a portable power supply, the associated boats, and a lot of Pomona banana cables. All items are brand new and in perfect condition. Selling due to a change of plans. Buyer pays cost of shipping which is not necessarily reflected in ebay’s calculated price.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

Random Source Edelweiss II

“Beautiful second-version Edelweiss panel, much improved over the first.

DSG’s and SSG have been optimized for use as high-frequency audio oscillators, and the less useful gate sequencer has been replaced with logic and clock/audio dividers.

See for further info.

Has standard Serge 4-pin molex power connector.

Random*Source is absolutely top quality and will play very well with STS Serge. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay

Random Source Serge Format Modular Synthesizer

“a chance to get a good as new -hardly used random source serge modular with 35 cables and external psu that can use up to 3-4 panels. also a usb to cv device.

a reluctant sale as i have had this 3 months and not really had a chance to use it (as you can see from the pictures),but something has come up that means i need some cash.”
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