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sieddk80 “You are bidding on a rare and complete DK system by SIEL from 1985! It includes the DK 80, Expander 80, power supply and ultra rare and hard to find RAM Cartridge! This thing sounds unique and incredible. Nice Italo Brass and synth sounds. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!!” Link

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dk80” Siel DK80 synth made in Italy. Very clean keyboard everything seems to be working. The sounds are very different from today’s synths. The power supply is on a track that is removable. ” Link

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dk80 “Siel DK80 synth made in Italy. Very clean keyboard everything seems to be working. The sounds are very different from today’s synths. The power supply is on a track that is removable.” Link

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dk80 “Siel DK80 synthesizer. Good working condition, comes with adapter. ” Link

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“Up for sale is a Siel DK-80. It’s an Italian, 2 DCO synth, analog with digital controls, from 1985. Cosmetically rough condition because one of the plastic ends is cracked, and the door for the ram cartridge is loose. Its attached it just doesn’t hold itself open. Other than that the case has the normal scuffing, scratches etc, for a synth this age. The cracked side is not pretty but the fully functional. I did not program the sequencer as I didn’t have time to learn/get the manual. But all keys work, velocity works, all parameters adjust, midi is functional, all voices play, and it is in tune.” Link

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“Up for grabs is a Siel DK80 synthesizer. Extras include a very rugged travel case, and a Siel Ram Pack. ( I was never able to get the RP to work-possibly a battery issue?, but maybe someone better qualified than me can get it to work) Includes the original power supply and manual. I’m a guitar player and not a keyboardist, but as far as I can tell everything works as it should. MIDI works well-I had it hooked up to another synth. I never tried to program anything with it and just used the sounds that it came with. Very retro sounding KB. Lots of great sounds already, but I’m sure it is capable of much more than I’m aware of. Google Siel DK80 to find it’s specs. I’m not using it anymore, so it’s time for it to find a new home. It’s in great shape for it’s vintage. The road case has a few minor dings, but is solid as can be. Hinges and latches all work as they should. This will make a nice addition to your collection as it did mine. Thanks for looking. ” Link

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“Up for auction is a non-functioning SIEL DK-80 Analog synthesizer with digital control. It does not come with the power adapter and the 5 pin connection has been cut. It takes 17VAC on the input. I bought this at a flea market thinking that the AC connection was cut because no one knew what the input supply was supposed to be. After I found the voltage I powered the unit up but the display does not light and the unit does not output. It is in decent condition. Ive had it for years and its time to pass it on. Maybe you can be the person to fix it. Its a neat sounding synth if yr into the low-fi 80’s thing. ” Link

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“Nice shape. Cartridge door is missing however the cartridge reader still works.

Cool Vintage Synth!

Works but could a good Servicing / cleaning.

Comes with Adapter,Hard foam Case, Manual, Extra Cartridge.zipper on case contents pocket is jammed but the case works and opens and closes fine! ” Link

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“Up for your consideration is a SIEL DK-80. This is a rare Italian Synth, similar to an Alpha-Juno 1. It has some pretty unique sounds. Fully functioning, this item is in great shape with one small blemish (in photo). Will be packed with care and I will include a soft case.” Link

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“Up for your consideration is a SIEL DK80. This synth is in great shape. It has some very unique sounds and is fully functional. I will include a nice soft case and a copy of the manual.” Link

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“Seil DK-80 keyboard plus Seil expander 80 – two sythns! Original Manuals, power supply and box for DK-80. In very good condition and fully working. When MIDI’ed together this analogue hybrid with Curtis Filter chips sounds very rich and powerful. Fully polyphonic with 2 Osc per and 2 LFO’s per board. 4 of each in total = Rich, detuned pads etc. It can be used with a MIDI controller to give real time control (eg filter sweeps etc) there is a slight mark on the DK-80 which has be covered by a small sticker, otherwise is in very good/excellent visual condition. Touch sensitive with onboard sequencers. Nice mid-80’s analogue synth!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“SIEL DK80 + Expander Module + Manuals + extremely rare power pack.

This interesting Italian made synth sounds great. Inside are SSM chips – this family of chips is what made the Sequential Prophet 5 early revisions and many other classic analog synths sound so warm and fat! Its 12 note polyphonic, and you can play 2 sounds at once, so think of this as 2 vintage synths in 1. The DCOs have volume levels for several divided octaves – the ability to play multiple octaves per voice /note can result in some really fat sounds – most synths don’t offer this. Though we have not verified this, we have read that this unit can be edited using MIDI continuous controllers, which would make it very easy to control parameters from most MIDI sequencers for real time sound manipulation during sequence playback! This synth responds to velocity as well. Theres plenty of info on this model on the web, so if you’re unfamiliar with it, please do a web search to familiarize yourself with it.

It features:

– 12 voices
– Double sound generation
– Dynamic keyboard
– Advanced MIDI functions
– 87 programmable parameters
– Up to 150 programs on line
– 2-track real time polyphonic MIDI sequencer.

Programming is very similar to the popular Korg Poly800.

Keyboard was purchased from ebay not long ago for sound sampling and circuit emulation for a software product. The keyboard and module were purchased as not working so both have been serviced and are now in full working condition. Both the units have had new lithium memory back-up batteries replaced (CR2035’s).All original voices restored. Keyboard contacts have been cleaned and are fully responsive. Buttons and controls also needed work, now serviced and fully tactile. A1 and B1 keys have been replaced with original FATAR replacements, the originals were slightly damaged, so opted to replace. These two keys are slightly brighter than the rest. Decal top right hand corner of the synth had a slight cigarette burn whch has been covered with a makeshift sticker showing parameter numbers(pictured). Keyboard and module are in A1 condition with a clean virtually unmarked keyboard!. These units are very hard to find!. To find both with a power pack and original manuals is virtually impossible. Here is an absolute rare oppertunity to own a DK-80 & EK-80. Unfortunately no cartridges. Looking at the schematics for the cartridge, it uses an off the shelf SRAM chip, maybe easy to build one!!. Got to sell as my JP-8 is now fully repaired and i need the money for the repair bill!. Both original manuals included (no missing pages,no tears. slightly faded covers, all good). Also included, 5 x original Ram program cards + original guarentee certificate!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Siel DK 80 dynamic bitimbric synthesizer and a Siel Expander 80 sound module/synth… From the mid 1980’s. 26 years old.

Firstly selling as spares or repair… Some damage to the synth from many years ago where upon a friends cigarette fell onto the pictograph emblems and burnt it…(doesn’t affect the operation of anything) two keys on the low octave section got broke and have been glued back together. The cartridge expansion slot spring has broke so it’s constantly open. The keyboard has an internal battery which i think i took out as it went flat and subsequently could have leaked, this will need replacing if you want to recall pre-programmed patches etc once the unit has been turned off. Does play ok but as stated this is spares or repair..

Siel expander 80.. again the unit powers up. The cover screws for the expander are missing also the internal battery needs replacing. I couldn’t test for sounds as it requires a midi lead to keyboard to trigger it.

Also the rubber function/editing buttons on both units could do with a clean as they are not as responsive and thus extra pressure is required.

The DK80 comes with it’s own dedicated power supply with two power outlets, this also runs the expander 80 (the expander 80 never came with a power supply) DK80 also comes with the original manual and patch cards, and in the original box.

The expander 80 comes with the original manual and patch cards but sadly no original box, again this runs off the dual output Dk80 power unit.

Would make a good project for somebody with limited knowledge as the batteries are not too difficult to replace..” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction here is a splendid example of the Siel DK 80 polyphonic analog synthesizer. This keyboard was manufactured in italy in the 1980’s and has a very unique italo sound. The two powerful LFO’s allow for very complex modulation. Also, the DK has a built in 2 track sequencer and digital patch memory.

This unit has an internal transformer with attached power cord and does not require the unattainable PS-80 power brick.

This synthesizer has been professionally serviced and inspected. It is guaranteed to arrive 100% functional.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a Siel DK 80 in beautiful condition as you can see from the pictures. This unit and all of the keys look and feel
like they’re almost new, all of the buttons look and feel that way as well. A Siel DK in very very
nice condition indeed. This unit is missing the second part of the 5 pin power cord so I cannot power it on for testing.
I am therefore selling as is not working or for parts.
Comes with DK 80 memory cartridge that stores I belive 100 user sounds!!! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a used Vintage Siel DK 80 12 Voice Analog Synthsizer with RAM Pack cartridge.

This came to us through a computer client who stated it works fine but there is no way to test so it’s being sold “as-is”, no returns. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I have a rare Siel DK80 12-voice analog synth. It features MIDI, splits, chord memory, and basic sequencer. It is a very powerful synth that is often maligned because of it’s lack of real time controls. But it really is easy to program, especially with editing software. The second thing that often plagues these synths is the crappy, hard to find and always failing power supply. I recently had the power supply installed internally, so you will never have to worry about that giant brick ever again.

I own a lot of analog synths and will not try and argue that this is as phat as your typical moog, but it is a totally different instrument. It is plenty good at basses, but excels at pads and percussive elements. There are some overtones when you crank the resonance or open up the filter that remind me of my Crumar Bit One and just a little bit like the Sidstation. IT’s warmer than a Juno, has more voices than most every other polysynth, and in unison mode it is just huge.

It’s an old synth, but it’s still in good condition and works as expected: Pitch bend, buttons, keys all work. Chord mode and sequencer functions as expected. The insides were completely cleaned when I had the power supply built in so it should be good to go for some time.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This synth has almost an octave of broken keys. Otherwise it appears to be in good condition. I am selling it for parts or to be repaired. I opened it up and took a picture so you can see the insides which all look good with the exception of the broken keys. I looked closely at the circuit boards and didn’t see any problems. It doesn’t have a power supply with it and I don’t know anything more about it” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Today I am offering a nice Vintage Siel DK-80 synthesizer Italo 1980s, an odd synth, that could be said to bridge the gap between low end mid eighties Roland and Sequential Synthesizers, The Siel DK-80 is a bi-timbric, polyphonic synthesizer with voice assignment containing 12 complete + individual synth modules, Its fully programable and able to store up to 50 programs in its computer memory, it also uses Ram Pack Cartridges for additional programs (1 catridge included) there are 4 holes on the underside that are marked, Holes for Leg Fixings, (no legs) photo 10 shows it has the cord but missing the power cord got lost in the move,” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Siel DK-80 for sale, in good condition, with dedicated Siel PSU.

All works well: MIDI responds, sounds good! It has similar filter chips to a Prophet V so they sound really nice and rough. An unusual and underrated analogue synth… ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.