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eps “Very cool sound library on floppy disks and many sysex files on CD.

Factory Manuals and Command Parameter Reference Card included!

Works great! Floppy Drives does what it should. Velocity and aftertouch work awesome!

Please see photos for condition as they provide the best description.

Keyboard calibrates as it should. See photos. Some decals flaked a little. ” Link

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eps “Work fines comes with boot disk and 7 sound disk and both Manuals” Link

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eps “This auction is for a Ensoniq EPS Vintage Sampling AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. This item is in non-working condition. . There is some wear to the item from age and use. Item powers up and buttons respond. No discs or software included. Does not make sound and is being sold AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR.” Link

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eps“Ensoniq EPS Performance Sampler Keyboard
EPS 2X Memory Expander
28 floppy disks including boot disk and many samples
Transport disk
Disk Holder
Power lead” Link

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“Up for sale is a nice ENSONIQ EPS16 PLUS. If your looking at this, you know what it is and what it is capable of. This particular one is very good shape. Its a rare board and sounds great. ALL the outputs work and it sounds perfect. It does not have a manual but those can be downloaded off the net. It comes with the boot up disc which also has 5 Sound Samples on it and power cord.” Link

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“Good condition. Includes OS disk and a number of floppy discs with samples.” Link

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“Keyboard in good working order (with a little dust).

Comes with
– Memory Expander
– Manuals
– System + Sound File / Sample Disks

This belonged to a friend of mine who was the original owner. I rocked it at the house a little for old times sake but it needs to find a worthy owner. Complete setup ready to go!” Link

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“You are bidding on 2 used Ensoniq EPS Performance Samplers. (1 works and the other works sometimes or can be used for parts.) The 2nd Ensoniq EPS Performance Sampler powers on but does nothing else but comes on like when it wants. The first Ensoniq EPS Performance Sampler like it’s sister does show signs of wear from normal use but does come on, it freezes up sometime but still makes music on it. They are sold as is. You may have them put in a repair shop to have them merged into one would be my suggestion since this is what we was going to do with them since we upgraded our recording studio. This auction includes the 2 Ensoniq EPS Performance Samplers, Power Cords some workable and non workable disc. Includes 2 OS DISC. Please refer to the manufacturers website for more information on this Ensoniq EPS Performance Sampler.” Link

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” You are bidding on a used Ensoniq EPS performance sampling keyboard synthesizer. It is in working order and comes with two manuals, a foot pedal, power cable, boot-up disks and 91 disks of sounds. This keyboard was used professionally by the band The Cruxshadows and has traveled all over the world. The song “Marilyn my bitterness” was written on this synth and all of the disks of sounds, samples and songs were created and used by Chris Brantley for the band in their early days. Great synth for your music project *or* a great collectors item for a Cruxshadows fan. (There may be some hidden gems from the Cruxshadows hidden in these disks!) ” Link

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” ACCESSORIES – Includes EPS 2X (installed) and EPS 4X memory Expander cartridges.

PHYSICAL CONDITION – Good. The unit shows signs of regular use; various small dings and scuffs in the exterior, as well as some sticker residue, though nothing major. Overall in decent shape.

WORKING CONDITION – The unit powers on and seems to operate just fine, though we do not have an OS disk on-hand for further testing. It is probably fine, we do not have any reason to believe otherwise. ” Link

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” Vintage Keyboard for sale. It is an Ensoniq EPS Sampling Keyboard. It powers on. I don’t have any disks to test it so it is being sold as-is. With returns accepted in case you are not happy. This is old. Cosmetically it isn’t bad. It looks like one key was broken and fixed. There seems to be stuff jiggling around inside. (Maybe a coin???). The previous owner said it worked fine. I think he said Wham used this type of keyboard. ” Link

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“Getting rid of my Ensoniq EPS Classic. Definitely one of the samplers that are underrated. I came across this keyboard and a few other pieces. Sadly, I have to get rid of it because I simply don’t have the space…as shown in the last picture… Another reason I don’t want to part ways with is the fact that it came with a PLETHORA of floppy disks with sounds. It is in great condition. Sounds great. Works great as it should. It also has the 2x memory expansion installed.” Link

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“This is a fantastic blast-from-the-past keyboard, in perfect working order, with everything you need to start playing or sampling your own sounds straight away.

The EPS is pretty much the pinnacle of what Ensoniq achieved in the 80s, combining a superb musician-friendly interface with sampling specs that (to my mind at least!) strike the perfect balance between old-skool grit and warmth and modern high-end shimmer. (I’ve had this in the studio next to the 8-bit Mirage and a 12-bit Akai S950, and the Ensoniq just sounds superb by comparison… but it’s still got that vintage, slightly gritty, slightly crunchy vibe going on.) The interface is just great: nice clear vacuum-fluorescent display, the ability to have eight sounds in memory at once, load samples while playing – all the things a real player would want. Hence EPS, for Ensoniq Performance Sampler: these things were intended to be used on stage, so they have that dead-simple, no-nonsense immediacy to them.

It sounds amazing, and I’ve spent many happy hours sampling modern drums, keys and pad sounds into it, dropping their tuning six notes or so for an extra-crunchy feel, and then re-sampling them into my DAW. You can certainly use this to get a vintage tone to your tracks. But you can also use it just the way it was intended – as a musician’s instrument, with a very playable (though a bit clacky!) keybed, cool sounds, and not much need to look at the manual.” Link

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“Ensoniq EPS Sampler/Synthesizer

Ich habe das gerät selber nicht benutzt,und ich bin keine Musiker.

Zustand und Lieferumfang siehe Bilder!!!

Achtung:Wer mit Versandkosten nicht einverstanden ist,soll nicht anbieten!

Der Versand setzt sich aus Versandkosten und Verpackungsmaterial zusammen..” Link

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“Ensoniq EPS Sampler, Vorführgerät aus Ladenauflösung, technisch einwandfrei, optisch mit Abriebspuren (siehe Fotos),
Kopien des org. Diskettensatzes (OS V 2.49).” Link

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“You are looking at an Ensoniq Model # ME-2 4X Memory Expander For the EPS Keyboard. It will expand your EPS keyboard from 1024 blocks of Internal Memory to 4096 blocks of Internal Memory. It is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.” Link

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” Working (see photo of power on and patch loaded, and I tested the outbound sounds, disk drive and all keys) Ensoniq EPS Sampler with many bonuses like:

8 Port Output Expander with Cable (very hard to find!) Allows extended patch routing out.
2 original Ensoniq manuals – Musicians Manual and EPS Advanced Applications Guide.
Ensoniq FSW-1 pedal
22 OEM disks includeing – EPS operating System 2.49, EPS bonus Beats seq disk, Essential Sounds disk #6 Epic Strings, #5 bass series, #9 Ecstasy, #8 Elec guitar, #3 Tenor sax, Joey Defrancesco solo jazz B3, Nile Rogers Drums, Developer series #4 drums, #2 guitar, #7 Dream guitar, Developer series /SLT-8A 5 disks drum kits, Developer series SLT 8B 4 disks short kits, elec kit, etc… etc..
404 other custom sample disks!!! With 2 OPSYS back up disks and the rest a massive library of custom samples and sequences way too many to list.
Anvil case – PLEASE NOTE. I will be shipping in the case with packing materials, but the foam inside has been removed. If you want to use the Anvil case you can but will most likely want to install new foam. I will most likely ship the disks in another box if it all does not fit.

Please note: The output expander was attached on the top right with velcro. When I pulled it off some of the decal came with it (see photo 4). The unit has not been damaged other than cosmetically to the sticker. In general the case condition is good with a few cosmetic marks.” Link

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“Everything works, comes with some disks, there’s one corrupt mirage disk .” Link

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“Offered a ENSONIQ PERFORMANCE SAMPLER VINTAGE 1988 EPS INCLUDES CASE & OPERATING DISK OS 2.49 included. , System Expander. EPS SER#15275-F, 61 key in working condition.” Link

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” A EPS Classic w/ 2X memory expander fully functional in great condition with several extras!!! This package includes a hardshell case, several floppies incl 4 copies of the OS, and original owner manuals. ” Link

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” Ensoniq EPS sampler for sale. We got this as a gift and don’t play it. It powers up good with the power cord but needs the Disk to play. SOLD AS IS as we have never played it. Has been used and is in such condtion. Some cosmetic issues but fully functional..” Link

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“erkauft wird hier ein Liebhaberstück und Retro Sampler

ENSONIQ EPS – Ensoniq Performance Sampler

+ über 100 Disketten mit Sample Sounds
+ Sound Expander mit 8 Ausgängen z.B. fürs Mischpult Mixing
+ Memory Expansion
+ Stromkabel

Das Gerät ist zwar etwas staubig, funktioniert aber noch tadellos. Wurde eben getestet. Wurde um 1988 gebaut und hat dementsprechend hier und da einige leichte Kratzer. Technisch aber 100% in Ordnung.

Diskettenlaufwerk / Floppy ist auch in Ordnung. Liest zumindest noch die Disketten, so wie es sein sollte: Sollte es
aber unerwartet doch mal irgendwann nicht mehr laufen, lässt es sich ganz einfach gegen ein anderes Floppy
austauschen. Standard PC Floppy Laufwerk.” Link

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“Ensoniq EPS Keyboard Sampler with 2x Expansion

Item functionality is unknown. Dont have a floppy drive to load OS or samples.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ensoniq EPS Keyboard in great working order, no problems. Includes expanded memory card. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ensoniq EPS Sampler Keyboard with built in sequencer and Original Disks and Manual

The Item is in good condition and working.

I have owned this keyboard from new and it has been in a smoke free environment.

This touch sensitive keyboard is great to play and can be programmed as a sequencer. The midi makes it ideal as a MIDI keyboard and will connect up to a PC with a MIDI to USB interface cable (not supplied). Like wise PC sequencer applications can use MIDI to play the instrument, as though it is a sound module.

Sound floppy disks can still be purchased for this keyboard via the internet.

The original manual and sound disks are included in this sale. The sound disks include sounds for Orchestra, Horns, Piano and drums and so it can be used as a drum machine too.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This item is not working it powers on but thats all we could do with it its an ensoniq model eps sampler.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ensoniq EPS for repair or parts. Only issues are a missing key (lowest note) and a non-working floppy drive. Comes with tested & working OS disk. It was damaged in transit to me and I don’t have the time to fix it, it should work just fine once the floppy drive is replaced. Would make a good gigging backup.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Being offered is this nice Ensoniq EPS Performance Sampler. It’s a classic that comes with the operating floppy disc ( no other discs are included ). It works well with all keys, knobs and controls working. The serial number is #EPS 21286-F and it was born in 1989. A true classic! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.